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A stiff boom marine crane uses a hydraulic winch to lift heavy loads. The stiff boom allows for a more powerful lifting moment ideal for marine industrial applications.

OUCO stiff boom cranes are manufactured with a rolled-steel pedestal that facilitates installation on deck. We offer a tailored solution for your requirements; you can choose from an array of features like an operator cabin. You can also request custom height, working radius, and more.

OUCO manufactures stiff boom cranes for sale in all sizes—suitable for large cargo ships and small fishing boats.

Why Choose OUCO Stiff Boom Crane?

After decades in business, OUCO has accumulated much experience, significant partnerships, innovative patents, and more. And, we want to share all this with you by supplying the best stiff boom cranes from China.

OUCO’s reliable equipment serves countless companies and users worldwide.

Simply send us your requirements, and we will reply within a day.

Stiff Boom Marine Crane

Features of Stiff Boom Cranes

OUCU stiff boom crane has the advantages of low price, durable, simple structure, convenient maintenance and short Delivery Cycle time.
If you need a basic marine crane, this is your excellent choice.
Luffing: 0° to 75° (customizable)
Slewing: 360° full rotations with turntable slewing support
Hoisting: the up and down movement of the hoist hook

OUCO offshore platform Cranes
OUCO Pedestal mounded stiff boom cranes

For Offshore & Offshore Platforms

OUCO stiff boom cranes for offshore meet the sea state 5 or 6, equipped with an electric cabinet of IP56 and above, and offshore simulation and experimental, We supply according to your requirements of use:
Fixed boom marine / offshore cranes
Explosion proof hose handling stiff boom crane
Offshore platform Cranes
Fixed boom store / supply crane
Pedestal mounded stiff boom cranes

Latest Finished Stiff Boom Marine Crane

1.3t9.1m stiff boom marine crane

OUCO 1.3t9.1m Stiff Boom Crane is specially designed for “Future Water World”, an amusement facility at Beijing Universal Resort. The crane is used inside the pool and the pedestal is greatly lengthened to lift materials at high altitude.

1.5t4m Stiff Boom Crane

OUCO 1.5t4m Stiff Boom Crane is a small customized crane with a working radius of 1.5m~4m, installed on the yacht deck for use, which has been tested in simulated sea conditions and can operate smoothly offshore.

1t5m stiff boom crane

OUCO 1t5m Stiff Boom Crane, with a working radius of 2m~5m and a lifting speed of 0~12m/min, is suitable for lifting small and medium-sized goods from ships and docks, but it is not suitable for ocean-going applications.

5t15m stiff boom marine crane

OUCO 5t15m Stiff Boom Crane, adopt hydraulically driven, suitable for ships and ports, the lifting point is 5t/3m~15m, the lifting speed is 0~15m/min, and the lifting height is 15m.

25t20m stiff boom crane

OUCO 25t20m Stiff Boom Crane, the working radius is 5m~20m, and The working speed is 12m~24m/min depending on the weight of the cargo.Can be used in ports and large cargo ships.

4t2.6m stiff boom crane

OUCO 4T2.6M Stiff Boom Crane, which is a heavy duty crane, provides ABS certificate according to customer requirements, the lifting speed is 10m/min, we can deliver the certified products in about three months.

stiff boom crane process

What is a stiff boom marine crane?

A stiff boom marine crane is a crane with basic functions.

It has three functions, the slewing ring supports full 360° rotation, hook lifting and boom luffing, it can lift cargo over obstacles.

custom stiff boom marine crane
custom stiff boom marine crane
What are the advantages of stiff boom marine crane?

Safe and reliable work, simple structure, easy maintenance, durable, can be widely used on land, vessel and coastal port loading and unloading operations.

stiff boom marine crane load test
stiff boom marine crane load test
Application of stiff boom marine crane?

Lifting operations from the deck of a ship or barge.

Lifting and handling of heavy loads in the air.

Ports, terminals, offshore applications.

Why choose OUCO stiff boom marine crane?

Compared with other suppliers in the industry, we pay more attention to quality.

We use special marine steel plate, such as DH36, EH36, HG70, etc.

Specially designed octagon boom, so that the crane has a stronger bending resistance.

If you are ready to install on the deck, we will simulate the marine working condition to test.

Support -10℃~60℃ working environment.

Equipped with Holding Valve ,Anti-two Block and Emergency Stop Device.

Delivery time of stiff boom marine cranes?

Our factory stiff boom marine cranes have a fast production lead time, usually:

Standard product: 1month

Customized product: 2 months

Certified products: 3-4 months

If you have other special requests for customization and classification society certification, we will communicate with you in time for delivery.

The crane boom can do lifting up/down, but cannot do luffing action?

It should be low pressure problems.
You can check the pressure shows on the pressure gauge when crane works, then adjust suitable pressure supply.

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заказпришелбыстро. всеотличноработает. проверила.
By Suliman on 2021-12-16
заказпришелбыстро. всеотличноработает. проверила. покупкойдовольна. рекомендуюпродавца.
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me ha llegadomuyrapidoy en perfecto estado.
By Thulani on 2021-11-20
me ha llegadomuyrapidoy en perfecto estado.
star star star star star
Crane foirecebido. Tudofoibemorganizado e entregueperfeitamente
By Muhammed on 2022-11-01
Crane foirecebido. Tudofoibemorganizado e entregueperfeitamente, conformedescrito. Testei e acho que está ok. Obrigadovendedor.
star star star star star
A talhacorresponde à descrição do contrato.
By Alona on 2021-10-14
A talhacorresponde à descrição do contrato.
star star star star star
Kranenärperfektoch jag älskar den härprodukten.
By Joseph on 2021-09-19
Kranenärperfektoch jag älskar den härprodukten.
star star star
Surprisingly arrived within 45 days to my side
By Sayeed on 2021-09-01
Surprisingly arrived within 45 days to my side. Well packed . we installed it according to the manual.
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