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At OUCO, our passion lies in creating custom marine crane solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Simply message us, and we will supply you with a tailored solution.

Marine Cranes Manufacturer

When designing your marine cranes, OUCO takes everything into consideration. This includes your application, environmental conditions, maximum load weight, the type of loading, your local trade regulations, and more.

We offer many marine crane types, including telescopic boom, stiff boom, knuckle boom, folding boom, deck cranes, offshore cranes, etc. 

Our marine cranes have hydraulic and electric parts, providing you with optimum productivity. The technology is fail-safe and has additional electronic aids to counteract external forces like wind and waves. 

We are dedicated to working closely with you, understanding your unique needs, and delivering exceptional results at highly competitive prices.

OUCO Marine Crane

8t26m telescopic boom crane

Our Offshore Cranes are specifically engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of harsh sea environments. mainly installed on offshore platforms and cargo ships, ensuring optimal performance even in sea states 4 to 6.

2.58T22M telescopic boom marine crane

Telescopic cranes provide extended reach for various lifting applications, not only lighter but also have more lifting points. Outreach up to 50m. Electro-hydraulic drive, 0-75° luffing, 360° slewing.

Stiff Boom Marine Pedestal Crane

The Stiff Boom Crane stands out as a cost-effective solution, offering a range of advantages like simple and robust construction, easy maintenance, long service life, and short lead time.

Marine Knuckle Boom Crane

Marine Knuckle Boom Crane is a special crane used for transportation operations in the marine environment. It has the advantages of reliable performance, precise control, high safety, and saving space.

1t10m foldable knuckle boom marine crane

SWL from 1 Ton to 15 Ton. The Foldable Knuckle Boom Crane is used for general cargo handling and other lifting operations at sea. This special design allows the boom to bend and fold completely, taking up less deck space.

frame crane

Marine A Frame Crane is used for operating in the sea or releasing and recovering instruments from seawater, usually installed on the deck stern of maritime survey vessels and maritime rescue vessels to facilitate the completion of scientific research work at sea.

OUCO Yacht Crane

Yacht Crane is a service-type small crane, mostly used for yachts and dinghies, which combines the benefits of lightweight, flexibility, beauty, and convenience. We can also provide heavy-duty yacht cranes as required.

OUCO marine davit crane

The Marine Davit Crane is a stand-alone deck-mounted hanger commonly used for manned rescue boats, small construction projects, conveying groceries, etc. It works fast, making it suitable for a variety of mobile work at sea.

2.5t22m foldable knuckle boom crane

Small Marine Crane is suitable for yachts, fishing boats, cargo ships and other small ships. Installed on the deck, it is simple in design and complete in function, lifting capacity from 0.5 to 10 tonnes.

Why Choose OUCO Marine Cranes?

OUCO is one of the best marine crane manufacturers in China. We have over 30 patents on marine cranes and other equipment, nearly 40 years of experience, and professional quality control teams. 

Our configuration is based on products from leading brands such as ABB, Danfoss, Parker, ATOS, Rexroth, etc.

Finally, our factory is certified by all major classification societies, and we can showcase nearly a hundred projects successfully completed worldwide for you!

Marine Crane

Steel Plates We Use

The raw materials of marine cranes are steel plates certified by the classification society, we will choose the appropriate plate according to your needs:

  • Standard Plate: Q345B (Q355), HG70, DH36, EH36
  • Cold Resistant: Q355D, Q355E, BS650E
  • Corrosion Resistant: AH36, BH36
  • High Strength: Q690, S690, HG70(BS650), WELDOX 700
  • Abrasion Resistant: NM400, Hardox 400

We use only the finest raw materials to manufacture our plates, which are then expertly cut to high verticality using high-powered CNC laser cutting machines.

Our cutting process ensures that every plate is cut to perfection, with small, precise cuts and smooth, uniform kerfs. Ensure that they can eventually be assembled seamlessly and securely.

