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OUCO supplies powerful marine hydraulic winches for heavy lifting. Together with OUCO marine cranes, you will be able to achieve peak productivity in any application. 

We carefully design our equipment according to your requirements and needs, taking your maritime project to a whole new level!

Marine Hydraulic Winch Manufacturer

Marine hydraulic winches are ideally designed for heavy-duty marine applications, such as anchoring, towing, mooring, lifting and hauling objects or cargo on board. 

Winches are very versatile and can be adapted to both onshore and offshore work. 

OUCO manufactures a wide range of hydraulic marine winch types, sizes, and capacities. These include marine hydraulic anchor winches, towing winches, mooring winches, and capstan winches.

We also offer some optional features, like stainless steel drums, hydraulic brakes and clutches, galvanized clovers, greasing systems, and more.

OUCO Marine Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Anchor Winch

OUCO’s hydraulic anchor winch is a large deck machine for anchoring ships, usually installed on the main deck at the bow and stern of the ship. It is used for securing cables when the ship is at anchor and mooring.

hydraulic mooring winch

Hydraulic mooring winch is a kind of winch, mooring winch can keep operating even when the ship is moored or docked and has various functions such as drifting, supporting and positioning when loading and unloading.

marine capstan winch (1)

Marine Capstan Winch can be used for towing objects, mooring and anchoring. OUCO Marine Capstan Winch is labor-saving and has strong traction.

Marine A-frame crane for CTD Winch

A CTD winch is a special winch used to deploy CTD hydrographic equipment. CTD equipment is usually small and sophisticated research equipment. Want to buy a suitable CTD Winch? Please provide us with more parameters.

ROV winch

ROV winches are generally mounted on the side of the ship with a welded frame. It is generally used for remote control unmanned vehicle stowage and release, and used with A-frame crane.

Offshore Winch

Offshore winches are used for marine platforms or offshore vessels, mainly used for lifting or pulling heavy objects, which are suitable for steel-wire, fiber wire ropes or chains, small in size and easy to use.

marine deck winch

The Marine Deck Winch is placed on the deck of a boat, performs towing and lifting operations to move heavy objects such as cargo and anchors.

White hydraulic anchor winch

Usually, you need to equip your capstan with Roller fairlead, which can be installed on the capstan to reduce the wear and tear of the capstan in daily use and extend the life of the capstan.

Roller Type Chain Stopper

OUCO Roller Type Chain Stopper is not easily deformed, fixed between the anchor winch and the anchor chain barrel, welded to the deck and specifically designed to clamp the anchor chain.

Why Choose OUCO Marine Hydraulic Winches?

We have been specializing in the field of marine equipment since 1984. Over the years, we have acquired immense experience and built a collaborative network with the world’s leading brands. 

We offer the best-quality marine hydraulic winches to help you achieve maximum efficiency.

OUCO is trusted by many customers in need of the best machinery solutions.

Marine Hydraulic Winch
Marine Hydraulic Winch Classification

Types of Marine Hydraulic Winches Available From OUCO

Marine winch is a general term for all ships, platforms, and port winches. We can provide:

Anchor Mooring Winches, Anchor Towing Winches, Hauling Winches, Capstan Winches, Hatch Cover Winches, Hose Winches, Launch and Recovery System, Propeller Winches, Reel Winches, Slipway Winches, Spud Pole Winches, Towing Winches, Tugger Winches, CTD Winches, ROV Winches, etc.

Send us your requirements and we will help you with the right winch solution!

Applications of OUCO Marine Hydraulic Winches

Marine hydraulic winches are essential deck machinery for large ships.

Hydraulic winches are highly loaded and suitable for large ships, ports and working environments on land or at sea. Typically used for anchoring, mooring, towing and hauling of vessels, they can also be used for lifting cargo, transporting goods, replenishing supplies, etc.

In addition, there is a category of winches mainly used for scientific research, such as marine scientific research, instrument launch and recovery, deep sea operations, etc.

According to the usage scenario and the type of work, you need to choose a suitable winch. If you have any questions, contact us now!

