Hydraulic Grab Bucket

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OUCO offers a wide range of hydraulic grab bucket types, such as clamshell grabs, orange peel grabs, wood grabs, and more.

OUCO designed hydraulic and electro-hydraulic grab buckets with high power to ensure a good penetration and good filling of the bucket. The spaces between the jaws are small enough to minimize leaks and bulk falling out.

The grab hydraulic cylinders are fitted with replaceable piston rod protections and are hydraulically cushioned. This allows for efficient and reliable performance of your hydraulic grab bucket.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Hydraulic Grab Bucket Manufacturer?

OUCO has developed a wide range of grab buckets optimally designed for common bulk loads, such as coal, wood, fertilizer, and more.

We have tailored solutions for any bulk loading application. With over 30 industry patents, you can trust our ingenuity in designing your hydraulic grab bucket for sale.

Hydraulic Grab Bucket

Design Based On Grabbing Materials

OUCO Electro-hydraulic Grab Buckets can be divided into clamshell and orange peel, so you can choose according to the material to be grabbed.

  • Fully enclosed orange peel grab: for grabbing small stones, sand, coal and other materials with smaller particles
  • Semi-enclosed orange peel grab: for grabbing irregular materials such as scrap, trash and large rocks
  • Normal clamshell grab: suitable for most materials
  • Leak-proof clamshell grab: for grabbing grain and sulphur
Leak-proof clamshell grab for sand
Electro-hydraulic orange peel grab

Design Based On Application

We are involved in many areas of grab applications and have gained a strong foothold in the industry.
Whether applied in marine or on land, remote control or manual operation, here you will find everything you need.

  • Electro-hydraulic timber grab
  • Electro-hydraulic rectangular grab
  • Electro-hydraulic excavator grab
  • Electro-hydraulic dredging grab
  • Electro-hydraulic straw grab

Latest Finished Hydraulic Grab Bucket

The Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab is a heavy duty design made of Hardox 400 and offers high durability wear parts in all wear sensitive areas, increased pivot pins for a longer life and integrated relief valve to prevent hydraulic overloads.

14 CBM remote control grab

By simply pressing a button on your remote, you can safely and securely access materials in hard to reach areas. According to the adjustment of the baffle, the capacity can reach 10-12-14 cubic meters respectively, the dead weight is 11t, and the specific gravity of the material is 0.9t/m³.

clamshell remote control grab

Our hydraulic clamshell buckets are designed for superior performance and easy installation. With reliable components and high-grade materials, our clamshell buckets provide maximum digging forces and power with impeccable controllability.

log Grabs for wood handling

High wear resitant steel and 360˚ Hydraulic rotation. Timber Grab Bucket is specially designed for for bulk grabbing of logs. Optimised shape for superior performance, suitable for sawmills and timber transport.

Orange Peel Hydraulic Grab Bucket

The OUCO 5CBM electro-hydraulic orange peel grab bucket. Depending on the material to be grabbed, we will equip you with leakproof baffle.

Yellow High Capacity Hydraulic Clamshell Grab

OUCO electro-hydraulic clamshell grab is cable operated, with Slewing & Locking mechanism and Electro–Hydraulic Control System. We can provide leak-proof features to suit your needs.

Grab bucket manufacturer process

What is a Hydraulic Grab Bucket?

Hydraulic grab buckets are powered from hydraulic system, it’s with high power to insure to generate large amounts of material.

The unique structure enables the grab bucket to collect substance from all sides, ensuring that the most excessive material is collected.

The grabs are available in both open and closed configurations.

What is The Purpose of This Hydraulic Grab Bucket?

These hydraulic grab buckets could be used for consignments operational processes at terminals throughout the country.

It works night and day at waste management facilities.


