Marine Davit Crane

OUCO marine deck davit cranes are used for supporting, raising, and lowering equipment. Our reliable marine davit cranes are ideal to lower emergency rescue lifeboats.

Usually, marine deck davit cranes lower things over the edge of a long drop-ff. We manufacture marine davit cranes for sale with strong angled beams and can customized the lifting capable as your requirements.

We also offer electric and hydraulic types with wave compensation systems for rough sea conditions. We also supply single-arm and double-arm marine davit cranes to suit your application.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Marine Deck Davit Crane Manufacturer?

OUCO has been in the industry for nearly 40 years and has acquired valuable experience and a strong network.

By working with the world’s leading brands, we have advanced both design and technology that goes into manufacturing marine davit cranes.

You can be sure that our marine deck davit cranes will perform reliably even in emergency situations.

Marine Davit Crane

Advantages of Marine Davit Cranes

Easy Installation, has different methods of installation.
Lightweight and easy to carry.
Storing wire ropes by cable reels, Suitable for long distance lifting.
Faster lifting speed compared to other cranes.
The boom can be rotated for high flexibility.
Operated by electric, manual winch or wireless remote control.
Inquire us for more customization options!

marine davit crane advantages
marine davit crane application

Application Of Marine Davit Cranes

Marine Davit Cranes are versatile and can be used for:

  • Landscaping Equipment, Building construction
  • Offshore wind farm maintenance and transportation
  • Lifting kayaks, Recovering lifeboats
  • Transport workers and building materials
  • Can also be mounted on your truck for various load work
  • Fish processing vessel and Passenger ship

Latest Finished Marine Davit Crane

davit crane

The Rescue Boat Davit Crane is usually installed on the deck of the boat and consists of davit boom, column and electric winch, which can launch and retrieve a manned rescue boat, location can be specified.

Davit Crane

This Davit Crane set consists of two single-arm davits, which can be adapted to more working situations and can launch dinghies and life rafts, single arm Hoisting Load is 14 KN.

21KN Yacht Davit

A perfect match for your small or medium boat! More models are available, ideal for smaller loads. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel finish and paint, suitable for a variety of sea environments.

Small Davit Crane

This Small Davit Crane is developed by OUCO, and can be installed on boats and yachts. Small in size, easy and flexible to use, with functions such as slewing, luffing and lifting.

21 KN Offshore Davit Crane

With greater load capacity, operated by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, 360 degree rotation, can withstand greater axial, radial, and moment loads.

Vessels Davit Yacht Crane

Slewing radius 5400 mm, hoisting load 21KN, numerous modifications and customization options are available.

KTB marine crane manufacturer process

What is Marine Davit Crane?

A marine davit crane is a flexible lifting device used in a wide range of aquatic settings worldwide. 

 It solves numerous lifting problems around the marine world.

What is Marine Davit Crane Used for?

A marine davit crane is perfect for raising, supporting, and lowering equipment.

It is also ideal for lowering emergency rescue lifeboats.

What Are the Types of Marine Davit Crane?

A marine davit crane can be a hydraulic or electric type.

There are also single-arm marine davit cranes and double-arm marine davit cranes.

This type of marine davit crane will suit all your applications.

What is the Marine Davit Crane Feature?

The marine davit cranes have a wave compensation system.

This system can withstand rough sea conditions.

It also has advanced angled beams that can lift equipment capacity as client’s requirements.

What is the Advantage of Marine Davit Crane?

Marine davit cranes are reliable, safe, and operator-friendly.

They are compact design, lightweight, and low maintenance.


It can be stationary or portable to meet your needs.  Marine davit cranes are simple to install with customized lifting capacity.

Also, OUCO marine davit cranes have complied with SOlAS standards. These are also certified by ABS, CCS, BV, CE, ISO9001, SGS, and other certifications.


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Kranen er megetgodtdesignet,
By VADIM on 2021-12-19
Kranen er megetgodtdesignet, oppfyllerarbeidskravenetilsjøforhold, ogharhøysikkerhetsfaktor.
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This marine davit crane i bought is perfect
By Afiq on 2021-11-03
This marine davit crane i bought is perfect,i will buy one set next year.
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Xin cảmơncông ty OUCO
By Huat on
Xin cảmơncông ty OUCO đãcungcấpbệđỡđểchúngtôicóthểlắpđặtcẩudễdàng.
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This type of crane is very good for lifting davit
By Todd on 2021-09-09
This type of crane is very good for lifting davit. Very easy to operate.
star star star star star
This type of crane is very good for lifting davit
By Nazakat on 2021-08-01
This type of crane is very good for lifting davit
star star star star star
Single-arm davit crane is perfect for our working conditions.
By Stevenson on 2021-07-10
Single-arm davit crane is perfect for our working conditions.
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