global project case for OUCO
OUCO Project Case in Global Market

OUCO Project Case in Global Market

OUCO has the ability to independently develop, design and manufacture marine cranes, truck-mounted cranes, port equipment (grabs, hoppers, spreaders) and other products, providing high-quality loading and unloading solutions and access systems for the crane port industry and various non-standard structural components. Recent projects include 5t20m folding boom cranes for Aramco, 5t20m folding boom cranes for Bangladesh Naval Shipyard, 1t10m folding boom cranes for Malaysia Royal Naval Shipyard, 40CBM cyclone dust control hoppers for Japanese customer, 15CBM wireless remote control grabs for Colombian customers, 20-40 ft telescopic spreader for South African customers, etc.

Customer’s Story with OUCO

Every year, we organize OUCO’s Global Marine Festival as an opportunity to connect with our customers. We reap many blessings and thanks, and more importantly, it effectively increases communication and cooperation with our partners.

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