Clamshell Grab Bucket

Clamshell grab buckets are used for loose bulk materials. OUCO has developed a wide range of grab buckets optimally designed for common bulk loads, such as coal, wood, fertilizer, and more. Our clamshell grab buckets can have a volume of as little as 1CBM and as big as 50CBM.

The heavy-duty mechanical clamshell grab bucket’s  specifications include solid end stops, accurate fittings, reinforced bolts, large bearing surfaces, and more.

OUCO hydraulic clamshell bucket for sale includes special cylinders that are fitted with replaceable piston rod protections.

Our remote control grab buckets run on batteries, so you don’t have to worry about electric supply.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Clamshell Grab Bucket Manufacturer?

OUCO is one of the leading clamshell grab bucket manufacturers. We work with many businesses worldwide, supplying them with custom clamshell grabs.

Our clamshell grab buckets are reliable, powerful, and easy to operate remotely. We will design the perfect clamshell grab bucket for your business.

At OUCO, we carefully consider everything from choosing the right steel to including suitable features.

Clamshell Grab Bucket

Latest Finished Clamshell Grab Bucket

3CBM clamshell grab bucket

This is a mechanical clamshell grab with a volume of 3 cubic meters, made of highly wear-resistant steel and controlled by two steel wire ropes for opening and closing.

12 CBM remote control grab

This wireless remote control grab weighs 9t, has a capacity of 12m³ and is suitable for materials with specific gravity of 0.6 t/m³ – 3.5 t/m³.

13 CBM remote control grab

With a capacity of 13 cubic meters and dead weight of 9.5t, You can choose between our standard and customized products, with faster delivery times for the standard product.

14 CBM remote control grab

14m³ Remote Control Grab, Main structure material Q345B, Total lifting capacity 12.6t, C5M Painting Standard, color support customization.

27 CBM mechanical grab bucket

27 cubic meter large clamshell grab, customized for Thailand customers.It is made of domestic NM500 wear-resistant steel.The dead weight is 10.3t and the safe working load (SWL) is 30T.

12 CBM dredging grab

12 cubic meters dredging grab, used for dredging sediment, with smooth inner side of the bucket, the bucket penetrates the sediment with less resistance when digging.

Grab bucket manufacturer process

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HARSLE Hydraulic 6mt guillotine shearing machine with E21S NC Controller is nice. High-quality shearing blade.
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High precision and long blade life.
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High precision and long blade life. Good after-sales service.
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Excellent value for money.
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Excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend HARSLE shearing machine. Electric cabinet by using thick material and beautiful welding with post-processing, fully welding without deformation.
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