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Blade Yokes & Lifting Spreaders are special device for lifting blades, which are used for wind turbine blade replacement and installation, and usually designed in the form of a beam or frame. The yoke clamp can effectively pick up and handle rotor blades.

We can customize the size and weight of the blade yokes for you. Suitable for blades from 30 to 100 meters in length and can weigh 16 tons or more. We can also provide all kinds of documents as well as DNV, GL and other certifications.

Whether offshore or onshore, you can handle wind turbine blades flexibly with our blade yokes.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Blade Yokes Manufacturer?

OUCO has been specializing in lifting equipment, and maintain deep collaboration with manufacturers who also focus on producing wind turbines.

We provide lifting and handling equipment worldwide to help you easily assemble rotor blades.

We offer tailor-made service, helping you improve the safety and efficiency of handling wind turbine blades.

China Wind Power Blade Yoke Manufacture

Wind Turbine Single Blade Handling

As we know, replacing a wind turbine blade is not an easy task.

At OUCO, we specialize in developing lifting and handling solutions for wind turbine blades, help you with everything from installation to replacement to overhaul.

In the industry, we have over 30 years of experience in lifting solutions. We can also provide you with Offshore Cranes, Small Marine Platform Cranes and all kinds of winches to solve the difficulties you may encounter.

Take a look at our different products and contact us for more information.

More Convenient Wind Turbine Single Blade Handling
Advantages of Our Blade lifting Yoke(1)

Benefits of OUCO Blade Yoke

Our blade yokes have many advantages and are suitable for all sizes and types of blades. You can also consult us for additional options.

  • Exchangeable Accessories
  • Modular Construction Design
  • Spare Parts Container
  • Anti-friction Yoke
  • Embedded Electrical Cabinet & Power Pack
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Tilt Function & Pitch Function
  • Exchangeable Blade Interface
  • User-friendly Human Machine Interface

Latest Finished Blade Yoke

65T Single Blade Lifting Yoke

Weight: 75 tons, working wind speed: 18 m/s, tilt: +/- 5 degrees, working temperature: -20°C – +50°C.

Can work at 16 m/s wind speed, net Weight 20 tons, tilt: +/- 7 degrees, working temperature: -20°C – +50°C.

Blade Yoke Delivery and Transportion

Weight: 50 tons, working wind speed: 16 m/s, tilt: +/- 2 degrees, working temperature: -20°C – +50°C.



What is wind turbine blade yoke?

The wind turbine blade yoke serves as a specialized lifting device for wind turbine blades. It has been meticulously designed for raising and lowering blades during installation, maintenance, and disassembly.

This Blade Yoke is seeing a growing application within the wind energy sector. Its utilization can yield substantial time and cost savings throughout the handling and installation processes.

By employing different accessories, it becomes possible to lift blades of varying types and sizes. The yoke effectively secures the blade in place using robust clamping force and friction, maintaining a stable horizontal orientation.

Presently, thanks to OUCO’s blade lifting yoke, the installation and removal of blades can be efficiently managed in all locations, whether onshore or offshore.

Blade Yoke Adapts More Environment
Why do wind turbines installation need single blade lifting?

Our climate is changing. The widespread use of wind power has become unstoppable in order to get clean energy.

Since wind turbine installations are often in hard to reach places, single-blade installations are becoming increasingly attractive.The single blade lifting solution offers the following advantages:

Risk reduction – Single-blade lifting equipment reduces the windward surface and side wind load, avoid accidents. It can work safely and normally under stronger gust winds and more operating conditions.

Save time – reduce the requirement of civil works, the whole machine can be lifted in 1~2 working days, which greatly shortens the installation time.

Drive down costs – compared with the traditional wind turbine blade lifting equipment, the single-blade lifting equipment has a smaller footprint, effectively reducing your land acquisition costs, such as rental for works areas.

Avoid environmental damage – reduce the environmental impact, and suitable for wind farm located in mountain, woodland and plain.

Single-blade Lifting Operation in China's Coastal
Single-blade Lifting is More Flexible
How many types of wind turbine blade lifting equipment are there?

A wind turbine has three blades moving about a horizontal axis, which produce kinetic energy as they rotate. A wind farm usually has hundreds of blades. Getting them all installed is a tough job. Now, in the industry, we have many devices to lift it.

  • Blade Gripper: It can assist in the assembly of blades at very low temperatures. Applied onshore and offshore, and the blade is positioned in a balanced horizontal position.
  • Wind Blade Clamp: Flexible in use and ready for immediate operation by simply lifting the main hook, it is an excellent single blade lifting tool.
  • Blade Lifter: Used to transport blades, wind turbine blades can be tilted and rotated, and a hydraulic lift lifts the blades.
  • Spreader beam: An extremely lightweight Spreader Bars, hydraulically driven and well-balanced.
  • Lift Frame: Used only for moving blades, suitable for lifting, transport and storage and support lifting multiple blades at once.
What is your product testing procedure?

We maintain a commitment to enhancing our testing process for dependable equipment hoisting, and testing encompasses a comprehensive array of evaluations.

These include assessments for fog and weather resistance, optical and functional performance, as well as examinations for electrical safety, mechanical wear, tensile strength, rain resilience, and Izod impact resistance.

All of these rigorous tests are conducted prior to product delivery.

What range of services do you provide?

We specialize in offering customized solutions for a diverse range of projects.

Our services encompass design and development, expert technical consultations, hands-on guidance during on-site installations, comprehensive product operation and maintenance support, and responsive after-sales services.

These services collectively ensure peak performance and utmost customer satisfaction.

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Doha Energy
By Alexandr Komarov on 2023-05-02
Great, it has a lot of different blade interfaces.
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Good Product
By Kayla Horst on 2022-08-19
Remote control reduces worker risk.
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Global Mechanical.
By Freddie on 2022-05-02
I got all kind of helps from Alex and he is excellent
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By Shane Grybel on 2022-03-12
We use it on the coast of Fujian, China, and it completely met my expectations.
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ADES tech
By AzharAlbidany on 2021-11-19
We use to install Siemens Gamesa blades.
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