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Mechanical grab bucket types include single-rope, double-rope, and four-rope variations. The grab is perfect for cranes with hoisting drums, and useful for handling bulk cargo. OUCO mechanical technology for opening and closing grab jaws is original and efficient.

Also, four-rope mechanical grab buckets work with four-line-operated cranes: two lines for holding, and two for closing the grab.

We use highly wear-resistant steels to manufacture our mechanical grabs, like NM400, NM500, Hardox400, and Hardox500. OUCO mechanical grabs are perfectly designed for handling sand, gravel, wood chips, fertilizer, cement, and other bulk materials.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Mechanical Grab Bucket Manufacturer?

Now, OUCO mechanical grab buckets are widely used in the marine, electricity, vessel, metallurgy, preservation, and transportation industries.

We collaborate with leading brands and always inspect our products for quality. You can be sure of the reliable performance of our mechanical grab buckets.

With competitive pricing and delivery in less than 3 months, many companies prefer us for their needs.

Features Of OUCO Mechanical Grab Bucket

  • Support higher material density
  • Lighter dead weight, higher capacity
  • 40CrMo4 Steel Material pin shaft, bolts, milling cutters
  • Wear-resisting steel plate Knife edge
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • High-temperature resistance pulley
  • Better cylinder protection
  • C5M coating, against corrosion
  • Emergency brakes and protection devices
Details of OUCO Mechanical Grab
OUCO small type mechanical grabs

Advantages of Mechanical Grab Bucket

Mechanical grab buckets are cheaper than hydraulic grab buckets, easy to operate, learn and use. In addition, it has a strong closing force, a long service life and is suitable for all working conditions. Moreover, the simple construction also allows it to withstand High-intensity continuous work without the need to maintain the machine, only the wire rope.

At OUCO, we accommodate all custom requests for mechanical grabs, whether orange peel or clamshell type, we also offer you the fastest delivery time and ABS, CCS, BV certification.

Latest Finished Mechanical Grab Bucket

2 CBM dredging grab

This is a heavy-duty mechanical grab, which can be used for channel dredging, silt grabbing, bulk cargo loading and unloading, and can be designed with a self-weight of 550kg~1700kg, use NM400 wear-resistant steel.

3CBM grab bucket

This mechanical grab has a capacity of 3m³, suitable for material specific gravity of 0.8t/m³ and a dead weight of 2.6t, and is suitable for overhead cranes. Of course, you can also contact us for customized grabs.

12 CBM dredging grab

12 CBM Dredging Grab is suitable for working with crane, connected by ring and wire rope, without hydraulic system and cylinder, not easy to damage, suitable for a variety of working conditions.

5CBM clamshell grab bucket

This is a double-rope grab, which is controlled by wire rope to open and close during grab operation, with simple structure, not easily damaged and easy to maintain.

27 CBM mechanical grab bucket

The Mechanical Grab Bucket, with a capacity of 27 CBM, is suitable for loading and unloading sand, gravel and coal. It is very durable, You just need to do the maintenance of the wire rope.

orange peel grab

The OUCO Orange Peel Mechanical Grab Bucket is designed with a wide opening and a high dead weight,The slewing function can be provided according to your needs, suitable for grabbing bulk coal and grain.

Grab bucket manufacturer process

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What are the Features of Mechanical Grab Bucket?

The mechanical grab bucket has unique and exceptional features, such as:

  1. The mechanical grab bucket is applicable for grabbing grain, sand, and scrap.
  2. It has temperature resistance.
  3. They have strong and rugged construction, which is good for harsh applications.
  4. A mechanical grab bucket has good sealing and no distortion.
  5. It features waterproof and is not prone to dirt.
  6. The mechanical grab bucket can sustain and handle underwater operations.
What are Customization Options for Mechanical Grab Bucket?

The mechanical grab bucket can be customized with your sizes and colors.

Moreover, a mechanical grab bucket can also be affixed with a logo.

You can add more accessories for the mechanical grab bucket.

How Long Does the Mechanical Grab Bucket Can Last?

Since mechanical grab bucket is made from superior materials, they can last longer.

Additionally, the mechanical grab bucket device can last between 10 and 20 years. It depends on the materials.

When the mechanical grab bucket is maintained and used properly, it can extend its life.

Customer Reviews

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My boss likes the grab bucket and crane
By Herliyana on
My boss likes the grab bucket and crane, cost-effective higher than European.
star star star star star
By SadamHedadou on
Good, our workers said it’s easy to operate and working well.
star star star star star
Garra de altarelaçãocusto-benefício
By Romer Zurita on
Garra de altarelaçãocusto-benefício, bom design e desempenho de trabalho.
star star star star star
Nice business process, good grab bucket
By Jaufar Dawood on
Nice business process, good grab bucket, good service!
star star star star star
Goede grijpemmer, goedefabriek
By Omar Habresh on
Goede grijpemmer, goedefabriek. Snelle levering, compact enredelijkontwerp, eenvoudigonderhoud!
star star star star star
Good grab design with high quality steel
By Rex Gibbs on
Good grab design with high quality steel, we are satisfied for it’s working.
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