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OUCO’s barge mounted crane is meticulously engineered to cater specifically to barges, pontoons, and floating work platforms in open seas or rivers.

Its robust design enables the seamless execution of heavy-duty dynamic lifting operations.

Our diverse range of barge cranes encompasses a wide spectrum of lift capacities, ranging from 10t to 200t.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive customization options to tailor the crane precisely to our customer’s specific requirements.

Your Reliable Barge Cranes Supplier

As a leading manufacturer of barge cranes, we take pride in our extensive 40 years of experience in marine/land crane capacity.

With a team of professional marine engineers, we leverage our expertise to develop highly efficient and compact barge cranes that offer increased load capacity.

Our barge cranes come equipped with all the necessary certificates, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality and safety, ensuring reliability and top performance.

OUCO Latest Barge Crane

floating barge crane

Rope luffing, with a strong boom and easy structure, makes the crane easy maintenance and service life longer.

folding barge crane

360-degree slewing platform, with reasonable design and space-saving on deck.

a Multi-functional barge crane

Multi-functional, with a flexible working radius and space-saving on the barge deck.

Stiff boom barge mounted crane

Heavy-duty lifting capacity for the toughest shipboard operations.

barge crane with telescopic boom

Flexible working radius with high efficiency in lifting cargoes, suitable for longer and shorter ranges both.

heavy barge crane equiped with clamshell bucket

Barge crane with clamshell grab, able to load and unload bulk cargo quickly.

Why Choose OUCO?

We don’t just offer equipment; we provide optimal solutions.

At OUCO, our barge cranes are specifically designed to support various project work, earning positive feedback from customers in applications such as bridge installation, inland waterways dredging, piling, and offshore activities.

To ensure a seamless procurement process, we offer a comprehensive service package. Our in-house support department can assist you with winches, grab buckets, piling hammers, and other auxiliary equipment.

With us, you’ll have all the necessary resources to complete your project successfully.

Better Barge Crane From OUCO

OUCO Factory

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What is a barge crane?

A barge crane is a type of lifting equipment that is mounted on a barge, pontoon, vessel, or other flotation devices. It is specifically designed for use in water construction projects and offers mobility for versatile applications.

How to install a barge crane?

Mounting a crane on a barge or any other floating device presents its own set of challenges, and the condition and suitability of the barge play a crucial role in the installation process.

Furthermore, the size of the barge or pontoon directly impacts the lifting capacity of the crane. It is essential to thoroughly consider these factors before commencing the installation steps. There are four primary methods to secure the crane to the barge:

  • For long-term use, it is advisable to firmly connect the crane to the barge through welding and bolting. This ensures a secure and permanent attachment.
  • In cases where the arrangement is temporary, placing the crane on mats is recommended. This protects the barge deck and evenly distributes the load. Additionally, wire ropes or barriers should be used to restrain the crane during operation, preventing any unwanted movement.
  • Mounting the crane on a rail system is also an excellent option as it provides flexibility and stability. Rail clamps and blocks ensure secure positioning, allowing for efficient operation.
  • Another approach is to drive a truck equipped with a truck-mounted crane directly onto the barge. Care must be taken to prevent the truck from moving during the lifting process, ensuring stability and safety.

By carefully considering these methods and selecting the most appropriate one based on the specific requirements and conditions, the installation of the crane on a barge can be carried out effectively and securely.

What is the use of barge crane?

Barge cranes have a wide range of applications for various onboard tasks. Some typical uses include:

  1. Oil drilling: These cranes are installed on jack-up drilling rigs to assist with drilling tool handling, rig construction, assembly, and maintenance.
  2. Embankment construction: In narrower waterways, small barge cranes are employed for tasks such as excavation, reinforcement installation, and concrete pouring.
  3. Material transportation: Barge cranes are capable of moving large volumes of materials such as soil, rocks, and construction equipment from the shore to job sites.
  4. Bridge construction: Cranes mounted on barges play a vital role in building bridges over waterways. They are utilized for tasks such as erection, temporary support, and pile driving.
  5. Dredging: Barge mounted cranes are essential in placing dredging equipment and performing dredging operations in inland waterways and channels.
  6. Dock maintenance: Cranes on barges are employed for various dock-related tasks, including pontoon and dock installation, structural repairs, and dock demolition.
  7. Pipe and cable laying: Cranes equipped with buckets can transport cables and pipes and dig trenches for the purpose of laying pipes.
  8. Salvage: Barge cranes are often utilized in the salvage of stranded, damaged, or sunken vessels, wrecks, and other structures.
What are the accessories of the barge crane?

Depending on the specific requirements and intended use of the barge crane, various attachments can be installed to enhance its functionality. Here are some common attachments used:

  1. Pile equipment: Pile drivers or pile extraction tools can be attached to the crane to facilitate pile installation or removal during construction or maritime projects.
  2. Chain slings: These are used for lifting and securing heavy loads, providing additional support and stability.
  3. Buckets: Attachable buckets are useful for excavation and material handling tasks, allowing the crane to efficiently move and transfer bulk materials such as soil, sand, or debris.
  4. Excavator attachments: Some barge cranes can be equipped with excavator-like attachments such as digging buckets or rippers, enabling them to perform more intricate excavation work.
  5. Clamp tools: Clamps are used for grasping and securing various objects, including pipes, beams, or logs, allowing for precise lifting and positioning.
  6. Forks: Fork attachments are commonly used for handling pallets, crates, or other goods, making it easier to load, unload, and transport them.
  7. Grapples: Grapples are versatile attachments that enable the crane to grip and lift irregularly shaped or loose materials, such as scrap metal or timber.
  8. Rotators: Rotating attachments add the ability to rotate and manipulate loads, providing greater flexibility when positioning materials or objects.

These attachments can be interchanged based on the specific needs of the project, allowing the barge crane to adapt to different tasks and maximize its efficiency and versatility.

What are the different types of barge cranes?

The following types of cranes are commonly used on barges and floating platforms:

  • Gantry cranes
  • Floating cranes
  • Knuckle boom cranes
  • Telescopic boom cranes
  • Lattice boom cranes
  • Pedestal-mounted crane
  • Crawler cranes
  • Tire-mounted mobile crane

Customer Reviews

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This 1.5t4m small barge crane operate well
By Sarah Beker on 2023-03-16
This 1.5t4m small barge crane operate well at our terminals.
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The best barge crane machine
By Rosie on 2022-11-02
The best barge crane machine I have ever purchased.
star star star star star
The quality is very good.
By Edvard Ljudevit on 2022-09-20
I bought a small crane for my own fishing boat. The quality is very good.
star star star star star
I received the crane already
By Amirul on 2022-05-16
I received the crane already.The quality and appearance of this crane are very good. I would recommend OUCO cranes to my friends.
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