Welding Quality Control

At OUCO, we take pride in our commitment to quality and aesthetics. Our professional welder team and QA&QC process ensure that our products meet the highest standards of excellence.

  • All members of our welding team are classification society certified welders
  • Adoption of the beautiful and neat fish-scale welding technology
  • Thorough grinding of dents and welds to meet our quality standards
  • Radiographic or ultrasonic testing, external flaws, internal flaws or non-destructive testing of welds
  • Rigorously checked by professional testing personnel or classification society surveyors
ABS Welding inspect

Paint and Coating Standards

We value the surface treatment of our cranes, ensuring exceptional quality by utilizing Jotun paints and coatings. These protective and tacky coatings are applied after meticulous sandblasting, which enhances the adhesion of the paint. Additionally, we meticulously check the paint thickness. Here are the specifications we adhere to:

  • Epoxy Zinc-Rich Primer with a minimum thickness of 60 μm.
  • Smooth intermediate coats with a thickness of up to 180 μm.
  • Topcoat with a high hardness, ensuring a minimum thickness of 60 μm.

The surface of our marine cranes remains unscathed, even when in contact with sharp objects. Furthermore, our coatings are free from bubbles, pitting, and bottom leakage, meeting C5M / CX standards for durability up to 15+ years.

Product Showcase Video

KTB marine crane manufacturer process

Two Customized Knuckle Cranes for Icebreaker Shipped to Russia!

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2T5M Small Hose Marine Crane Delivered to Malaysian Navy!

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What is a Marine Crane?

Marine cranes are lifting equipment specifically designed for use in harsh marine environments, such as ships, offshore platforms, and piers. They are usually located on the shoreline or mounted on a boat, which can effectively ease your heavy lifting work.

Marine cranes are essential for ship-to-shore cargo handling, supply at sea, personnel transportation, moving heavy equipment, dropping or recycling materials in the ocean, and participating in offshore construction and maintenance work.

To meet the challenges of the marine environment, marine cranes must be specially designed to withstand corrosive seawater, strong winds, and other harsh conditions. Moreover, they must comply with specific safety regulations and classification society approvals for use in marine environments.

Marine Crane Hoisting operations

What are the Types of Marine Cranes?

Usually, you can quickly classify them according to the different boom of marine cranes, the following are the various kinds of marine cranes suitable for offshore and marine applications:

Gantry Marine Cranes – The biggest type of crane. These cranes are several stories tall. It is utilized in loading/offloading shipping operations. Gantry cranes can effectively transfer cargo on and off ships dockside. It has a design which is the operator’s cabin is on the top end of the crane. It is suspended from the trolley.

Telescopic boom crane – It can be hydraulic extended. This crane retracted without a knuckle function.

Overhead Jib Cranes – It uses horizontal pieces such as a jib or boom. This supports a moveable hoist. A jib or boom is permanently fixed to a wall or a floor pillar. Jib cranes are used in offshore drilling industries, lifting materials to different floors, construction sites on the tops of buildings, etc.

Stiff boom crane – Specifically made for general cargo handling. It can be utilized on offshore units and ships.

Knuckle boom crane – Used on fixed platforms. It is found on vessels with a large deck area. This has less joints thus easy to maintain.

Foldable telescopic boom crane – It needs minimum deck space. This crane ensures constant torque moment. It reduces the pendulum effect’ of the load.

Specialty crane – Refers to a special type of crane that is used to perform a specific work. For example, military applications, technical support, lifting and rescue, road clearance, etc.

Can You Offer Hose Handling Crane?

Yes, we can provide you with Hose Handling Crane. Hose Crane is a hoisting machine for handling chemical terminals and oil tankers for loading and unloading oil.

The hose crane includes a hoisting mechanism, a luffing mechanism and a slewing mechanism, supports 360 ° full rotation, and 0-75 ° luffing, the crane adopts full hydraulic drive mode.

Hose Crane produced by OUCO is suitable for the hose connecting the lift terminal to the oil tanker. We design according to “Crane Design Specification” GB3811-83, and strictly follow the explosion-proof standard of the chemical wharf.