Hydraulic Handling Winch

Manufacture of OUCO Marine Hydraulic Winches

  1. Winch drawing design according to the customer’s requirements.
  2. Production starts after the classification society approves the drawings.
  3. Use certified high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials.
  4. Cutting and welding.
  5. Non-destructive testing of welds by the classification society.
  6. Sandblasting, SA2.5 standard.
  7. Machine processing using advanced CNC equipment.
  8. Epoxy zinc-rich primer.
  9. Installation, commissioning, and operation testing.
  10. Send the certificate after passing the classification society inspection.
  11. C5M topcoat and packaging.
  12. Transport, delivery, and installation.

Product Showcase Video

Winch manufacturer process

What Is Marine Hydraulic Winch and How It Works?

Marine hydraulic winches perform in towing, mooring, and anchoring. It is applicable for heavy-duty marine performance, including lifting and hauling operates both onshore and offshore purposes.

Marine hydraulic winch is design for a large rated load. It can transmit a powerful force for any capacity through hydraulic systems.

What Are Different Marine Hydraulic Winch Features?

There are different marine hydraulic winch features applied according to the applications. The following are:

Large Capacity – The marine hydraulic inches can carry large capacity or heavy loads in both lifting and pulling.

High Performance – Prevent overheating in the long hours of use, unlike electric winches.

High strength – Marine hydraulic winches are made to fully protect uneasy tasks.

Reliability and durability – Designed for harsh environments and provide maximum protection for a long time.

Excellent corrosion resistance – Prevents from corroding and performs well when submerged in the water.

In structure – It has compact structures with excellent looks and small volumes.

In functions – Safety and efficiency with reliable operations and low noise.

In applications – use in a ship deck, port, and more to meet work requirements.

What Are Different Marine Hydraulic Winch Working Principles?

The hydraulic transmission transmits the power according to its pressure. It uses oil to transmit the access for seal volume.

  • Power part: It is able to convert mechanical to pressure energy like a hydraulic pump.
  • Execution part: It is able to convert oil pressure to mechanical energy by using a hydraulic pump.
  • Control pump: It adjusts the pressure and flow direction
  • Auxiliary parts: It connects the power, execution, and control part
What Are The Marine Hydraulic Winch Advantages and Benefits?

Marine hydraulic winches can provide recovery support and constant pull even in any large capacity. Marine hydraulic winches are more advantageous than electric winches.

Here are some reasons hydraulic advantages and benefits:


Marine hydraulic winches have higher pulling capabilities. It has constant power to load any capacity and place to ideal locations.


The weight is based on its designs and applications.


Marine hydraulic winches can continue to perform while less worry about overheating.


Hydraulic winches don’t require battery power. This is beneficial and no worry for stranded.


Marine hydraulic winches can prevent serious danger when it is performing.

What Are The Basic Components Of Marine Hydraulic Winch and Installations?

The marine hydraulic winch has different main parts that connect for the highest performance.

  1. Hydraulic motor – it helps pull and drag heavy objects perfectly
  2. Rope Drum – Accessible with single and double drum for options
  3. Band brake – this is an extra brake to be manually and automatically operated
  4. Manual clutch – It can release drums
  5. Brake systems – perform for motor and input shaft
  6. Control system – it is available in remote and local control

Each marine hydraulic winches part can improve the highest performance and provide safety.

Marine Hydraulic Winch Installations

It has different designs based on its installations. Here are several things you might consider for marine hydraulic winch:

  • Before the installations, know where your winch can be installed. Find the best locations
  • It can be fixed firmly that helps overturn operations

The transmission and brakes are inspected after the installations.

The composition of hydraulic winch?

OUCO Hydraulic Winch is made up of Drum, warping head, reducer, band brake, base, clutch, motor, brake, wire rope, electrical appliance, base, etc,  which can be customized according to client requirements.

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Nice Winch
By Ismael Koss on 2022-05-30
I've been using the electro hydraulic winch for over two months, and I can't tell you how pleased I am!
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By Megan on 2022-04-19
We purchased four winches and thank Natalie for giving away more spares.
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OUCO is a great company and I am very happy with the choice we made.
By Marvin Groft on 2022-03-20
OUCO is a great company and I am very happy with the choice we made.
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Compliance with our quality requirements.
By Dewitt Abbott on 2022-02-18
Compliance with our quality requirements.
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The best waterproof winch
By Dennis Nienow on 2022-02-11
The best waterproof winch, looking forward to working with you again!
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