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If you are looking for reliable, cost-effective loader truck-mounted cranes, then OUCO is your one-stop solution. We will design, manufacture, and test the crane according to your requirements.

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Truck Mounted Crane Manufacturer

OUCO manufactures truck-mounted cranes for sale, ranging from compact to robust cranes.

Our truck-mounted cranes cover any industrial application: agriculture, construction, mining, transportation, dropshipping, etc. Typically, these cranes are helpful for ports, loading trucks for further shipment. Truck-mounted cranes are also great due to their mobility.

We offer a lot of flexibility with the truck-mounted crane specifications. You can choose either a stiff or an articulating boom. We could install any type of crane or grab.

OUCO Truck Mounted Crane

Folding boom Truck Crane

OUCO 30T Folding boom Truck Crane, folding boom type means that all booms of the crane can be folded and bent, making it more efficient and taking up less space.

Knuckle Boom Truck Crane

OUCO 5T Telescopic boom lorry cranes, Working radius 2. 1m~7. 7m, Slewing Speed ~2r/min,Slewing angle 400 degree.

Telescopic Boom Truck Crane

OUCO 10T Electric Driven Truck Crane, working radius 2m~10m, hoisting speed 0~10m/min, hoisting height 15m.

Why Choose OUCO Truck Mounted Cranes?

OUCO is one of the best truck-mounted crane manufacturers in China. We supply reliable and efficient cranes for any application.

Our truck-mounted cranes are strictly inspected according to official checklists, and we possess all the necessary certifications.

You can trust our experience, quality, and references.

Truck Mounted Crane
125T Folding truck-mounted crane

Features of Truck Mounted Cranes

Stiff boom truck-mounted crane: simple installation, large working radius, suitable for the open working environment, can complete most of the lifting work.
Telescopic truck-mounted cranes: simple in structure, light in weight and versatile in use, suitable for light objects and designed to be mounted on light vehicles.
Folding truck-mounted crane: light weight, suitable for narrow workplaces, high work efficiency. When not in use, it can be folded to save space, and various accessories can be added.

We Have Considered Everything You Care About

  • Comfortable driving experience and convenient functions
  • Lighter weight with a higher lifting capacity
  • Industry-leading safety and reliability
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Higher payload and increased efficiency
  • Safety devices to prevent crane damage and emergency stops
  • Specialists teams to respond quickly to your service requests
  • Adequate spare parts, always available for you to replace
Lifting by truck crane

Truck crane manufacturer process

What is Truck Mounted Crane?

The truck-mounted crane is the lifting equipment that is installed at the truck.

A truck-mounted crane is designed for loading and unloading applications.

This machine is composed of a rotating girder boom.

The truck-mounted crane can achieve all the lifting requirements.

OUCO:truck mounted crane manufacturers
OUCO: truck mounted crane manufacturers
How Much Does the Truck Mounted Crane Cost?

The exact price of a truck-mounted crane will depend on its features, designs, materials, accessories, and capacities.

The estimated cost of the truck-mounted crane is between $10,000 – $800,000.

Can you provide trucks?

Please note we only sell the crane without the truck, which can help reduce the customer’s costs.

OUCO also offers solutions for partial adjustments, but encourages customers to buy trucks locally in order to reduce the costs of exporting the truck.

We also strive to ship assembled cranes and complete sets of accessories together to reduce installation time and allow customers to use the cranes as soon as possible.

What are the Applications of the Truck Mounted Crane?

The truck-mounted crane is designed for different industries and fields. They can be used in several applications where lifting activities are needed. Applicable for transporting and moving heavy goods.

This crane is an ideal tool for transportation, agriculture, mining, construction, agriculture, construction, mining, transportation, national defense, warehousing, docks, emergency rescue, bridge construction, and other industries.

It can be mounted on tracked vehicles, pickups, small trucks, haulers and fixtures.

Reach out today to tell us about your specific requirements, we’ll tailor the best lifting solution for your application needs.

Transport and handling of heavy loads
Transport and handling of heavy loads
What are the Features and Benefits of Truck Mounted Crane?

The truck-mounted crane has several good features and satisfying benefits.

Here are the truck-mounted crane features:

  1. The truck-mounted crane is moveable and can be installed temporarily.
  2. A truck-mounted crane offers smooth and safe lifting services.
  3. They offer a steady and reliable function during the operations.
  4. The truck-mounted crane can be operated easily, conveniently, and safely.
Simple operation, flexible and convenient
Simple operation, flexible and convenient

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The quality is very good
By James Hawkins on 2022-06-07
The quality is very good. I am considering that gradually replace my FASSI with OUCO, can save a lot of money.
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Very satisfied with the truck crane
By Anthony on 2022-04-17
Very satisfied with the truck crane, running smoothly.
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Well packaged, timely delivery
By EftekarAhmed on 2021-12-26
Well packaged, timely delivery
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By Arun Bhati on 2021-11-16
star star star star star
Joey is very responsible ,help me a lot.
By Lukman Muhammad on 2021-07-14
Joey is very responsible ,help me a lot.
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The service is very good
By Atikul Islam on 2020-12-03
The service is very good, no matter pre-sale or after-sale,very experienced.
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