Tribute to Maritime Professionals

The world’s trade depends mainly on maritime transport, and maritime professionals have made great contributions to the development of the “Marine Economy”. The development of OUCO is also dependent on the hard work and dedication of the maritime workers. On the occasion of OUCO Global Marine Festival, we Tribute to Maritime Professionals.

Next, we take you through the maritime professionals:

What is maritime professionals?

Maritime professionals are primarily a group of people working in the marine industry. They usually sail in the ocean, work on ships and offshore oil drilling platforms.

Maritime Professionals work in a wide range of jobs. In addition to their own job, they also need to be proficient in all work procedures on board.

seaworkers are assembling marine cranes
seaworkers are assembling marine cranes

Daily life of maritime professionals

Usually, the environment at sea is harsh,Just as marine equipment needs to be equipped with “Heave Compensation System”. Maritime professionals rely on themselves to maintain a strong balance.

In addition, due to the high mobility of work at sea, there are more uncontrollable factors. Therefore, the working hours of seafarers are often irregular.

Moreover, the work at sea is mainly arranged according to the weather conditions. As long as the weather is good, whether it is a holiday or late at night, workers need to rush to the corresponding area at sea immediately and work against time.

Problems with ship and mechanical equipment breakdowns can also arise unexpectedly. Therefore, maritime professionals maintain a high level of mental concentration on a daily basis.This professionalism, more worthy of our tribute to maritime professionals

Maritime Professionals daily life
Maritime Professionals daily life

The life of a maritime professionals

Maritime professionals may live and work at sea for months on end. For them, the monotony of life, the hardship of the working environment, and the loneliness of being away from their families are all difficulties to overcome.

Every day facing an endless sea, such a working and living state is really unimaginable for ordinary people who live on land all year round.

In addition, according to The Mission to Seafarers, with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and the deteriorating situation in Russia and Ukraine, Maritime professionals’ jobs have been affected and their job satisfaction has been reduced to a minimum.

Due to the normalized blockade and control of cargo ports, they are not free to disembark and enjoy their weekends even when cargo ships are docked.

Therefore, OUCO calls on relevant organizations to pay attention to and improve the lives of Maritime professionals!

Companionship with the Ocean
Companionship with the Ocean

The work of maritime professionals

The maritime industry has a wide range of occupations, among which the main ones are: marine transportation, wreck salvage, marine dredging engineering, port construction engineering contracting, diving operations, water pollution prevention, port and bridge heavy lifting and unloading installation, large offshore equipment and Component hoisting, burial and maintenance of submarine optical cable pipelines and equipment, etc.

In order to perform this type of work, they need to acquire a lot of knowledge, such as: learning multiple languages, equipment load calculation, towing calculation, weather mastery, chart and route analysis, material review, etc.

seaworkers are assembling marine cranes
Working environment at sea

OUCO and Maritime professionals

OUCO is very concerned about the customers who cooperate with us, and we will provide customers with assistance within our capacity.

After we deliver the product to the customer, we usually send an engineer to your ship to solve the installation and related problems of the product.

During this period, our engineers have also formed strong friendships with many maritime professionals. However, with the popularity of the COVID-19 in recent years, We have had to reduce and cancel field instruction from engineers.

seaworkers are assembling marine cranes
OUCO engineers have established friendship with many Maritime Professionals

Of course, in order to help you faster, we still offer online video tutorials to help you install, check and repair your equipment.

Thank you for reading this article, want to know more? Stay tuned for the 2022 OUCO Global Marine Festival.


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