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ROV umbilical winches are made for scientific research applications, handling remotely operated vehicles. OUCO ROV winches can handle underwater ROV units even in the harshest marine conditions.

Our ROV winches feature frequency-activated speed control, oil-filled gearboxes, motorized breaking, active heave compensation, and more. These innovative winches can hold a significant working load. 

We offer many ROV winch specifications, including level wind configurations, horsepower ratings, hazardous area ratings, and controls. Our winches can be deployed to a depth of 4km, lowering or retrieving scientific equipment.

Why Choose OUCO As Your ROV Winch Manufacturer?

At OUCO, we engineering team can design all ROV winch systems according to our customer’s specifications. We consider your application, marine conditions, regulations, and more. 

We have worked with customers worldwidely, even manufacturing equipment for work in the Mariana Trench! You can always ask for references from countless clients. 


Rov Winch

Reliable ROV Winch Manufacturer

OUCO ROV winches can be equipped with electric or hydraulic drives, and have tested to meet the needs of scientific work, support certification by major classification societies.
We can customize various ROV Winchs according to your needs.
Whether for Inspection Class ROVs, Observation Class ROVs or Heavy Work Class ROVs, you will find the right winch.

ROV instrument launch

ROV Winch Other Options

Sealed and oil-filled gearboxes
Equipped with fairlead
Constant tension winch systems
Emergency stop device
direct-drive level wind mechanism
Multi-functional remote control
Optional local or remote operation
Electro-hydraulically band brakes
Cable sheave and diameters requirements
Reels for quick replacement of fibre optic cable

Latest Finished ROV Winch

Rov Winch Supplier

OUCO can design up to 10,000 meters of rope discharge device, which can be used together with A-crane and active or passive wave compensation system, used for deployment and recovery of ROV equipment, widely used in scientific research.

Offshore ROV Winch

Suitable for offshore and subsea range of search, rescue and research work, can withstand the high intensity of marine work environment. Can precisely drop equipment on the seafloor.

Rov Winch Manufacturer

Here Is The 10,000 Meters Long Rope Guide Device, Along with The A-Frame, AHC/PHC System, Make The Whole ROV Launch Recovery Subsea Operation System to Work for Scientific Research Projects Worldwidely.

hydraulic mooring winch

The OUCO Electric Anchor Towing Winch is one of our best-selling winches for all types of boats, with a wide range of uses and high towing efficiency.

Subsea ROV Winch

OUCO Subsea ROV Launch and Recovery Systems, compliant with leading DNV classification societies standards, are safe and efficient and are your best choice.

Marine Hydraulic Winch

The OUCO Marine Hydraulic ROV Winch is hydraulically driven, with active heave compensation, cable retraction and release brakes, and is suitable for a wide range of ROV equipment.

Winch manufacturer process

What Is An ROV Winch?

ROV stands for remotely operated vehicles as highly maneuverable underwater vehicles controlled from the water’s surface.

Why Do We Need ROV Winch?

ROV provides labor and observation aspects for floating vessel operations.

ROV winch substantial equipment modern decks must include these items to facilitate umbilical, mooring, and anchoring operations. 

They are designated to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

ROVs allow us to explore locations where humans cannot safely dive, and they can stay underwater considerably longer than humans, allowing for more exploration time.

What Does ROV Winch Do?

We can explore the ocean with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

People aboard surface vessels control these underwater machines using joysticks like in video games.

Winch for ROV tethers and umbilicals.

Winches are cylindrical, horizontal-shaft rotating machines that wind and unwind umbilical cables and tethers.—the cable storage drum typical power electricity.

Several thrusters control the ROV’s movement in all directions at speeds up to 2 knots.

Cameras and sensors give vital data and visual information to monitor the seabed, subsea, drilling tools, equipment, and nearby areas.

Aquatic sensors provide information on ROV orientation and water depth. This unit is 12 ft long, 7 ft wide, and 7 ft high.

What Are The Main Parts Of ROV?
  1. Thrusters- Thrusters are electric or hydraulic propellers that move the vehicle. 

Almost typically, there are many thrusters to move in multiple directions.

  1. Camera- Because the vehicle goes deep underwater, the pilot can only see through the onboard camera, which must offer a low-latency image.
  2. Lights- Underwater lights illuminate the camera. 

So many ROV missions take place at depths where sunlight has vanished completely.

  1. Tether- The pilot controls the ROV and sees the camera via a tether that transports power and communications to the surface. 

Radio waves don’t travel far in water; therefore, modern wireless technologies can’t run an ROV. 

Acoustic and optical modems may one day enable wireless operation.

  1. Frame- The frame supports the thrusters, camera, lights, and tether of the ROV. 

In addition to the standard rectangular frame, some ROVs have unique frames to minimize drag, improve appearance, or fulfill specific missions.

  1. Pilot Controls- Surface controls can be as complex as a spaceship control room or as essential as a smartphone. 

In any case, the surface controls provide a physical interface for the pilot to control the vehicle and display vehicle feedback, including the camera view.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of ROV Winch?

ROV winches long last, operate well and is simple to use.

Now we’ll look at the advantages of the ROV winch:

  •     Compact, modular design with replaceable components
  •     Ideal for launch and recovery, moon pool handling applications.
  •     All painted carbon steel structural components
  •     Frame and grating protection
  •     Main switch box installed on a frame
  •     Electric powered level wind
  •     Designed to DNV Lifting Appliances Certification note 2.22
  •     Demonstrates track record
  •     Low-noise mode
What Are The Specifications Of The ROV Winch?

It comes with a variety of controllers and level wind setups. We can design a solution to meet your specific demands.

Safe Working Load – Full Drum 8,000 kg 7,000 kg 11,800 kg 12,000 kg 12,000 kg 15,000 kg
Max Line Pull – Full Drum 10,000 kg 8,750 kg 14,750 kg 15,000 kg 15,000 kg 18,750 kg
Drum Capacity 2,500m of 34mm umbilical 3,500m of 27mm umbilical 3,500m of 34mm umbilical 2,700m of 41mm umbilical 3,300 m of 41mm umbilical 4,400m of 41mm umbilical
Max Allowable Cable Air Weight 11,300 kg 8,400 kg 15,400 kg 13,000 kg 19,000 kg 27,200 kg
Line Speed Options 30-60 mpm 30 mpm 30-60 mpm 30-60 mpm 30-60 mpm 30-60 mpm
Winch Weight (Empty) 8,500 kg 7,500 kg 12,000 kg 12,000 kg 13,000 kg 16,000 kg


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Fit-for-purpose design
By Sylvia on
Fit-for-purpose design.
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Safe workload
By Tim Dernbach on
Safe workload.
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Using extra optical fibers in the cable
By Diego on
Using extra optical fibers in the cable, cause this way, there are always spare fibers present.
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Looks good, hope the service life could be longer
By Richard on
Looks good, hope the service life could be longer.
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Compact construction
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Compact construction.
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