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OUCO ship loading equipment is designed for continuous loading of bulk solid materials such as fertilizers, iron ore, grain, coal, and more onto ships or barges. Then, these materials are shipped to a business or a manufacturer.

 Our ship loader features a central column, an extendable arm or boom, a belt conveyor, a slewing mechanism, and a loading chute guiding materials along a conveyor. The loading boom can be moved in different directions by separate drives, filling every part of the container. 

Our ship loading equipment can handle as much as loading 12 000t/h.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Ship Loading Equipment Manufacturer?

OUCO is among the best ship loader manufacturers in China. 

We supply clean and cost-effective ship loaders of various types, such as screw-type, aero side, and belt-conveyor loading equipment. 

We will design the perfect ship loading equipment for your material, port, or ship.

Ship Loading Equipment

Ship Loading Equipment Specialists

OUCO ship loading equipment has the advantages of intelligence, efficiency and environmental protection in the industry. No matter what the material and throughput requirements, we can provide you with the best design solution.

The conveying boom can telescoping, slewing and swing freely in a wide range, and support continuous suction when rotating, which is suitable for various DWT ranges. In addition, our sealing belt conveying system can ensure a sealed and dust-free conveying operation. And can be connected to any conveyor system or equipment.

Bulk material Ship loading equipment
Telescopic Boom Ship Loading Equipment

Custom OUCO Ship Loading Equipment

OUCO Ship Loading Equipment supports various customization requirements. Meanwhile, we need you to provide ship type, load and length, the distance between ship and pier, maximum & minimum water level distance from the datum plane.

And here are some of the available options: throughputs capacity & Loading rates, loading booms function, Movable – wheels, track mounted and rail mounted, Dust suppressor, feed-in position, C5M paint, sealing components, Motor Specifications, wireless remote.

Latest Finished Ship Loading Equipment

20t30m ship loader

This is an electric ship loading crane that we customized for the Bangladesh Navy Yard.

30T15M ship loader

OUCO 30T15M Mobile Harbor Crane with Versatility and Eco-Friendly Features for Barges and Bulk Carriers.

50T37M ship loader

OUCO 20T15M&50T37M Port Crane, working radius 37m~11m, wind speed:working 20m/s, store55m/s.

1000t ship loader

OUCO 1000T ship loader weighs about 72t and is widely used for loading bulk cargoes such as coal, ore, grain, cement and other ships at terminals.

mobile ship loaders

The rated productivity is 1000t/h, the maximum productivity is 1200t/h, the belt conveyor width is 1000m, and the belt speed is 2.5m/s. You can contact us for detailed CAD drawing.

Ship Unloader For Sale

Can be used for complex docks. Supports continuous load bulk handling, equipped with rails for placement on docks, By special design to reduce the dead weight.

KTB-marine-crane manufacturing process

What is a Ship Loading Equipment?

Ship Loading Equipment or ship loader is a heavy-duty and big machine. It is used for loading bulk solid materials into ships for transportation by sea. Ship Loading Equipment can maximize the efficiency of your port bulk handling operations.

What are the Minerals Ship Loading Equipment Can Carry?

It includes fertilizers, grains, iron ore, coal, bauxite, alumina, phosphates, woodchips, clinker and sugar, urea or potash, and many more. Depending on your needs, OUCO can design fit-for-purpose Shiploader types and models for your requirements.

What are the Types of Ship Loading Equipment?

The equipment used for loading/discharging applications are the following:

  • Radial telescopic shiploaders
  • Truck unloaders
  • Direct feed shiploader
  • Rail-mounted shiploader
  • Cambered boom shiploaders
  • Transhipping
  • Slewing shiploaders
  • Coordinate shiploaders
  • Linear travelling shiploaders
  • Stationary shiploaders
What are the Ship Loading Equipment Advantages?
  • Easy to operates
  • Superior quality, reliability, and versatile systems
  • State-of-the-art integrated drive
  • Operational safety control via a PLC system
  • Environment-friendly, outstanding performance
  • Provides high-capacity, high-efficiency unloaders, loaders
  • Developed with special attention and a high degree of automation
  • Ensure unrivaled flexibility when loading and unloading a vessel
  • Able to load bulk up to 120,000 DWT at rates of up to 3000 m3/h
  • Allows you to maximize production rates
  • Reduce dust emissions and avoid any material leakage
  • Minimize labor on site
  • Provide you with substantial cost savings from reduced operating times
Is Ship Loaders Equipment Clean and Cost-Effective?

Yes, absolutely. OUCO Ship Loaders Equipment is clean and cost-effective. They are designed with loading spouts to suit the material to be handled. It reduces dust and spillage to a minimum. This ship loader is lightweight, with a compact design.

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To achieve the best environmental conditions
By Fernando on
To achieve the best environmental conditions with maximum performance.
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Design fits our requirements
By Jeremy on
Design fits our requirements.
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Delivery is long, but in time finally
By Marina on
Delivery is long, but in time finally.
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Material and components used are good for test.
By Christoph on
Material and components used are good for test.
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Qualified by port
By Alexander on
Qualified by port
star star star star star
Dust-free loading with controlled material flow
By Joseph Mackary on
Dust-free loading with controlled material flow and low speed of the conveyor.
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