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Small Marine Cranes are a common sight in the maritime industry. They help move and handle various heavyweight loads with 255 ft-lbs or 400 ton capacity, as well as transfer materials or personnel from marine vessels, barges, etc.

You’ll find small marine cranes in OUCO that offer excellent service in both shore-based operations as well as those involving shipping industries.

When you need any types of small marine cranes, we have much available for you, like marine deck cranes, bulk barrier cranes, ship deck cranes, boat cranes, and many more.

Just message us for more details or send us your specific marine cranes required!

OUCO Small Marine Cranes

1.5t10M small stiff boom crane

With the fixed boom and easy structure to make the crane easy maintenance and service life longer.

Marine Knuckle Boom Crane

With reasonable design and space saving on ship deck

foldable knuckle boom crane

With flexible working radius and space saving on ship deck.

1.5t36.6m Offshore Crane

Heavy duty capacities and suitable for offshore sea conditions and higher wave height.

Flexible working radius with high efficiency in lifting cargoes, suitable for longer and shorter range both.

yacht crane

Designing with compact structure to make the appearance appealing, high quality with easy maintenance.

small marine crane for ship

Deck mounted, powerful lifting capacities, easy to maintain and operate, long service life.

Small and flexible, compact in design and versatile. For most of your dinghy usage needs.

OUCO Small Crane for floatel support vessel

Suitable for small and medium boats, small footprint, high-strength boom, durable structure.

Why OUCO Small Marine Cranes?

OUCO has been a leader in the crane manufacturing industry for many years. Small Marine Crane is one of the products we have built through years of expertise and skills. It is designed to be strong with an easy-to-use feature set.

We built, develop, and design small marine cranes with excellent features and capabilities. We always ensure your safety, you can guarantee that our cranes are safe and far from any danger with our full certifications like ABS, CCS, BV, etc.

Small Marine Cranes
OUCO Small Marine Cranes on a trawler

High-quality Small Marine Cranes That Exceed Your Expectations

With high capacity and minimal deflection, our small marine cranes can operate efficiently in any marine environment, providing superior performance regardless of temperature or sea state.

Each small marine crane undergoes meticulous sandblasting and weld inspection to ensure a flawless surface. Equipped with galvanized oil cylinders, our cranes offer superior corrosion resistance.

Designed in accordance with the rules and regulations of major classification societies, our cranes prioritize safety. They feature an emergency stop button, providing peace of mind even in the event of cylinder damage or power failure.

For Small Ship/Boat: A Comprehensive Product Series

We offer the perfect lifting solution for any small vessel, including tailor-made cranes, portfolios, kits, and parts.

Moreover, our range of offerings includes a wide variety of customizable options such as boom design, connection base, control mode, operator platforms, hydraulic winch, safety system, paint colors with optional logos, and original spare parts.

Elevate your small ship/boat operations today with OUCO’s comprehensive product portfolio!

OUCO 2 sets 0.8t7m small KTB Crane

OUCO Factory Introduction

KTB marine crane manufacturer process

What is a Small Marine Crane?

A small marine crane is a compact and lightweight crane. It is a lifting machine with flange, column, luffing cylinder, hoist winch, wire ropes, hook, sheaves, etc.

Small marine cranes include small boat cranes, small dock cranes, small barge cranes, yacht cranes, etc.

Commonly used for lifting yachts, water sports, water entertainment, salvage, water maintenance and other water operations.

Used for various lifting operations such as handling heavy weight loads and moving or transferring tons of materials from one place to another. And also, they can submerge or recover equipment from the ocean.

What is the weight of your small crane?

Based on our product specifications, the weight of OUCO small cranes ranges from 400Kg to 2000kg, depending on the specific model.

However, please note that custom-built small marine cranes can have some variance in weight depending on the specific requirements of the project.

How much can your small marine cranes lift?

Our small marine cranes are designed with a lifting capacity that ranges from 0.5 to 10 tons.

If you require a custom solution for your specific lifting needs, we can work with you to design a crane that meets your exact requirements.

How much does a small marine crane cost?

Normally, the price of our products ranges from 8,000USD to 20,000USD, depending on the specific model and its features. However, please note that if you have customized needs or require additional configurations, the price may fluctuate slightly.

Of course, for a more detailed quote, please feel free to contact us and a salesperson will be happy to provide you with more information.

What are the Differences Between Marine Cranes and Small Marine Cranes?

Marine cranes are used for heavy load operations, while small marine cranes or mini cranes are intentionally built to lift lightweight items. Small marine cranes are also designed to go places with tight access or restricted space, where large cranes cannot reach.

Marine cranes are commonly used on cargo ships, offshore platform and ports.

Small marine cranes are commonly used in fast supply vessel, work boats, small fishing boats and yacht clubs.

Are Small Marine Cranes Really In Demand Today?

Yes. The crane can be used in many ways. Aside from what was mentioned above, small marine cranes can also be helpful to people. Also, this crane can increase productivity by lessening the scheduled time, workforce, and labor hours.

How to Maintain the Small Marine Cranes so it can Be Used Safely?

Doing a regular inspection is a must, and schedule maintenance to ensure the crane works safely without giving up at all times. Some maintenance includes:

  • Daily checks
  • Follow proper planned maintenance
  • Check minimum requirements of wire ropes
  • Ensure adequate lubrication
  • Inspect the gears
  • Check the condition of the sheave
  • Carry out hook maintenance
  • Checking the brake

Customer Reviews

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6 Review(s)
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I run a tour company that offers guided tours on small boats.
By katherine on 2022-11-28
I run a tour company that offers guided tours on small boats. and I needed a small crane to lift and move kayaks and paddleboards, after researching and comparing several small marine crane suppliers, I chose OUCO. I was very impressed with their knowledgeable and helpful customer service team. They selected the most suitable boat crane for me and I am sure it will last for many years.
star star star star star
I am from Vietnam, purchase the marine crane for my company
By Vo Duc Tri on 2022-05-16
I am from Vietnam,purchase the marine crane for my company. After comparing many suppliers of China, We chose OUCO as our supplier, not only because of its professional pre-sales service, but also its high quality crane and good after-sales service. I hope to cooperate with OUCO again in the future.
star star star star star
1t10m foldable boom marine crane is very good for my vessel
By Hashem Al on 2021-12-08
1t10m foldable boom marine crane is very good for my vessel. Easy to operate.
star star star star star
1.5t4m small marine crane is easy to fix
By Fazil on 2021-11-22
1.5t4m small marine crane is easy to fix it,the structure is simple.very nice. I will recommend this small crane to my friends.
star star star star star
I am looking for one set delicate crane for my own yacht
By Ferlita on 2021-11-10
I am looking for one set delicate crane for my own yacht. And found the OUCO 2t5m luxury crane can meet my requirements. The dead weight is light and very suitable to fix it on the yacht.
star star star star star
Our company are building the new barge
By Tan Chau on 2021-11-02
Our company are building the new barge, will finished it around March of next year. I ordered the OUCO before, and we are very satisfied with its quality and appearance.we will consider order again next year.
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