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At OUCO, we consistently deliver high-quality, efficient marine cranes at a cost-effective price. 

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When designing your marine cranes, OUCO takes everything into consideration. This includes your application, environmental conditions, maximum load weight, the type of load, your local trade regulations, and more.

We offer many marine crane types, including telescopic boom, stiff boom, knuckle boom, folding boom, deck cranes, offshore cranes, etc. 

Our marine cranes have hydraulic and electric parts, providing you with optimum productivity. The technology is fail-safe and has additional electronic aids to counteract external forces like wind. 

Simply message us, and we will supply you with a tailored solution.

OUCO Marine Crane

8t26m telescopic boom crane

Offshore Cranes are mostly used for offshore oil platforms and marine cargo ships, which require higher sea state ratings. OUCO offshore cranes, all related components and equipment are designed to meet the requirements of major classification societies.

1.5t4m Telescopic Boom Crane

Telescopic cranes are lighter in weight, have more lifting points, occupy a smaller area, The price is more expensive than stiff boom cranes, and will have a longer production cycle, OUCO will also provide major classification societies certification for telescopic cranes.

1.5t4m Stiff Boom Crane

The stiff boom crane is the cheapest and also has the advantages of not being easily damaged, simple structure, easy maintenance and long service life. If you buy a stiff boom crane, the delivery time is the fastest.

1t10m foldable knuckle boom marine crane

Marine Knuckle Boom Crane is a special crane used for transportation operations in the marine environment. It has the advantages of reliable performance, precise control, high safety, and saving space.

0.6T8M Foldable knuckle boom crane

The Foldable Knuckle Boom Crane is typically used for general cargo handling and other loading and unloading operations at sea. This special design allows the boom to bend and fold completely, taking up less deck space.

frame crane

Marine A Frame Crane is used for operating in the sea or releasing and recovering instruments from seawater, usually installed on the deck stern of maritime survey vessels and maritime rescue vessels to facilitate the completion of scientific research work at sea.

2t5m yacht crane

Yacht Crane is a service type small crane, mostly used for yachts and small boats, which has the characteristics of light weight, flexibility, beauty and easy operation. We can also provide heavy duty yacht cranes as required.

davit crane

The Marine Davit Crane is a stand-alone deck-mounted hanger commonly used for manned rescue vessels, small construction projects, conveying groceries, etc. It works fast ,making it suitable for a variety of mobile work at sea.

2.5t22m foldable knuckle boom crane

Small Boat Crane is suitable for yacht ships, fishing boats and small cargo ships, it is installed on the deck and used to carry all kinds of goods, it is simple in design and complete in function, but the lifting capacity is relatively low.

Why Choose OUCO Marine Cranes?

OUCO is one of the best marine cranes manufacturers in China. We have over 30 patents on marine cranes and other equipment, nearly 40 years of experience, and professional quality control, teams. 

We base our configurations on products of some leading brands like ABB, Danfoss, Parker, Rexroth, etc. Finally, we have a full set of certifications that we can show you. 

Choose OUCO today!

Marine Crane

KTB marine crane manufacturer process

What are Marine Cranes Used For?

Marine cranes are used to ease heavy lifting. It facilitates the maneuver of tons of equipment and cargo from one place to another. Here are some of the marine crane applications:

  • Deal with ship-to-shore work or erecting oil platforms offshore
  • Used for various hoisting operations
  • Moving equipment on the seabed
  • Submerging or recovering materials from the ocean
  • Maneuver materials around the deck
  • Transferring materials or personnel from ther marine vessels, barges, and structures.
Marine Crane Transferring Materials
Transferring Materials
Marine Crane Hoisting Operations
Hoisting Operations
What are the Types of Marine Cranes?

The following are the various kinds of marine cranes suitable for offshore and marine applications:

Gantry Marine Cranes – The biggest type of crane. These cranes are several stories tall. It is utilized in loading/offloading shipping operations. Gantry cranes can effectively transfer cargo on and off ships dockside. It has a design which is the operator’s cabin is on the top end of the crane. It is suspended from the trolley.

Telescopic boom crane – It can be hydraulic extended. This crane retracted without a knuckle function.

Overhead Jib Cranes – It uses horizontal pieces such as a jib or boom. This supports a moveable hoist. A jib or boom is permanently fixed to a wall or a floor pillar. Jib cranes are used in offshore drilling industries, lifting materials to different floors, construction sites on the tops of buildings, etc.

Stiff boom crane – specifically made for general cargo handling. It can be utilized on offshore units and ships.

Knuckle boom crane – Used on fixed platforms. It is found on vessels with a large deck area. This has lesser joints thus easy to maintain.

