OUCO Equipment in Workshop

OUCO Equipment List in Workshop

OUCO has large gantry five-sided machining center, CNC floor boring machine, CNC gantry milling machine, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC vertical lathe, double-beam crane and other equipment. The introduction of international advanced processing equipment and testing equipment, strict quality control, testing procedures, to ensure that each piece of equipment shipped from the factory to achieve perfect quality.

Item Name Item Model Quantity Location
CNC double gantry milling machine XKA2730x260 1 Machining shop
CNC Floor Boring Machine TKA6920 1 Machining shop
CNC Floor Boring Machine TX6916 4 Machining shop
Radial Drilling Machine Z3080 1 Machining shop
Radial Drilling Machine Z3050 1 Machining shop
Screw air compressor JZ22A-10 1 Welding shop
Multi-head flame cutting machine NCN/GD4M 1 Welding shop
Multi-head flame cutting machine NCN/GD5M 1 Welding shop
CNC plasma flame cutting machine SK-ZLM-40 1 Welding shop
Gas shielded welding machine KR500, XD500 40 Welding shop
AC welding machine BX1-500 8 Welding shop
DC welding machine ZX5-630 4 Welding shop
Automatic welding machine JHJ8*4.5 meter 1 Welding shop
Semi-automatic cutting machine 10 Welding shop
Automatic welding positioner GHB850 1 Welding shop
Rectifier welding machine ZX5-500 2 Welding shop

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