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Winch systems are devices used to wind a cable or a rope in or out; the resulting tension pulls an object. The winch drum can be powered manually, pneumatically, electrically, or hydraulically. At OUCO, we supply powerful hydraulic winch systems, as well as other winch types. 

Our winch systems are perfect for marine, offshore, and port applications. We design winch systems with suitable specifications like working load, rope capacity, overload pulling force, and more. 

We can also include a variety of optional features, such as single or double stainless steel drums, galvanized clovers, greasing systems, pulling chains, or ropes.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Winch System Manufacturer?

You can be sure of the quality of OUCO winch systems. We always pay close attention to every winch system, inspecting its safety features and general performance. We also accept third-party testing, if you prefer that. 

The OUCO factory and winch systems have the full set of certifications, including ABS, CCS, DNV(GL), RMRS, NK, Rina, KR, CE, ISO, and SGS.

Winch System

Best Winch System Solution

With the OUCO winch system, you can complete more complex winch operations, you can control the speed change, emergency braking, and guide the direction of the rope.
The winch system can be used in combination with other equipment or operated independently. And, in addition to electric and hydraulic options, we also offer many customised options.

water proof Electric Winch System
Multifunctional winch system

What to consider when buying Winch System?

Each component of Winch System has different requirements, usually the cab meets the requirements IP22 and above, deck winch meets IP56 and above, and electrical cabinet meets IP54 and above.
In addition, you also need to consider the winch’s operating temperature, paint and paint standards, suitable for your control station installation location, whether it needs to be equipped with a cable lift, winding device requirements, and more. In short, keep communicating with our sales representative and we will provide the most reasonable solution for you.

Latest Finished Winch System

custom winch system

OUCO supports customization of the Winch System, providing you with the most suitable Winch System for your specific use scenario and job content.

Custom Hydraulic winch with cable guide

OUCO Offshore Winch System can be used for handling, power transfer and signal transfer of corers, research equipment, diving equipment.

Winch System

OUCO’s 10 km EOM winch was equipped on board the “Zhang Jian” and successfully completed more than 50 days of scientific research tests in the western Pacific Ocean.

hydraulic mooring winch

OUCO electric traction winch with 350 tons of traction and 650 tons of braking force. You can equipped with one or two towing drums according to your needs.

red winch system

OUCO produces winch systems that support color customization and meet C5M marine painting standards, which are corrosion-resistant and not easy to lose paint.

hydraulic anchor winch

In addition to marine operations, they can also be used for factory material and bulk cargo handling work, and OUCO offers classification society certification and acceptance testing.

Winch manufacturer process

What is Winch System?

A winch system is a mechanical device usually used to roll in or out a rope or cable. But on a ship, the winch system helps anchor the vessel in the bottom of the sea. And also, the winch system has a significant role in safety. Using a winch system creates or adjusts the pressure of a rope to move or drag an object.

What is the Difference Between Winch and Hoist?

A winch is designed to drag or maneuver the heavy object in a horizontal direction. While the hoist moves vertically; and it is used when you lift a lower load. A hoist is composed of chain and wire rope and can work by using powered motors or by manual.

But overall, both of them are an essential tool that makes it easier to pull any heavy object.

What are the Components of the Winch System?

The essential components of a winch system are:

Cable Wire – Is an artificial fiber rope that is usually seen swaddle around the drum to avoid mix-up. The cable has a measurement of from 40 up to 100 feet.

Drum – Where the cable or wire rope is being wrapped.

Motor – One of the main component of the winch system. Without the motor, winch would not function. And it helps to speed up the winches.

Gear Train – Get hold of power from the motor and turn it into wrench power in pulling any heavy object.

What is the Lifting Capacity of a Winch System?

The Winch system can lift up to 2000 kg or 4400lbs.

Where Can a Winch System Use for?
  • Loading System
  • Ship’s Lift
  • Gate Control
  • Building Bridge
  • Amusement Rides
  • Adjustment of the boom height of a ship dropping

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Its control system is extensively simulated
By Thomas on
Its control system is extensively simulated.
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Systems feature sufficient fault tolerance levels
By Carlos Cornelius on
Systems feature sufficient fault tolerance levels.
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Lead times are short and expensive offshore
By Angelo on
Lead times are short and expensive offshore commissioning time is reduced.
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Lead times are short and expensive offshore
By Michael on
Lead times are short and expensive offshore
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Designed to cover a wide range of our requirements
By Roberto M. on
Designed to cover a wide range of our requirements and convinces with short development times.
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Individual special solutions for us
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Individual special solutions for us.
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