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OUCO supplies leak-proof, versatile, and efficient crane grab buckets for sale. We offer a full range of different grab bucket designs to fulfill your needs. 

Big or small, clamshell or orange peel type, wireless and hydraulic grab buckets—here you will find what you are looking for.

Grab Bucket Manufacturer

A grab bucket is the grasping device of a lift crane, a loader, or an overhead traveling crane. A crane grab bucket consists of an assembly of hinged jaws to grasp loads and transport them. Grab buckets are used for lifting and short-distance handling of loose and segmented loads, such as timber, coal, or even garbage.

We offer orange peel and clamshell jaws, four-roped and two-roped grab buckets for sale. With our hydraulic and electro-hydraulic designs, you can carry more and carry farther. Remote control will make operating crane grab buckets easy. 

You will be able to move up to 15 cubic meters of bulk at a time.

OUCO Grab Bucket

3CBM clamshell grab bucket

This is a customized mechanical grab with a volume of 3m³. The opening of the grab is controlled by a wire rope and pulley set, and no hydraulic system or cylinder is required.

12 CBM remote control grab

This is a 12m³ dual scoop remote control grab, using a wireless remote control to control the grabbing operation of the grab, high efficiency, no power supply.

Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab Bucket

Hydraulic orange peel grab bucket, suitable for irregular materials, such as Scrap Steel, Stone, Coal, etc., can ensure the complete closure of the bucket body without wasting materials.

14 CBM remote control grab

This 14 ³ remote control grab is designed for single line cranes and is made of C5M painted, you can choose NM 300-400 or Hardox 400-500 wear resistant steel.

2 CBM dredging grab

It is suitable for bulk cargo, such as mud, sand, gravel, grain, etc. It is driven by double cylinders and made of high strength steel, with high gripping efficiency.

Dredging grab bucket, generally used in the coast, rivers, lakes and other places to clean up the silt and dredge the waterway. High self-weight and sharp bucket.

Why Choose OUCO Grab Buckets?

Grab buckets are important for natural resource shipping purposes. Companies worldwide use OUCO grab buckets to improve loading efficiency. 

OUCO grab buckets include innovative patented technology, certified reliability, and tailored features. 

Simply contact us, and we will provide you with a design drawing within 24 hours!

14CBM Grab Bucket

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Grab Bucket Quote
By Andrea on 2021-12-20
Ms. Elva provided us with a very satisfactory quote for the grab bucket.
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Grab is very well customized according to our requirements
By Harold on 2021-12-06
Grab is very well customized according to our requirements.
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Grab is great to use
By Perrineau on 2021-11-28
Grab is great to use and our workers rate it well!
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Satisfied cooperation
By Catalina on 2021-10-06
Ms. Natalie is very responsible,A very satisfying cooperation!
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Great Grab Bucket
By Bob on 2021-09-28
The quality of the grab bucket is great, we will buy some more.
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