Telescopic Cranes

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A telescopic boom crane consists of inner hydraulic cylinders. There can be two telescopic crane types: small models with slewing cylinders (HM) and large models with slewing rings (HMR).

The different boom positions allow you to adapt to your circumstances and needs. Our telescopic knuckle boom crane presents a compact solution with powerful capabilities. Some hoisting points may include 3T40M, 40T6.5M, 10T25M. 

Hydraulic telescopic boom cranes are mainly used on the decks of bulk carriers or barges to lift very heavy loads. 

Why Choose OUCO As Your Telescopic Boom Crane Manufacturer?

OUCO has nearly 40 years of experience in manufacturing telescopic cranes. Our technical staff and experts will provide you with the most suitable telescopic boom crane design. 

OUCO telescopic cranes for sale combine advanced design, good price, and certified quality. 

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Telescopic Cranes

Better Telescopic Boom

Normal telescopic boom often uses Pentagon Boom & Hexagon Boom, which saves cost but the quality of the telescopic boom may not be strong enough.

We use octagon boom, the more symmetrical center design of octagon boom ensures its high bending resistance and high load capacity.

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Features of OUCO Telescopic Boom Crane

Multi-function – The telescopic boom crane has four functions of hoisting, slewing, luffing and telescoping, and is equipped with 4 operating valves to control them separately. Support platform control and remote control.
Durable – Rugged Steel Construction, Corrosion & Wear Resistant Surface, the built-in oil cylinder make it not easily damaged.
Flexible – OUCO telescopic boom crane has more lifting points, takes up less space. The simplified design makes it easy to operate and maintain, and of course, it is also easy to install on the deck or in the harbor.

Latest Finished Telescopic Cranes

1.5t6m telescopic boom crane

OUCO-1.5T6M-TB crane working radius is 2m-6m, and the lifting speed range is 0-15m/min. The lifting height is 25 meters, OUCO telescopic crane adopts SA 2.5 grinding standard, the painting standard is C5M.

0.6t5m Telescopic Boom Crane

OUCO-0.6T5M-TB crane, Working Radius can reach 1-5m, Hoisting Speed is 18m/min, Hoisting Height can reach 12m, Protect Class is IP56, self-weight 580KG, all parameters can be customized according to your requirements.

0.85t31m telescopic boom crane

The OUCO-0.85T31M-TB crane is also a customized crane. It has two lifting points of 10t10m and 0.85t31m, working radius is 3-31m, hoisting height is 35m, equipped with explosion-proof cab according to customers’ needs.

0.2t20m pedestal crane

OUCO-0.2T20M-TB crane, using hydraulic telescopic, hook working radius range of 3m-18.7m, lifting speed 0-12m/min, lifting height up to 30m, Customers use it for unloading in ports and along the coast.

0.98t5m dinghy crane

OUCO-0.98T5M-KBT is a small yacht crane customized for domestic customers, it can lift 0.98t of cargo under the working radius of 1.1m-5m, the lifting speed is 0-12m/min, the lifting height can reach 15m.

2t5m yacht crane

OUCO-2t5m-YC is a Yacht Crane specially customized for customers, with beautiful appearance and suitable for yachts, safe working load of 2t5m, working radius of 1-5m, lifting speed of 12m/min, lifting height of 8m.

1.5t36.6m telescopic boom crane

OUCO-1.5t36.6m-TB crane is a high-load stiff boom crane with many lifting points, working radius of 5-36.6m (you can contact us for load chart), Hoisting Speed 10m/min (main hook), Hook travel Up to 100m, self-weight 55T.

3t40m telescopic boom crane

OUCO-3T40M-TB, this is a large marine crane customized for Singapore customers, lifting of bulky cargo, the working radius is 3m-40m, the lifting height is 35m, and the lifting speed is 0-15m/min.

7t10m telescopic boom crane

OUCO-7T10M-TB crane, the color is customized according to customer requirements, installed on the deck of the ship, the working radius is 2-10m, the Luffing time 45s, the Hoisting speed is 18m/min.

telescopic boom crane process

What is Telescopic Crane?

The telescopic crane is commonly used for various worksites.

A telescopic crane can be used for heavy-duty applications because of its rugged construction.

It is composed of flexible boom arms.

hydraulic telescopic boom crane
Hydraulic Telescopic Boom Crane
What are the Benefits of the Telescopic Cranes?

The telescopic cranes are beneficial devices that give several advantages, including:

  1. The telescopic crane is easy to drive and handle.
  2. They have a great slewing/ rotation capability. 
  3. A telescopic crane can carry and lift heavy objects than cherrypickers.
  4. This device saves more space than mounted-truck cranes.
  5. Making the worksite jobs easily and efficiently.
  6. This device can maneuver various lifting operations.
What are the Typical Applications of Telescopic Crane?

The telescopic crane is designed to support different working industries where lifting is required.

Mostly, these are used for routine hauling operations at shipping ports. Telescopic cranes are widely used for marine applications.

Are telescopic Cranes Durable?

The telescopic crane is constructed from high-quality and extraordinary materials.

Every telescopic crane’s part is very strong and durable, ensuring a long service life.

OUCO Factory Telescopic Boom Crane Test
OUCO Factory Telescopic Boom Crane Test
Are Telescopic Cranes Customizable?


The telescopic crane can be customized and personalized according to your exact details.

You can request additional accessories, colors, and sizes based on your desires.

In addition, they can be customized with your logo.

Customized and Telescopic Boom Cranes(1)
Customized Telescopic Boom Cranes

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By Rezanur on 2021-12-03
Entregamuitorápida. Muitoobrigadoaovendedorpeloguindaste de altaqualidade! Experimenteinaprática e recomendo o produto e o vendedor!
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The telescopic crane i ordered
By Andrei on 2021-11-10
The telescopic crane iordered ,can save a lot of space because of the boom can be retracted.
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Αγόρασα έναν γερανό τον περασμένο
By Waled on 2021-10-04
Αγόρασα έναν γερανό τον περασμένο μήνα και είμαι πολύικανοποιημένος μετην ποιότητα και την επαγγελματική καθοδήγησημετάτην πώληση
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All things about the crane order goes well.
By Henri on 2021-09-05
All things about the crane order goes well.
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Tänu OUCO insenerideabile
By Renan on 2021-08-13
Tänu OUCO insenerideabile, aidakemulvalidasobivmerekonsoolkraana.
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I received the cranes ahead of the stated time in the order
By MOHIUDDIN on 2021-07-16
I received the cranes ahead of the stated time in the order, everything came in a complete set, high quality packaging without dents or damage. Thanks to the seller for the quality work.
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