Select imported high-efficiency hydraulic working components, it has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation and stable.

Send us an inquiry today to customize a cost-effective Hose Handling Crane for you.

Crane Application to offshore platforms

Do You Offer Marine Crane Parts for Sale?

Absolutely, we provide an extensive selection of crane spare parts, ranging from minor electrical components like controllers and contactors to substantial hydraulic units.

It’s important to acknowledge that while we offer a wide range of parts, certain specific accessories might not be available due to the variations among different brands and models.

For the marine cranes within our portfolio, we extend complimentary spare parts replacement and delivery services to guarantee uninterrupted crane performance and effectiveness.

For further insights into our spare parts service, kindly explore our dedicated Spare Parts Page.

Various parts of marine cranes

What is The Lead Time for Your Products?

The lead time for our marine cranes varies depending on customer requirements and certification needs.

For products with only the factory certificate, the delivery time can be as short as 1-3 months.

However, if customers require CCS or ABS product certification, the delivery time may be extended by 1-2 months. This is because during the production process, surveyors from the classification societies will visit the OUCO factory multiple times to inspect accessories, welding conditions, crane load capacity, and other factors.

Delivery cycle of OUCO

What challenges do marine cranes face and how can we avoid them?

Being a crane designed for marine applications, it is particularly vulnerable to various factors originating from the natural environment and potential risks associated with human factors. These factors include:

  1. Inclement weather conditions, including strong winds and rough seas.
  2. Influences from the vessel’s stability and motion.
  3. Potential obstructions or interactions with adjacent structures or other vessels.
  4. Suction effects from the seabed.
  5. Dynamic loading that the crane may experience during operations.
  6. Risks arising from incorrect manipulations or operator errors.
  7. Effects of light, noise, and spray that can impact crane performance.
Severe weather at sea
Severe Weather Conditions

So, how can we prevent tipping and accidents during marine crane operations?

In fact, OUCO has conducted simulated sea state tests on the cranes, ensuring their ability to withstand designated marine conditions under normal usage. However, you also need to note that:

  • Please follow the load chart we provide.
  • Make sure the pedestal is stable and mounted horizontally on the deck.
  • Do not exceed the safe working load when lifting.
  • Vertical lifting operation, do not lift during wire rope inclination.
  • Operation within the specified sea state.
  • Stop lifting operation in wind force of six.
  • The operating sea area is within the range of the heel and trim specified.
What is the Lifting Moment of Marine Crane?

Marine Crane Lifting Moment

The lifting capacity of marine crane and the corresponding working radius is called the lifting moment, which is a comprehensive indicator to measure the operating mechanism of the crane.

In the industry, the maximum lifting moment is an important feature to classify cranes. It represents the lifting capacity of the crane, and we can calculate it with a simple formula:

Lifting weight load * Corresponding working range (distance from center line of rotation)

Unit: N m (Newton-metre)

Marine Crane Torque Limiter

The device of moment limiting prevents overloading of the crane structure, as it prevents any movement that increases the torque value to the maximum established value.

When in use, the buzzer on the torque limiter host will issue an alarm, and the lifting and luffing actions will automatically stop, which is to prevent the operator from rough handling or improper operation.

In addition, the torque display can show the torque during the lifting operation in real-time, indicating mechanical failures and structural problems.

If you need, OUCO can install a moment limiter for your crane, which can display the current load, working radius, working status and torque figures, etc. Moreover, we will debug to avoid torque limiter is inaccurate.

Marine Crane Torque Limiter
Marine Crane Torque Limiter We Use
What are the Important Parameters for Marine Cranes?

Whether it is a marine crane, a port crane, or a pedestal crane, it mainly includes the following performance parameters, such as lifting weight, lifting moment, working radius, lifting height, working speed, self-weight and other indicators.

These parameters indicate the working performance, technical indicators and economic indicators of marine cranes. The above are also the technical basis of crane design and the main basis for users to choose cranes.

