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OUCO produce high-efficiency port unloading Eco hopper with cyclone dust removal or bag dust removal. Which can save port labor and protect the port environment very well.

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Eco Hopper Manufacturer

As an industry-leading Eco hopper manufacturer, OUCO present an eco-friendly, efficient solution for unloading your dry bulk cargo.

OUCO series of Eco hoppers can hold a grab capacity that ranges from 1 to 37 cubic meters, meet your maximum grab dimensions needs.

Our mobile Eco hoppers have 2 different mobile options: rail mounted, wheel mounted. We also offer enhanced safety steps, such as level detectors, strain gauges, and dust-proof systems. 

OUCO Eco hoppers can achieve rates of up to 5,000 t/h.

OUCO Eco Hopper

Cyclone dust control Eco hopper

OUCO’s own original cyclone dust removal technology, this hopper is medium priced and suitable for cleaning the dust generated during material unloading, especially for dusty particles.

Cyclone Dust Removal Eco Hopper

Use cyclone filtration system, the construction material is steel, the storage capacity is 2.5 times the grab volume (minimum) and the discharge capacity is up to 750 TPH.

Orbital Traction Type Eco Hopper

This hopper is designed to be moved by rail traction according to customer requirements, so that it can be adapted to various conditions of unloading in ports.

Fixed Dust Eco Hopper

This is a stationary hopper that does not need to be moved, it is directly installed and fixed in the port, and the unloading method can be designed according to customer requirements.

Bag Filter Type Eco Hopper

Hopper uses hundreds of filter nets and bag filters as dust removal devices. Large capacity, high efficiency and effectiveness to capture all airborne dust. The price is more expensive.

Rail self-propelled Mobile Dust removal Eco Hopper

Flexible position adjustment, equipped with rail wheel blocks. Very easy to unload either by truck or belt conveyor. Load capacity 1500t/h, volume of hopper 50 m³.

Adopting cyclone dust removal system, dedicated to wood pellets, small chips or other bulk materials with a density of about 0.67 t/m³.

Stationary unloading hoppers, suitable for various types of supplying material devices and loading trucks, more robust and reliable.

Volume: 40 m³, Capacity: peak unloading rate up to 400 tons per hour, self weight: about 80t.

Why Choose OUCO ECO Hoppers?

OUCO Eco hoppers are a flexible and versatile solution for ports, dry bulk distributors, and raw material shipping for manufacturers. OUCO offers various features and options to tailor the design for you. 

We have extensive project experience and can provide various filter systems and mobile designs. Our Eco hoppers are certified, efficient, and cost-effective.

Eco Hopper
OUCO Bag Filter ECO hopper

OUCO Bag Filter ECO Hopper

Bag Filter is a very effective dust removal device, Bag Filter ECO Hopper contains nearly one hundred filter bags.

It is used to remove the dust generated by the material during the port discharge process, removes dusty gases and particles.

In addition, It can also temporarily store the screened material, avoiding waste during material transportation.

OUCO Cyclone ECO Hopper

The Cyclone Dust Collector ECO Hopper independently developed by OUCO is economical and widely acclaimed by customers.

Cyclone dust removal technology, with ‘Flex-Flap’ System, reduces the filtration airflow, suitable for drying bulk materials, such as gypsum, cement clinker, slag, etc.

Contact us now, we can provide you with fixed ECO Hopper and movable ECO Hopper (tyre mounted or rail mounted).

OUCO Cyclone Dust Proof ECO hopper

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Eco hopper manufacturer process

Eco Hopper Case(1)Six 40 m³ Port Cyclone Dust Collector Hoppers Shipping To Japan!

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What is ECO Hopper?

It is a dust-controlled grab unloading hopper. Eco hoppers minimize the escape of dust during grab discharge operation. This equipment helps efficient import of dry bulk cargoes.

ECO hopper is ideal for discharging by ship-mounted or shoreside grab cranes. It can accommodate grab capacities of 1 to 37 m³.

