What’s Singapore activities for world ocean day?

World Oceans Day is coming, Singapore has always relied on the ocean. So what are those activities for world ocean day in Singapore?

First, let’s learn more about Singapore. As one of the most famous cities in the world. Singapore has the largest port in the world and is also an important international financial center.

Singapore Merlion Park
Trade and financial centre

World trade as well as shipping has brought great development to Singapore. The sea has contributed greatly to Singapore.

However, over-exploitation and pollution issues are already seriously damaging the lives of all types of marine life.

If left unattended, this could affect the further development of Singapore’s economy, protecting the ocean is imminent.

And therefore, Singapore has been taking action to protect the ocean!

The establishment of World Oceans Day will help the world to further publicize the importance of oceans and raise public awareness of ocean protection.

There are many activities for world ocean day in Singapore. Every year in Singapore, marine environmental volunteers hold regular coastal clean-ups. The issue of marine pollution is also taken seriously by local divers. Therefore, every time such activities are carried out, people will actively sign up.

activities for world ocean day in Singapore
Coastal Cleanup Activities

The oceans face many challenges. However, marine litter should not be a major nuisance, at least so far, as it is entirely preventable.

activities for world ocean day-The singapore blue plan
The singapore blue plan

Back in 2001, Singapore’s introduced the Blue Plan, a phased programme led by marine biologists, and a new phase of the Blue Plan is currently underway in 2018.

Currently, the new plan will focus on climate change and innovative research topics about the ocean, including blue carbon, long-term marine ecosystem resilience and coastal ecological engineering.

activities for world ocean day-Singapore Green Plan
Singapore Green Plan

In addition, the Singapore Green Plan 2030 is a new goal of the city, which plans to face the sea and land, and will create a green, circular and sustainable Singapore in the near future!

In the face of marine overexploitation, many coastal cities are struggling to achieve sustainable development. Excitingly, the Zero Waste Masterplan has also been implemented!

Singapore is a relatively successful country, one of the few pioneers in protecting the ocean, balancing development and maintaining healthy ecosystems, and maintaining rich marine biodiversity.

OUCO Project in Singapore
OUCO Project in Singapore

June 8, 2022 is about to usher in the 14th World Oceans Day. It is imperative to protect the oceans. OUCO actively responds to the activities for world ocean day.

We not only publicize and popularize marine environmental protection knowledge, but also hold global factory livestream to pay tribute to global maritime professionals. Shipping subsidies, gift giveaways, hot product demonstrations, lucky draw sessions …… More events to come.

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