Hydraulic Grab Bucket is highly important in a variety of aspects, like the following:

  • 1) Electro-hydraulic double flap grab: It is mainly used with single hook crane to grab various types of bulk cargo, which is often used in ships, docks, etc.
    2) Electro-hydraulic multi-part grab: It is mainly used with single-hook cranes to grab household garbage, scrap steel and other materials, and is often used in environmental protection power plants, steel plants, etc.
    3) Electric hydraulic timber grab: mainly used with single hook crane for loading and unloading logs, often used in timber yards, wharfs, etc.
    4) Electro-hydraulic rectangular grab: It is mainly used with single-hook cranes to clean up domestic garbage in waterways, or to load and unload scrap steel in train cars in steel mills.
    5) Electro-hydraulic straw grab: It is mainly used with single-hook cranes for loading and unloading stacked straws, often used in environmental protection power plants.
What Are The Advantages of Hydraulic Grab Bucket?

Hydraulic Grab Bucket has a variety of advantages that includes the following:

  • The grab bucket system is reliant on power sourced from vessels.
  • For endless tasks, a reduced floating range unaffected by lift capacity taking care of circumstances, and a high yield to consistently snatch load.
  • The system is lightweight than motor pressure-driven controlled types, and it is also suitable for indoor use because no fumes gas is emitted.
  • The hydraulic grab bucket can open and close with hydraulic power, and it can grab many different types of bulk cargo securely.
  • Hydraulic grab buckets with mounted diesel engines, in particular, have a great reputation since they can be controlled without the need for power cables.
  • It reduces the workload of the business ahead of time.
  • It works at Clients requirements
What Are The Features That Every Hydraulic Grab Bucket Must Have?

There are series of features that every Hydraulic Grab Bucket obtain like the following:

  • Excellent Wrapping Up
  • High Strength
  • Precisely Structured
  • Fully Customizable
  • Simple and Easy to Utilize
  • High Quality
  • Modern Design
  • Simple to Join or Withdraw to Any Crane
  • Lower Hanging Range
What Are The Types of Hydraulic Grab Bucket?

There are various types of Hydraulic Grab Bucketthat is present to sustain the needs of every user, it includes the following:

  1. Forklift Type Hydraulic Grab Bucket

It loads a grab bucket on a truck for shipment

  1. Clamshell Type Hydraulic Grab Bucket

This type of Hydraulic Grab Bucket is good for taking ashes and slags.

  1. Orange Peel Type Hydraulic Grab Bucket

It is responsible for waiting a delivery and goes down to grab trash.

  1. Electro- Hydraulic Grab Bucket

Loading activities for wooden chips.

  1. Diesel Hydraulic Grab Bucket

It is not equipped with a power cable and is responsible for loading activities for scrap.

  1. Wireless Remote Control Hydraulic Grab Bucket

It is particularly used for the loading and unloading of ship.

  1. Motor- Hydraulic Grab Bucket

It is an effective loading and unloading technique for coastline, and high-volume inorganic fertilizers.

  1. Four Rope Scissors Hydraulic Grab Bucket

It is applicable to crane using two drums for loading and unloading bulk fertilizers.

  1. Remote Control Orange Peel Hydraulic Grab Bucket

It is primarily used for shipping block containers, with a single connector crane.

  1. Motor-Wood Hydraulic Grab Bucket

It uses constant output pump and servo system.

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Thank you for OUCO team to make customized design
By Karen on
Thank you for OUCO team to make customized design for my special working condition. It’s a reliable factory.
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By Alex Polyanetskij on
работаетхорошо, точносоответствуетмоемузапросу.
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High cost-effective grab
By Jessie Wee on
High cost-effective grab, good design and working performance.
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Entregarápida, diseñocompacto y razonable
By Sergio Romanello on
Entregarápida, diseñocompacto y razonable, fácilmantenimiento, buenagarre
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Thank you for Ms. Elva’s professional communication
By Mazen on
Thank you for Ms. Elva’s professional communication, helps us to get a suitable grab bucket. Hope will cooperate again in near future.
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Good grab! Nice experience!
By Adnaan on
Good grab! Nice experience!
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