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A container spreader bar is used for lifting containers. These devices have a locking mechanism at each corner that attaches to the four corners of the container. 

A spreader bar for lifting containers can be used with any type of crane, including mobile harbor crane, fixed shore crane, straddle carriers, and yard crane.

We offer hydraulic, electric, and semi-automatic spreaders in standard and heavy-duty configurations. They are designed to handle 20 ft and 40 ft ISO containers, and other size containers.

The reliable twist locks are easy to use—they will unlock when the crane operator lands the container and lifts the spreader.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Container Spreader Manufacturer?

OUCO is among the top-tier container spreader manufacturers in China. 

We have ABS, CCS, DNV(GL), RMRS, NK, Rina, KR, CE, ISO, and SGS certifications, our container spreaders are manufactured with high quality and reliability. 

We thoroughly test our products and use high-strength steel. 

All this is to supply you with efficient and capable machinery.

Container Spreader

Features of OUCO Container Spreader

  • ABS or CE welding process standard
  • Calibration baffle, align with containers
  • Reasonable detail design
  • IP56 electrical box, use 304 stainless steel
  • Strengthened motor reducer
  • Closed & Open indicating device
  • High-strength pivot mechanism
  • Germany imported limit device
Details of OUCO container spreaders
OUCO new standard container spreader

Classification of OUCO Container Spreaders

  • All-electric Spreaders (20ft / 40ft)
  • Fixed Container Spreaders (20ft / 40ft)
  • Special Container Spreaders (20ft / 20ft X 2/ 40ft / 45ft)
  • Electric / Mechanical Semi-Automatic Container Spreaders (20ft / 40ft)
  • Electric / Hydraulic Telescopic Container Spreaders (20ft / 20ft X 2 / 40ft)

Latest Finished Container Spreader

port crane's container spreader

Suitable for lifting 20 feet standard container, the crane uses a single or double hook method, connected to the spreader by wire rope and spreader ring.

40 FT telescopic container spreader

OUCO telescopic container spreader, telescopic system consists of two electric motors, safe and reliable, can be flexibly adjusted to lift 20′ or 40′ standard containers.

mechanical spreader

This spreader can be used to lift containers or other grouped goods without hydraulic system, suitable for lifting 20′ containers, Rated Lifting Load 35t, Self-Weight 2t.

fully electric container spreader

The Fully Electric Container Spreader works most efficiently, with an electric power source, saving start-up steps compared to mechanical spreaders, and requires cable storage frame.

Mechanical Standard Container Spreader

Suitable for lifting 40ft standard container, Rated Lifting Load 40t, Self-Weight 3.5t, can be loaded with gantry crane.

Semi Automatic Container Spreader

This spreader is connected to the hoist equipment through lifting ring, Support custom calibration baffle form, and the electric calibration baffle plays a better guiding role.


What is a Container Spreader?

Container spreader is handling equipment for different types of containers.

It is widely used for lifting unitized cargo and containers. It features a locking mechanism that is attached to the four corners of the container.

Container spreader can be used in a straddle carrier, container crane, or other machines that lift containers.

mechanical container spreader
Container Handling
What are The Features of a Container Spreader?

Here are the features that every container spreader has:

  • The corners of the container spreader have been improved and reinforced.
  • In terms of modular construction, the container spreaders’ heads are interchangeable and removable.
  • The replacement is much simpler.
  • The designed floating twist locks are easier to be changed and removed when they are not functioning.
  • It is equipped with high-quality components that made from the best materials in the market.
  • It is a reliable one and has a long span of durability.
What are The Purposes of a Container Spreader?

The twist bolts of such spreaders can be operated remotely by the crane driver using a robust network which is usually done via a rope hanging from the pulley.

This spreader can be easily adapted to specific needs regarding cargo capacity and container sizes.


This Container Spreader is applicable to the following:

  • For all sorts of technical specifications
  • For all kinds of sea containers
  • In all kinds of environments and projects
  • With all sorts of cranes and brands


Primary Operational Areas:

This spreader can be operated in the following areas:

  • Straddle Carriers
  • Gantry Container Bridges
  • Luffing Cranes
  • Mobile Harbor Cranes
  • Reach Stackers
  • Portal Cranes
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Ship to Shore Cranes
What Are The Types of a Container Spreader?

There are various kinds of Container Spreader that is available to the users, it includes:

  1. Fully Automatic Container Spreader

These are top-lift spreaders that interchanged locks that are automatically activated and locked.


  • Mobile harbor Container Spreader
  • Yard Container Spreader
  • Ship to Shore Container Spreader
  1. Semi-Automatic Container Spreader

It is for handling containers on conventional ships, bridges, and portal cranes.


  • Double Security System to avoid carrying failures
  • Forklift pockets for spreader movements
  • Guides or flippers on request
  • Plates for loads that are oversized
  1. Simple Container Spreader


  • Available in both outdoor and indoor types
  • Ready for non-intensive utilization
  • Applicable for all types of containers
  1. Spreaders for Indoor Usage


  • Available for all kinds of containers
  • It has short wires that are linked directly to the container crane’s hook
  • It is manually operated or semi-operated
What are The Advantages of a Container Spreader?

This spreader benefits the users. Here are some of its advantages:

  • It serves as an important factor in the progression of modern container terminals.
  • It improves productivity in handling cargo.
  • It has a sufficient outreach to carry containers of the largest ship.
  • It is fitted with twist locks.
  • It delivers efficiency and reliability.
  • The handling equipment is of premium quality at an affordable price.
  • It saves time, avoids negative effects.
  • It is the safest solution for container handling.
  • It makes our work simpler and more profitable.

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we bought five container spreaders
By Alexandr Komarov on 2022-07-06
Had bought five container spreaders from ouco, very pleased with all of them.
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Telescopic container spreader works very well
By Nikischer Johann Peter on 2022-05-18
Telescopic container spreader works very well with high working efficiency.
star star star star star
By Domingo Sandoval on 2021-06-02
Pls give your container spreader service manual.
star star star star star
By GennadiyVerba on 2021-04-12
Thank you for the spreader.
star star star star star
By AzharAlbidany on 2020-11-19
Easy operation,high efficiency.
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