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OUCO underwater winches are custom made to suit your specifications and operational requirements.

Underwater winches are useful for many mission-critical applications. They can be positioned in shallow water, mid-ocean water column, or on the seabed down to 10000 meters. Typical underwater winch features include various level-wind and slip-ring configurations, low-power/power-regeneration options, slack rope prevention, and more.

Additionally, you can request protective cages and skid mounts for safe deployment underwater.

OUCO underwater winches are perfect for scientific research and more.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Underwater Winch Manufacturer?

OUCO is one of the most professional underwater winch manufacturers in China. We always supply winches ideal for your application. 

We offer you strict quality control, hundreds of projects worldwide, 40 years of experience, and innovative design. 

We will help you configure an underwater winch perfect for your needs.

Underwater Winch

Better Adapted to Underwater Operation

OUCO underwater winches are usually mounted on buoys or on fixed subsea platforms. Integrates many comprehensive functions such as automatic cable unwinding, tension protection, cable speed & length display, and automatic locking.
OUCO ensures that the winch works in the best way on the seabed through Ф7mm armored cable or PUR Cables, stainless steel housing, electric motors encapsulation, Skid Mount Equipment.
Winch drum material has been specially selected to provide longer life when deployed underwater. Additionally, the winch can equipped with battery or cable power.

OUCO IP68 under water winch
application of under water winch

Applications of Underwater Winches

It is mainly used for launching, recovering and towing underwater probes in the deep sea.

As the necessary equipment for marine scientific research, you can install it on Submersibles, Underwater Platforms or Submerged Buoy. After the communication buoy is out of the water, information and data are transmitted via satellite.

Our Underwater winch can also be used for seabed salvage, deployment of marine science instruments, ROV equipment assistance, and other deep sea operations.

Latest Finished Underwater Winch

Underwater Winch

OUCO Deepwater Winch, Rope Pull force and speed, minimum bending radius and other parameters support customization, want to know more please send inquiries now!

Underwater Winch

The IP67, IP68 waterproof rating can be customized according to your needs to ensure smooth operation of your winch in the complex deep sea environment.

Underwater Winch

OUCO underwater winches support DNV standards and are constructed and coated for long-lasting use underwater, effectively protecting the winch from marine life and vegetation.

hydraulic anchor winch

Made of stainless steel, it has several cable layers for easy maintenance. Suitable for marine scientific research as well as national defense security in the sea.

Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Suitable for search, rescue and research work in the offshore and seabed range, and can withstand high intensity offshore working environment. Can drop equipment precisely to the sea bed.

hydraulic mooring winch

One of OUCO’s hot products, it is installed on your vessel and can be used with underwater winches to reel in wire rope and cable with great efficiency.

Winch manufacturer process

What is an Underwater Winch?

Underwater winches are carrying out a variety of crucial deep-water responsibilities.

They are positioned on a groundwater platform and installed on the seafloor or within the aquatic environment.

Underwater Winch is applicable for industrial, military, marine, mining, and oilfield.

What are The Features and Capabilities That Every Underwater Winch Should Possess?

There are classifications of prerequisites for both standard and custom Underwater Winch including:

  • Compact
  • Simple Installation
  • Adjustment and Maintenance Simplicity
  • Low Complexity
  • Multiple Cable Layers
  • Surface Piercing Capability
  • Good at lowering load under power
  • Robust Drivetrains
  • Most Efficient
  • Light and Heavy Duty
  • Total Cable Management Systems


  • Stabilizing a remotely operated asset
  • Handling an ROV’s tether framework
  • Launching specialized marine equipment
  • Variety of coating options
  • Salt or freshwater capable
  • Near silent winch layout for submarine equipment
  • Customized keys and cable holder accessories
  • AC and DC hydraulic solutions
  • Depth capabilities
  • Subsea mooring winches
What are The Components of an Underwater Winch?

Underwater Winch will not be formed without its parts, namely the following:

  1. Winch Drum

This is where the rope or chain is wrapped.

  1. Mounting Interface

It serves as the position of screw holes that are located at the side of the underwater winch.

  1. Winch Cable or Winch Rope

These cables spool around the electric winches that are mounted at the back.

  1. Slip Ring Cable

It passes electrical signals and power across a rotating interface using sliding electrical contacts.

  1. Enclosed Drive

It is a barrier or a cover around the underwater winch that serves as protection or privacy.

  1. Cable Fairlead Assembly

This is a device to guide a line rope or cable around an object.

  1. Subsea Frame

It performs operations such as offshore and subsea load handling.

What are The Design Parameters of an Underwater Winch?

An underwater winch is never just an underwater winch, particularly when engineering for failproof subsea preparations.

So here are the parameters to be administered:

  • Line Pull
  • Line Speed
  • Minimum Bend Radius of Cable
  • Cable Diameter
  • Cable Length
  • Water Depth
  • Mounting
  • Length of Deployment
  • Remote Controls
  • Power Budgeting or Optimization (when using battery power)
  • Material Selection
What are The Power Options of an Underwater Winch?

The underwater winch has two power options including:

  1. Hand Powered

It is a manual take-up operation by using a rotating lever.

  1. Powered Motor

It has four types which include the following:

  • Electric Motors

They come with permanent magnets or a variety of wound motors.

  • Pneumatic Motors

It uses flow valves and air compressors to suppress winch speed by diverging airflow.

  • Hydraulic Motors

They are supercharged by controlled hydraulic fluid and alter rotational kinetic energy.

  • Gasoline Powered Motors

Engines are powered by fuel and are accessible for outboard applications.

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several purpose-built features and options provided.
By Martin on
Before ordering, several purpose-built features and options provided.
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Advanced Technology
By Sergey on
Advanced Technology
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Know how to meet my requests.
By Rachid Karaouet on
Rich manufacturing experience and know how to meet my requests.
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Provides an innovative system solution
By Silvana on
Provides an innovative system solution with a robust design, fully equipped for subsea challenges.
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Standard type with short delivery
By Fransisco on
Standard type with short delivery.
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Designed to operate in harsh underwater marine environments
By Harun Karaman on
Designed to operate in harsh underwater marine environments.
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