Lifting Height

The lifting height of a marine crane means the hook travel. We can understand it as the vertical distance from the lifting device (hook, grab, spreader) of the crane to the deck or the ground.

We usually design it as 20m, can also customize according to the client’s requirements.

Descending depth: the vertical distance between the lowest working position of the lifting device and the horizontal support surface of the crane. Marine cranes are usually designed for longer drop distances, so they can lift objects below deck or on shore.

Lifting range: the vertical distance between the highest and lowest working positions of the lifting device, which needs to be designed according to the actual situation of your vessel.

Working Radius

The working radius means the distance from the crane rotation center axis to the center of the hook, usually measured in the lifting weight state, due to the lifting weight of structural parts and other deformation may occur.

Therefore, when the general tonnage product is hoisted, the amplitude is about 0.5 to 2 meters larger than that when it is empty. For details, please refer to the Crane Load Chart provided by the manufacturer.

Working Speed

Working speed is a measure of the actuator operating speed, mainly include lifting, luffing, slewing and telescopic speed.

Lifting speed: Lifting speed of the crane hook, divided into single rope speed, empty hook speed and full load speed.
Full load speed: all expressed in units of m/min.
Slewing speed: expressed in units of r/min.
Luffing speed: means the time for lifting boom to luffing from horizontal state to minimum working radius of lifting boom, unit of seconds.

Crane Self-Weight

The self-weight of the crane is the entire weight of the crane itself, including all of its structural components, mechanisms, and attachments.

For a crane of the same performance, the lighter weight means that the crane design is reasonable and manufacturing is reliable.

Lifting Capacity

The crane lifting weight value is called the lifting capacity, crane lifting weight parameters are usually expressed in terms of  SWL (Safe Working Load).

SWL is determined by the load chart. Send us your requirements, we will design a load chart of marine crane for you.

Customer Reviews

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10 Review(s)
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By Abdirahman on 2023-05-10
I have used OUCO's marine cranes in my past work and I highly recommend this product to you. The quality of these offshore cranes is truly exceptional, and their performance is consistently reliable.
star star star star
यह क्रेन मेरी सभी उम्मीदों को पूरा करता है।
By Achyuth on 2023-03-23
हाल ही में मैंने अपने अनुकूलित 0.6-टन 8m फोल्डिंग टेलीस्कोपिक क्रेन को Ouco से प्राप्त किया है, और मुझे कहना होगा कि यह सभी मेरी उम्मीदों को पूरा करता है। यह उस पेंट रंग और अनुकूलित लोगो था जिसकी हमें जरूरत थी।
star star star star star
A satisfying experience
By Mafra construcciones on 2022-06-13
The crane performed as well as expected. And the after-sales service you provided was great too!
star star star
Excellent cost performance
By Rodriguez on 2022-03-06
Excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend Ouco offshore crane. Electric cabinet fully waterproof and explosion-proof as per our requirements!
star star star star star
Port EquipRent
By Cj Chong on 2022-01-15
OUCO 10T15M telescopic boom marine crane is very excellent, I bought this for my own barge, and already installed it.
star star star star star
Genero Marine Consultant
By Kay Zin on 2022-01-06
This month,i received the 1.5t6m marine crane, according to the instruction,we installed it directly and run the crane.
star star star star star
Excellent marine crane
By AbeerEl on 2021-12-24
I purchased a marine crane from OUCO 3 months ago, the crane is very nice. Quality is high. And the sales&engineers are very professional, kind and patient.
star star star star star
1t10m foldable marine crane
By Henry Malm on 2021-12-16
1t10m foldable marine crane is very popular, i purchase 3 sets this type crane as stock.
star star star star star
Perfect Engineering
By Fahad on 2021-12-03
I saw customers using OUCO cranes in the UAE. I think the crane is perfect. So i placed the order for one set of the marine cranes.
star star star star star
By Tamer on 2021-11-20
I am very appreciated to receive the marine crane on time. I really need it to start working ASAP...
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