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Standard Series

Based on Our Powerful Production Line

We offer three general-purpose standard products that have been proven suitable for most application scenarios based on numerous sold cases and customer feedback.

Additionally, we maintain a diverse inventory of non-standard products that we continuously update. If you cannot find the specific product you need on this page, please reach out to our support team.

Seize this opportunity to get a machine that fulfills your requirements at a pocket-friendly price, while also helping us clear up some precious warehouse space!

Standard Products: Timely and Readily Available

12 Cubic Meters Remote Control Grab
1T10M Knuckle & Telescopic Boom Crane
0.6T8M Knuckle & Telescopic Boom Crane

Latest Inventory: As of March 2024

Grab Main Technical
Capacity 0.3 m3
Dead Weight 600 kg
Working Pressure 200 Bar
Main Technical Parameters
Lifting Moment 10 Tm
Working Recycling ≤300 s
Slewing Angle 360°free
Max Grabbing Radius 6.91 m
Max Grabbing Depth 3.2 m
Operating Pressure 220 bar
Oil Pump Capacity 18 cc
Motor Power 7.5 kw
Power 330V,50Hz,3P

Type Wireless Control
Capacity 6-8-10-12m³
Density 12m³(0.6t/m³)
Dead Weight 8.6t
Total Lifting Capacity 16.4t
Diameter of Closing Rope 32mm
Diameter of Pully 650mm
Fall of Ropes 3
Dome 30°

MAX. Working Radius 15m
MIN. Working Radius 4.5m
Hoisting Speed 0-12m/min
Hook Travel 30m
Slewing Speed ~0.8r/min
Slewing Angle 360°free
Luffing Time ~60S
Luffing Angle 0~75°
Dead Weight 8500kg

Storage Environment

  • Dedicated Indoor Storage
  • Dust and Corrosion Protection
    Dust and Corrosion Protection
  • Regular Maintenance and Inspection

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