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CTD is abbreviated for Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth of seawater. CTD winches are designed for accurate and safe deployment of hydrographic CTD equipment. These winches are specialized to handle precision devices carefully. 

OUCO offers reliable CTD winches with a wide array of features. For instance, you can choose winches with electric or hydraulic drives, local or remote operations, and more. 

Our CTD winches have smart wire winding solutions, active heave compensation, and optical slip ring assemblies. These winches can deploy between 3-7km of optic fiber cable to accommodate deep-sea applications.

Why Choose OUCO As Your CTD Winch Manufacturer?

​​OUCO manufactures reliable and innovative marine equipment, including CTD winches. 

Our design standards are based on ABS, CCS, DNV(GL), RMRS, NK, Rina, KR, CE, ISO, and SGS regulations. 

We also collaborate with the world’s leading brands and develop our own patented equipment. 

Ctd Winch

Maximizing CTD Winch Potential

Typically, CTD instruments are required to work continuously underwater for 2 to 5 hours and maintain a certain depth. Therefore, we are made of high-quality steel to prevent corrosion and rust, equipped with steel winch drums, active heave compensation, level wind adjustment, and other functions.

We use the EN-14492-1 standard steel wire rope to support a longer cable length and ensure stability, making the OUCO CTD winch capable of withstanding the harsh marine environment.

CTD winch operation
Customized CTD Winch

Options and Accessories

  • Custom Slip ring assemblies
  • Winding Rope design
  • Active heave Compensation
  • Constant Tension System
  • Hydraulic Drives & Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Containerization System
  • Can be operated remotely or on-site
  • Equipped with lights
  • Multifunctional operation console
  • Positioning & Depth sensors
  • Load limiter

Latest Finished CTD Winch

ctd winch

This 10,000-meter retrieval and release system developed by OUCO, supported by a wave compensation system, can guarantee the smooth operation of scientific research equipment at depths of more than 10,000 meters.

ctd winch

Suitable for The Subsea Operation Down to 10,000 Meters Under The Sea, by The Support of AHC/PHC System, The Whole System Working Stably and Scientific Research Process Runs Smoothly.

ctd winch

CTD devices are precision underwater measurement instruments that require precision and smooth placement. OUCO CTD Winches can help you accurately arrange your experimental equipment.

Winch System

This CTD winch is a universal winch, it is compact, small in size, though light in weight, but strong in lifting capacity, widely used in ships, offshore platforms, ports and other Pacific Ocean applications.

10,000 meters winch(1)

OUCO 10,000-Meter CTD Winch, dedicated to deep-sea research vessels, you can adjust the cable to different lengths in the 10,000-meter range according to different operational needs.

universal ctd winch

Because of its small size, light weight, easy installation and transfer, it is widely used in marine scientific research, water conservancy industry, hydrographic instrument placement and other operations.

Winch manufacturer process

What is a CTD Winch?

It is a CTD lifting device that transfers signals to the steam tanker if they want to acquire water samples. It stands for Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth.

CTD is an abbreviated word for an equipment model that contains sensors for monitoring seawater.

This CTD Winch is dropped and elevated through the water on the vessels.

What are The Features That Every CTD Winch Should Possess?

There are arrangements of requirements for both common and tailoredCTD Winch including:

  • Active heave compensation
  • Electric variable frequency drive renders seamless, stepless procedure
  • A narrow depth limits
  • Optical slip ring assemblies
  • Amply containerized systems
  • Hydraulic or electric drives
  • Progressive heave defense and stable tension
  • Smart wire-level winding solutions
  • Solid-state electronic mechanism
  • Variable velocity control
  • Integral displacing handles
  • Electronic dynamic braking

This winch was produced to furnish dependableness, efficiency and simplify the labor for a system unprotected from harsh seawater hazards.

It is used for Fisheries and Ocean function unremarkably and the spatial property is denser.

How To Select The Right CTD Winch?

It is important to consider different factors and determine when selecting a CTD winch. You need to choose the correct measurements, benefits and installations, production process, maintenance, and more.

Several properties are needed to consider when selecting CTD Winch. Here are some:

  • Type of Winch
  • Power Options
  • Type of Gear
  • Winch Size
  • Drum Size
  • Duty Cycle
  • Line Type
  • Brake Type
  • Product Options
  • Performance Specifications
What Are The CTD Winch Advantages?

Besides refraining from using CTD Winch on a tiny boat unprotected to seawater hazards, it is more reliable and lighter.

Finally, the monetary value of this CTD Winch was lower than the cost of any other winch.

It also has some advantages like the following:

  • No hazardous elements are left behind
  • It transports a pressure detector so that the depths are directly measured
  • Sensors can be graduated after the deployment
  • The monetary value per profile decreases with increasing use
  • Highly Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Provides longer life even in the unpleasant marine environment
  • Simple and low maintenance layout
What Can We Do With The Data That a CTD Winch Generate?

CTD Winch is beneficial enough that it gives sufficient information like the following:

  • Conceive a location of a low amount of oxygen, which affects the fishes
  • Estimate the velocity of sounds at different kinds of depths to modify acoustic investigation of the materials found in the ocean
  • Calculate deep-ocean currents supported with the variety of density that is present
  • Look into the limit of shallow currents of the water
  • Look into the various masses of the water close to the beam. It represents currents that relocate sediments along the shore.
  • Look into the perceptive modification of density to examine the different biological and chemical phases that occur.

Customer Reviews

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6 Review(s)
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Electric variable frequency drive offers smooth
By Andreas on 2024-01-15
Electric variable frequency drive offers smooth, stepless operations.
star star star star star
Remote control brake options
By Bryan on 2023-07-18
The inclusion of multiple emergency brakes at each end of the winch and the control box, as well as the remote control brake, offer an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. Highly recommend!
star star star star star
Pull capacity of up to 14 tonnes
By Mugasha Smart on 2023-03-07
Pull capacity of up to 14 tonnes.
star star star star star
Variable constant tensioning options
By Shafiqur on 2023-01-13
With variable constant tensioning, our operations have become significantly smoother, even in adverse weather conditions. Being able to control and adjust line speed on the fly has been a game-changer for us. It's reassuring to know that we can minimize any potential disruptions and maintain efficiency regardless of the weather.
star star star star star
Brake capacity of up to 104 tonnes
By Chris on 2022-12-11
Brake capacity of up to 104 tonnes, with the ability to maintain full cable tension at any operating speed.
star star star star star
Stainless steel brake drums is useful
By Jasper on 2022-04-18
I recently purchased a small winch from Ouco, experience was excellent. The stainless steel brake drums offer peace of mind in terms of longevity and performance. The sturdy frame tube adds to the overall robustness of the winch, and more importantly, the drum can be flexibly disassembled and replaced.
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