Marine Knuckle Boom Crane

OUCO marine knuckle boom cranes offer you the maneuverability that you are looking for. The crane’s boom articulates at the knuckle, which means that it can fold back like a finger. This innovative design allows you to save valuable space on deck. 

However, the compact features of these cranes do not compromise their performance. Our hydraulic marine knuckle boom cranes have a lifting power ranging from 0.5t to 150t. 

The combination of such power and flexibility makes fishing, construction, and transportation businesses worldwide choose our marine knuckle boom cranes.

Why OUCO Marine Knuckle Boom Crane

OUCO is the top manufacturer of industrial marine cranes. 

By collaborating with global brands like ABB and Parker, and using our own patented designs and specialized steel, we ensure that your marine knuckle boom cranes are efficient and compliant with all safety regulations. 

If you are looking for a reliable marine crane, OUCO will provide the perfect solution for you. 

Marine Knuckle Boom Crane

Custom Knuckle Boom Crane

In addition to the custom operator cab, you can also choose:

  • External Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Active Heave Compensation
  • Ability of Personnel Lifting
  • Withstand Higher Sea States
  • Overload Protection, Safety Valve, Sound Alarm
  • Remote & Stationary Control Panel
  • Anti-corrosion C5M / CX Paints & Coatings
  • Constant Tensioning Winch System
  • Certification of Different Classification Societies
Custom Marine Knuckle Boom Crane(1)
Each of our kncukle boom cranes undergoes rigorous factory testing

Reliable Quality

At OUCO, we adhere to the highest standards in load testing. You can trust that our knuckle boom crane operates safely and efficiently, whether lifting loads submerged underwater or during ship-to-ship transfer operations.

Our cranes utilize advanced hydraulic technology designed specifically for offshore use. Equipped with heavy-duty cylinders and hydraulic safety valves for overpressure protection, both durable and reliable.

The crane’s user-friendly control panel features torque display, emergency stop button, stepless control, and a stable protection system, ensuring ease of use and enhanced safety.

Latest Finished Marine Knuckle Boom Crane


OUCO-0.99T10M-KB Crane, Working radius 2.5m-10m, lifting speed 0-15m/min, hook travel is 25m, Customized for Russian customers, mounted on a small ship and shipped in a standard 20-Ft container.

1T@30M Marine Knuckle Boom Crane

OUCO-1T30M-KB crane is a large Knuckle Boom Crane with lifting points of 2.5t15m and 1t30m, lifting speed of 0-12m/min. It can be installed in ships and ports, and adopts hydraulic luffing folding and slewing device.

5t20m foldable knuckle boom crane

OUCO-5T20M-KBT crane, working radius 2.5m-20m, lifting speed 0-10m/min. Crane boom not only can be folded but also can be telescoped, more lifting points can handle more complex working conditions.

9T16.35M Telescopic Knuckle Boom Crane

The 9T16.35M Telescopic Knuckle Boom Crane is a pedestal crane with a working radius of 3m-16.31m and a lifting speed of 0-12m/min. Hook travel 40m, 0.6r/min, 360 degree slewing.

10T@17M Marine Knuckle Boom Crane

OUCO-10T17M-KB Crane, hoisting capacity is 10 tons, working radius 3-17 meters, C5M corrosion protection, hoisting height up to 40m, support manual and remote control, 360 degree rotation.

0.98t5m dinghy crane

OUCO-0.98T5M-KTB crane, it is used for mounting on small vessels, working radius of 1.1M-5M, lifting speed 0-12m/min, slewing angle of 360°, 0.6 round per min.

2.5t22m foldable knuckle boom marine crane

OUCO-2.5T22M-KBT crane, working radius is 2m-22m, lifting speed is 0-12m/min, lifting height is 30m. Installed on a British service vessel, our engineers guide the installation and use on site. The captain was very satisfied.

1t10m foldable knuckle boom marine crane

OUCO-1T10M-KTB is a reliable marine crane, with a working radius of 2m-10m and a lifting speed of 0-12m/min, hook travel 25m, compact design, customers use it at sea for general cargo loading and unloading.

8T16M Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane

OUCO-8T16M-KB crane, lifting capacity of 8 tons, outreach 2.6m-5m, hoisting speed about 23m/min, lifting height up to 30m. As an active heave compensation crane, can work under extreme conditions.

KTB marine crane manufacturer process

What is a Marine Knuckle Boom Crane?

Knuckle boom cranes are like the Swiss army knives of cranes. Their secret? A multi-jointed arm that folds at a hinge, much like a knuckle. This design allows them to bend and twist, reaching into tight spaces that would stump other cranes.