Track Type Mobile Eco Hopper Discharge
Track Type Mobile Eco Hopper Discharge
What are the Available ECO Hoppers?

Here are some of the heavy-duty ECO hoppers available:

  • Eco Dust Proof Mobile Hopper – Capable of handling a variety of dry bulk materials. It is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly dust discharge hopper. It provides a versatile and high-efficiency bag filter dust control port hopper for your applications.
  • Cyclone Dust Control Port Eco Hopper – It is equipped with a simple and effective dust-proof system. It has a series of hoppers to hold a 1 to 37 m ³ grab capacity. The hopper size of the ECO hopper has a corresponding high or low-level frame.
  • Tyre Mounted Dust Control Eco Hopper – Efficiently import dry bulk cargoes. It is designed to suit any bulk material.
  • Rail Mounted Dust Proof Eco Hopper – It is made from top-quality structural and high strength steel features durable and long-lasting use.
  • Stationary Dust Proof ECO Hopper – You can simply install it in the port and use. It has a very good surface protection and you can easily remove it in the port and install it elsewhere.
  • Bag Filter Type ECO hopper – It has the best dust removal effect available, but the filter bag needs to be replaced after long-term use.
What are the Elements ECO Hoppers can Handle?

OUCO ECO hoppers have the ability to work with a broad variety of dry bulk materials with various characteristics. Some are the following:

  • Various Ores: Nickel Ores, Iron Ore, Gypsum, Bauxite, Copper Concentrates & Copper Mine, Slag and more.
  • General: Cement, Clinker, Sulphur, Soda Ash, Limestone, Minerals, Coal, Woodchips, Sand, Gravel, Chemicals, Gravel, Minerals, Coal, Plastic Pellets.
  • Edible: Cereal, Grains, Coffee Beans, Sugar, Salt, Flour
  • Others: Sludge, Clay, Petroleum Coke, Bentonite, Biomass
  • Partially wet material, alternative fuels and advanced fuels.

What do you need to handle? Please consult us in advance about the sizes, shapes, and compositions of the materials.

What are Main Features and Advantages of ECO Hoppers?
  • ECO hoppers have a large bucket capacity
  • It has a large open area
  • Multiple discharge and travel options
  • Deliver increased safety features
  • Have solid and robust designs
  • Suitable for non-dedicated quays
  • Flexible positioning to fit unloading vessel
  • Manufactured from finest quality structure and high strength steel
  • Extensive dust control features such as dust seals, flex flaps, air compressor, dust control filters
  • Low maintenance system
  • Rates of 5,000 tons per hour may be achieved
  • Save time and improve working efficiency
Is Custom ECO Hoppers Available?

OUCO provides bespoke ECO hoppers. It ensures optimum performance to suit the customers’ specific requirements. Bespoke designs have complete flexibility while minimizing investment risks. Message us today!

OUCO Discuss the Detailed Design Proposals With Our Client

Customer Reviews

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6 Review(s)
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The hopper looks like a craft
By Arun Bhati on 2022-11-18
The hopper looks like a craft ,the welding and the painting handled very well.
star star star star star
This is my second eco-hopper bought from OUCO
By Vu Van Luong on 2022-01-05
This is my second eco-hopper bought from OUCO. The first one had been used for two years, runs smoothly, I booked another one because of demand expansion.
star star star star star
Good packaged , delivery in time
By Mike Ahrebd on 2021-07-08
Good packaged , delivery in time.Give me feedback without delay,very well.
star star star star star
It took me three months but it’s worthwhile
By Henry on 2019-09-09
It took me three months but it’s worthwhile, the eco-hopper looks great.
star star star star star
Professional ,responsible,high quality, good service
By Vu Van Luong on 2019-04-21
Professional ,responsible,high quality, good service.
star star star star star
We ordered on and off a total of 12 eco-hoppers
By Jose Lira on 2019-02-05
We ordered on and off a total of 12 eco-hoppers and grabs from OUCO, we are very satisfied with their products, recommend.
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