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At OUCO, we supply all types of hydraulic marine hatch covers, including hinged hatch covers, sliding hatch covers, folding hatch covers, and flush hatch covers. 

Our marine hatch covers may be electrically or hydraulically driven. You can also request monitoring options for the hatch covers, indicating whether it is open, closed, locked, or unlocked. 

The configuration of our IP-rated marine hatch covers includes ship steel plates, hatch cover gaskets, handles, hinges, latches, and seals. We use advanced designs and high-strength steel to ensure maximum reliability.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Marine Hatch Cover Manufacturer?

OUCO is a professional marine hatch cover manufacturer and supplier of all your marine equipment

Our watertight marine hatch covers comply with SOLAS guidelines, as well as CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, ISO, GL, and LR standards. 

For great quality, we collaborate with some leading brands like Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB, and others.

Marine Hatch Cover

Wholesale Marine Hatch Covers

The hatch cover material is optional, you can choose marine steel, stainless steel, aluminum and the size support customization.

All of our hatch covers are more pressure-resistant, stronger, corrosion-resistant, beautiful and functional.

OUCO has extensive experience and more competitive prices. Whether weathertight, watertight, fireproof or in different shapes (round/oval/square), you can customise and get the right marine hatch covers from us.

Wholesale Marine Hatch Covers
Aluminum watertight hatch

Application of Hatch Covers

Marine hatch covers are used to block harsh environments, prevent the hull, protect the internal structure of the boat, avoid aging and natural erosion, and protect cargo from moisture and damage.

Manhole covers and small hatch covers, allow mariners to access and leave the ship cabin, inspect water tanks, fuel tanks, ship interiors and passages.

Since defective quality hatch covers can cause safety hazards, maritime authorities have strict requirements for hatch covers. OUCO provides classification society certification and factory testing for all hatch covers, with higher safety standards.

Latest Finished Marine Hatch Cover

oil hatch cover

Suitable for offshore oil carriers, with oil and gas tightness for light fuel.

Rotating fuel tank cover

Suitable for ships, steel, round rotating hatch covers, SA2.5 painting standard.

manhole cover

Can be customized to be oil-tight as well as watertight, and fitting materials and sizes are optional.

marine hatch cover

It can be easily opened and closed by the crew, according to the usage environment, it is divided into inner hatch cover and deck hatch cover.weather deck as well as tween deck

Marine Airtight Hatch Cover

Has good airtightness to keep the space dry and insulate it from gas and fumes.

What is Marine Hatch Cover?

The marine hatch covers refer to a large steel structure designed to prevent the excessive ingress of water inside the cargo hold. It acts as a safety barrier to a ship’s internal structure. It also maintains the excellent condition of all objects inside and prevents them from possible dumps or damages. 

Moreover, a match hatch cover is usually placed over the hatch opening and can also be a supporting structure for deck cargo where it endures harsh weather conditions.  

What are the Different Types of Marine Hatch Cover?

Marine hatch cover comes with various types that are centrally used in specific applications. 

Folding Marine Hatch Cover

Folding marine hatch cover consists of dual type topped panels and is operated using hydraulic arms. This type of marine hatch cover comprises enormous areas. It is suitable to use for weather decks and tween decks. 

Lifting Marine Hatch Cover

Lifting marine hatch cover is weathertight. It is classified into two types, namely:

     Single Panel Cover

  • It contains a singular cover in respected openings. Single panel cover is commonly found on bulk carriers. 

    Multi-Panel Cover

  • The multi-panel cover is usually used and observed for multipurpose cargo ships for transverse joints and in cellular container ships for longitudinal joints. 

Rolling Marine Hatch Cover

This type of rolling marine hatch cover is suitable for larger ships. However, it is also divided into two types regarding its opening motion. 

  1. Side-rolling covers open sideways
  2. End-rolling covers lengthwise

The said type can perform as a weather deck cover for dry bulk carrier purposes and sustain internal liquid loads. 

Stacking Marine Hatch Cover

It is designed for having a hydraulically powered lifting crane which is preferred to use in barges. Stacking marine hatch cover is to lift the covers and stack simultaneously at one end longitudinally.

Side-rolling Match Hatch Cover

The side-rolling marine hatch cover is typically used in weather decks of larger bulk carriers. The covers are move in a transverse direction. 

Piggy-Back Marine Hatch Cover

It is used when there is an insufficiency of deck spaces to put up hatch covers. Piggy-back marine hatch cover contains two panels that can roll back and forth.

Single-Flap Marine Hatch Cover

Single-flap marine hatch cover uses a short lever arm and is operated through a hydraulic system. 

What are the Main Components Does a Marine Hatch Cover Has?

Marine hatch cover comprises different components that help have a consistent and effective operation in a long service period. 

  • Bearing pads
  • Secured cleats and wedges devices
  • Panels
  • Stoppers
  • Rafts
  • Compression bars
  • Drains
  • Non-return valve
  • Operating mechanism
How to Maintain a Marine Hatch Cover?

The proper routine maintenance of marine hatch cover is needed to give focus and time. Below are the proper ways on how to do maintenance of your marine hatch cover:

  • Check its primary components, including hatch cover and hatch beams, for possible failure, cracks, and corrosion.
  • Make sure that the cleats, hauling wires, chains, rollers, and wedges are working conditionally.
  • Always clean the hatch cover tips and drainage for an unmistakable appearance. 
  • Monitor your gasket if it is already damaged or missing and replace it if necessary. 
  • Check and fix the steel-to-steel fault before doing gasket replacement.
  • Lubricate all the moving components
  • Check if it has leakings of the hydraulic system.
  • Go through assessment of the hydraulic system through oil test.
  • Ask for the assistance of any professional repair personnel or engineers for heavy repairs. 
Is it necessary that a Marine Hatch Cover Must be Undergo into Regular Monitoring and Maintenance?

Yes. Definitely!

It requires that every piece of marine equipment, including marine hatch cover, go through regular monitoring and maintenance. This is done with accurate processes and steps. It gives an advantage not just for your equipment condition but also for your job and crews. 

It can hold and protect your marine hatch cover away from leakage, damages, or any malfunction. 

In addition, working on regular monitoring and maintenance promotes safety. It prevents the risk that possibly experiences in doing different marine activities. It makes all the systems work conditionally and consistently, even for more extended service. 

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