Foldable telescopic boom crane – It needs minimum deck space. This crane ensures constant torque moment. It reduces the pendulum effect’ of the load.

What are the Features of Marine Cranes?
  • High-quality rigging equipment
  • Constant Lifting Capacity
  • Meet the safety standards
  • Handle various heavy weight loads
  • Meet extreme environmental conditions of the marine industry
  • Can be designed according to customer specification
Applications of Marine Crane
Applications of Marine Crane
What are the Challenges Face by Marine Cranes?
  • Bad weather, wind and sea forces;
  • Vessel stability and motion
  • Adjoining structures, vessels;
  • Seabed suction
  • Dynamic loading
  • Light, noise, spray, etc.
Severe weather at sea
Severe weather at sea
What are the Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Marine Crane?

It’s important to consider some factors in choosing a specific type of crane. Some are the following:

  • Nature and environment of the ocean – Weather and bottom suction can affect marine crane functioning. It also simulates material handling capabilities. It needs great care and experience to safely and efficiently operates marine crane in water.
  • The impact of each piece of cargo will have on a ship’s listing behavior
  • Stress and load conditions
  • Marine crane manufacturer – select manufacturer wisely to assure smooth operations. Consider all application-specific requirements and cooperate well with your provider.
What are the important parameters for marine cranes?

Whether it is a marine crane, a port crane or a platform crane, it mainly includes the following performance parameters, such as lifting weight, lifting moment, working radius, lifting height, working speed, self-weight and other indicators.
These parameters indicate the working performance, technical indicators and economic indicators of Marine cranes, The above are also the technical basis of crane design and the main basis for users to choose cranes.

What is the lifting moment of marine crane?

The lifting capacity of marine crane and the corresponding working radius is called the lifting moment, which is a comprehensive indicator to measure the operating mechanism of the crane.

What is the lifting height of marine crane?

The lifting height of marine crane means the hook travel.we usually design it as 20m, can also customized according to the clients’s requirements.

What is the working range of Marine crane?

The working radius of marine crane means the distance from the crane rotation center axis to the center of the hook, usually measured in the lifting weight state, due to the lifting weight of structural parts and other deformation may occur. Therefore, when the general tonnage product is hoisted, the amplitude is about 0.5 to 2 meters larger than that when it is empty.

How to measure the working speed of marine cranes?

Working speed is a measure of the actuator operating speed , mainly include lifting, luffing, slewing and telescopic speed.

  • Lifting speed: Lifting speed of the crane hook, divided into single rope speed, empty hook speed and full load speed.
  • Full load speed:all expressed in units of m/min.
  • Slewing speed :expressed in units of r/min.
  • Luffing Speed:means the time for Marine crane lifting boom to luffing from horizontal state to minimum working radius of lifting boom,in unit of seconds.
What is the self-weight of marine crane?

The self-weight of the crane is the entire weight of the crane itself when the crane is in working condition. For a crane of the same performance, the lighter weight means that the crane design is reasonable and manufacturing is reliable.

What is the marine crane lifting capacity?

The crane lifting weight value is called the lifting capacity, crane lifting weight parameters are usually expressed in terms of  SWL(Safe Working Load).

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Satisfactory folding jib crane
By Robert Patric on 2022-03-23
The crane has been received. In addition, if I need to replace the spare parts can you provide further guidance?
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A satisfying experience
By Mafra construcciones on 2022-02-13
The crane performed as well as expected.Ane the after-sales service you provided was great too!
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Excellent cost performance
By Rodriguez on 2022-02-06
Excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend Ouco offshore crane. Electric cabinet fully waterproof and explosion-proof as per our requirements!
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OUCO 10T15M telescopic boom marine
By Cj Chong on 2022-01-15
OUCO 10T15M telescopic boom marine crane is very excellent, i bought this for my own barge. and already installed it.
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The 1.5t6m marine crane
By Kay Zin on 2022-01-06
This month,i received the 1.5t6m marine crane, according to the instruction,we installed it directly and run the crane.
star star star star star
Excellent marine crane
By AbeerEl on 2021-12-24
I purchased the marine crane from OUCO for over 3 months,the crane is very nice. Quality is high. And the sales&engineers are very professional ,kind and patient.
star star star star star
1t10m foldable marine crane
By Henry Malm on 2021-12-16
1t10m foldable marine crane is very popular,i purchase 3 sets this type crane as stock.
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I saw customers using OUCO cranes in the UAE
By Fahad on 2021-12-03
I saw customers using OUCO cranes in the UAE. I think the crane is perfect. So i placed the order for one set of the marine cranes.
star star star star star
I am very appreciated to receive the marine crane on time
By Tamer on 2021-11-20
I am very appreciated to receive the marine crane on time. I really need it to start working ASAP...
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