Hydraulic Anchor Winch

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OUCO marine hydraulic anchor winches, also known as windlasses, combine multiple solutions on a single driven main shaft. 

Hydraulic boat anchor winches are machines that restrain the anchor chain on a boat. This allows for the anchor to be raised and lowered via a chain or cable. A hydraulic notched wheel engages the links of the chain or the cable.

We offer a wide variety of optional features, such as stainless steel drums, galvanized clovers, greasing systems, stainless steel protective covers, and more.

Why OUCO Marine Winches

OUCO hydraulic anchor winches for sale are among the most reliable and powerful equipment on the market.

We use specialized materials, such as DH36, EH36, and HG70 steels. Our winches will handle any type of anchors. 

OUCO professional quality control teams always carefully inspect small and large hydraulic anchor winches. 

Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Principle of Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Hydraulic Anchor Winch is driven by hydraulic pump station and hydraulic motor, OUCO hydraulic anchor winch starts smoothly and reliably, no impact on the power system. And also passed the static load tensile test.
In addition, it can also realize infinitely variable speed through a hydraulic proportional valve, please be aware that band brakes and clutches require manual operation.
Principle of Hydraulic Anchor Winch
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass

Classification of Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Hydraulic Horizontal Anchor Winch: The motor shaft is placed horizontally, the sprocket is fixed on the horizontal shaft of the motor.
Hydraulic Vertical Anchor Winch: The shaft is placed vertically, and the vertical 180° rotation wraps the anchor chain.
Manual Anchor Winch: Simple structure, easy to maintain, and labor-intensive.
Electric Anchor Winch: Controlled by buttons, efficient operation.
Air Anchor Winch: Driven by pneumatic motor (powered by compressed air instead of electricity).

Latest Finished Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Efficient hydraulic anchor winch

The winch is hydraulically driven by hydraulic oil.

hydraulic anchor winch

Cables and ropes can be recovered hydraulically.

Hydraulic Anchor Winch Marine(1)

Used for anchoring and retrieval of ships.

Standard Hydraulic Anchor Winch

OUCO standard series, mass production hydraulic anchor lifters.

hydraulic mooring winch

OUCO electric marine windlass, convenient and efficient.


OUCO custom hydraulic winches, components are optional and customized according to the requirements you provide.

Winch manufacturer process

How do I choose the right size anchor winch for my boat?

Determine the general size of the windlass be installed on your boat by using length and movement space. Consult us for the best windlass selection.

What is an Anchor Winch?

An anchor winch is a small lifting device, It can also be called a windlass. Which uses a reel to wind a wire rope or chain to complete the work of lifting or pulling heavy objects. Can be used with other winches.

Application of anchor winch

Anchor winches are widely used in marine and wharf operations, construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, and mining, for lifting or flat dragging of materials.

A marine anchor winch is usually installed on the deck of your vessel, usually at the bow or stern, and is used to lift and drop anchors.

In addition, we not only use it alone but also as a component of lifting machinery. It has a wide range of applications due to its simple operation, longer roping length, and ease of movement.

What is an Automatic Anchor Winch?

The hydraulic automatic anchor winch is equipped with an anchor chain length sensor.

During drop anchor operation, the automatic anchor winch will stop automatically when you throw out all the anchor chains;

When weighing the anchor, the anchor automatically slows down when approaching the anchor chain pipe; the anchor will automatically stop when it fully enters the anchor reel.

The composition of hydraulic anchor winch?

The marine hydraulic anchor winch is mainly composed of a bracket, hydraulic pump, gearbox, base, sprockets, cable drums, clutches, brakes, etc. An electric winch requires a motor and electronic control system.

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Running smoothly so far of the hydraulic anchor winch.
By ChamnarnYangnok on
Running smoothly so far of the hydraulic anchor winch.
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The quality is quite reliable.
By Robert Budi on
The quality is quite reliable.
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Fit the demands of our research vessel
By Nikolaos Karydis on
Fit the demands of our research vessel.
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Works well
By Francis Dsouza on
Works well
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Natalie responds fastly, I appreciate
By Ismael Saleh on
Natalie responds fastly, I appreciate.
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I like the painting, real Juton brand
By Melvin Tauro on
I like the painting, real Juton brand.
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