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OUCO launch and recovery systems (LARS) are designed to withstand harsh environments, increase the operational possibilities for remotely-operated vehicles, and optimize the deployment of research equipment. 

Our launch and recovery systems deploy and recover ROVs, CTDs, seabed sampling equipment, and much more. Depths of operation can reach down to 4000 meters. A typical launch and recovery system may consist of an A-frame crane with heave-compensation, an umbilical winch, skid tie-down mounting plates, and an optional hydraulic power unit. 

These machines will lower or drop equipment into the water, and lift it out once a mission is completed.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Launch and Recovery System Manufacturer?

Our LARS equipment is used by clients all over the world. 

During production, we use all of our 40-year experience to design the perfect launch and recovery system. We collaborate with world-famous brands, visit annual industry exhibitions, and develop our own patents. 

You can be sure that OUCO’s launch and recovery system is high-quality, efficient, and powerful.

Launch And Recovery System

Features of OUCO LARS

The OUCO LARS can be used in Sea State 4 conditions, with a quick recovery time of just 10 minutes. Both electric and hydraulic drives are available, and we offer automatic spooling systems and level-wind devices that can be customized to your needs. We also offer docking heads for completing tilting and rotating actions.

Additionally, our solid telescopic boom A-frames provide a larger working range. Our design and manufacturing process comply with the standards, rules, and regulations set by different regions.

Oceanography instrument launch and recovery system
large launch and recovery system

Application of OUCO LARS

OUCO’s launch and recovery system enables quick and safe deployment, suitable for both military and civilian use. It is capable of performing various launch and recovery operations at sea with reliability.

With our extensive experience, we ensure that our products are suitable for a range of instruments, including CTD, ROV, AUV, USV, lifeboats, and diving operations.

Let us know your specific requirements and we will provide you with a GA drawing and a quote tailored to your needs.

Latest Finished Launch and Recovery System

Recovery System Supplier

OUCO’s standard launch and recovery systems are designed to handle a wide range of tasks, offering flexibility in luffing and featuring a simple yet durable construction. With a well-designed wire sheaves system, customization support.

Recovery System China

Specially designed for launch and recovery operations of autonomous underwater vehicles, diving equipment, submarines and underwater robots. Equipped with wave compensation function ensures smooth operation.

marine a frame

The OUCO ROV launch and recovery system is designed to handle a variety of loads, and features a powerful tether management system, deploying ROVs and managing downlines even at depths of up to 4,000 meters.

A-frame LARS

OUCO Marine A-Frame Crane is robustly designed, and used for offshore lifting and handling operations, offering exceptional efficiency in the launching and recovery of specialized devices.

OUCO Launch and Recovery System

OUCO Marine Launch and Recovery System is designed for handling underwater vehicles and equipment. It includes essential components such as an A-frame, drums, and docking head. It can operate smoothly in sea state 6.

hydraulic mooring winch

OUCO Marine Mooring Winch, used to fix the end of the mooring rope, can be automatically adjusted according to the change of the vessel’s draft and tide to ensure smooth operation.

Winch manufacturer process

What is Launch and Recovery System?

The launch and recovery system is designed to execute a task that requires launch and recovery activities. It is installed at the rearmost part of the ship and uncomplicated to use, and provides outstanding performance when needed.

What are the Benefits of Launch and Recovery System?

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to launch and recovery system, and the following are:


  • Easy to maintain
  • Low power expenditure

Accurate speed and load control

  • Convenient system control
  • Exceptional AHC power

Harmless working atmosphere

  • By the use of hangar door, lower and upper doors can be closed throughout the operation.
  • Ensure the safety of personnel
Why Do Launch and Recovery System is Important?

A launch and recovery system is very important because it helps to ensure the safety of your employees safety and equipment in case anything goes wrong.

It can be a lifesaver for all those involved during emergencies like fire.

What are the Common Application of Launch and Recovery System?
  • Accidents
  • Natural disaster
  • Recovering technical error
  • Ensuring the access of security measures onboard
  • Emergency responder
What are the Advantages of Launch and Recovery System
  • Not just recovering people but also towing and pushing cargo
  • When this system needs service, it can automatically raise the anchor from its underwater resting position

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Precise, durable equipment.
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Design produce ability.
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Professionals in the marine industries.
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Have the ability to survey, navigate, and utilize underwater terrain.
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Rigorous inspection.
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