These versatile workhorses are popular on boats and other marine vessels. Their telescopic booms can extend far and retract neatly, while the knuckle joints provide precise control. This makes them perfect for delicate tasks like subsea operations, lifting materials around the ship, or even assisting with scientific research.

Two Knuckle Boom Cranes at a vessel
Two Knuckle Boom Cranes at a Vessel
What are the Marine Knuckle Boom Crane Used for?

Knuckle boom cranes are highly valued in the marine industry for their compact storage and unmatched flexibility.

They excel in a wide range of tasks, from delicate subsea operations and maritime support on workboats to heavy-duty lifting on oil rigs and wind farms.

marine knuckle boom crane hoisting cargo
marine knuckle boom crane hoisting cargo
What are Benefits of Marine Knuckle Boom Crane?

Marine knuckle boom cranes excel in offshore environments thanks to their exceptional design.

  • Superior Maneuverability: The knuckle boom’s unique articulation allows for precise lifting in tight spaces and a wide operating range, overcoming limitations of traditional cranes.
  • 24/7 Reliability: Constructed from high-grade materials, these cranes are built to withstand harsh offshore conditions and can operate continuously.
  • Compact Footprint: When not in use, the knuckle boom’s foldable design minimizes deck space requirements.
  • Diverse Applications: Marine knuckle boom cranes offer exceptional payload capacities and multiple lifting points, making them suitable for various offshore and other business needs.
How is the Knuckle Boom Crane Tested?

The testing process involves multiple stages, including no-load testing, lifting at 1x, 1.2x, and 1.5x the weight capacity, among others. These tests ensure the crane’s normal operation and detect any potential issues.

Our skilled engineers conduct rigorous checks. If a problem arises, immediate action is taken to identify and rectify the issue. This meticulous process guarantees that the machine is delivered to our customers without any concerns, upholding our commitment to quality assurance.

Who Should Operate the Marine Knuckle Boom Crane?

The marine knuckle boom crane must be operated by an individual with a valid operating certificate. Additionally, the operator should be thoroughly trained in all policies and principles related to the marine knuckle boom crane.

Operators must adhere to all safety protocols to ensure safe operations. It is essential that the operator is fully proficient in controlling the crane and understands its specific characteristics.

Lastly, always carefully read the crane operating manual provided by the manufacturer. Rest assured, OUCO provides all necessary documentation, including the user manual, maintenance manual, spare parts catalog, and FAT test program, in both paper and electronic versions.

How to Choose a Marine Knuckle Boom Crane?

To choose the perfect knuckle boom crane you must consider the following selection criteria:

  1. Structure and Performance: When choosing the right marine knuckle boom crane, you should consider its working condition, material structure, and boom length. You should also consider how much lifting or loading capacity the knuckle boom crane has. Make sure that it offers performance that suits your needs.
  2. Brand: When choosing brands for marine knuckle boom cranes, select the brand that is trusted for many years. Also, choose a brand that offers the highest quality marine knuckle boom crane at a competitive price with professional after-sales services.
  3. Materials: The marine knuckle boom crane should be constructed from high-quality, durable, and strong materials.
  4. Customization: Select the marine knuckle boom crane according to your design, features, and other specifications.

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Эти стреловые краны с шарнирной стрелой - отличный выбор для морских условий.
By Родион Кузнецов on 2024-03-11
Эти стреловые краны с шарнирной стрелой - отличный выбор для морских условий. Они спроектированы для работы с тяжелыми грузами и обеспечивают высокую гибкость при подъеме, даже в условиях штормового моря.
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We visited the OUCO factory and inspected two knuckleboom cranes
By Omali on 2022-11-26
We visited the OUCO factory and inspected two knuckleboom cranes, and everything went smoothly. A special thanks to Max for arranging a delightful Chinese meal—it made the experience even more enjoyable.
star star star star star
We needed a crane with a fully extended and folded knuckle-type boom
By Esmeralda Bates on 2022-05-08
We needed a crane with a fully extended and folded knuckle-type boom, and OUCO delivered the perfect solution. Their compact size makes them easy to mount on board vessels, and we're very pleased with the outcome.
star star star star star
By Alexander on 2021-12-13
star star star star star
Very happy with my new marine crane
By Mahtab on 2021-11-23
Very happy with my new marine crane ,very easy to use.Amaizing fast delivery,last month order and get it this month, thank you!
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schnelleVersand. DankeVerkäufer !
By Mikaa on 2021-10-17
schnelleVersand. DankeVerkäufer !
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