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OUCO certifications

OUCO watertight doors include sliding, hydraulic, and bulkhead options. 

Our watertight bulkhead doors are typically installed between the engine room, the shaft tunnel, the boiler room, the steering gear room, as well as in any other vertical division.OUCO hydraulic watertight sliding doors are perfect for small compartments. We design the doors to be opened manually from both sides, or even from the upper deck. This is a great option to maintain safety on a ship. 

We also supply our watertight doors with A0-A60 class fire protection for enhanced safety.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Watertight Door Manufacturer?

Over 40 years, OUCO has become one of the most professional marine watertight door manufacturers in China. 

Our watertight doors comply with class rules, SOLAS guidelines, as well as CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, GL, and LR standards. 

We use specialized industry DH36, EH36, and HG70 steel to supply the most reliable watertight doors.

Watertight Door

Custom Watertight Door Solutions

OUCO’s watertight door frames are made of aluminum, steel or stainless steel. And the panel (SA2.5) material is aluminum and stainless steel, suitable for working environments with different water pressure.

It only needs one person to operate, and the full-featured control box will meet all your usage needs. In addition, Ingress Protection (IP) Rating can be designed according to your requirements.

Custom White Marine Watertight Door
Electro-Hydraulic Sliding Watertight Door

Application of Watertight Doors

Watertight doors enable a wide variety of uses, mainly used for the protection of cabins and passages. Such as vessels, offshore, offshore oil and gas platforms, offshore wind farms, nuclear power facilities, inland lakes and reservoirs. For the isolation of water, fire, harmful gases and noise.

Watertight doors allow people and cargo to pass through. If you go in and out of the passageway frequently, we recommend you choose a sliding watertight door.

Latest Finished Watertight Door

Hydraulic Watertight Door

OUCO Sliding Watertight Door, Light weight, firm, bump resistant, flame retardant, sound insulation, high adiabatic strength.

Watertight Door

OUCO Marine Watertight Door  Specially used for all kinds of ships, waterproof and fireproof, light structure, easy to open and close.

Watertight Door Supplier

OUCO Hydraulic Hinged Watertight door is easy to install, beautiful in appearance, with manual emergency stop device.

What is Watertight Door?

Marine watertight doors refer to non-permeable metal doors installed on water-tight bulkheads and perimeter walls within a ship.

These doors are located on the compartment bulkheads and exterior walls of a ship’s superstructure, and possess the same strength as the ship’s structural design to withstand a certain level of pressure while maintaining water-tightness.

Water-tight doors allow for the passage of personnel and goods while preventing the ingress of water, fire, and toxic gases into compartments and the spread within the ship. They serve as a reliable safety barrier even during emergencies such as floods or accidents.

What are the Types of Watertight Door?

Marine Water-tight Doors can be classified according to their structural shape, including circular, rectangular, elliptical, and spherical pressure-resistant water-tight doors.

In general, we classify them mainly according to their closing mechanisms:

Hinged Water-tight Doors:
easy to operate and lightweight in design, and are intended to swing open and closed on hinges, similar to a typical door in a building.
They require enough space for the door to rotate open without obstructing the surrounding area, making them more suitable for smaller openings. They’re also easier to install and maintain.

Sliding Water-tight Doors:
Designed to slide horizontally along a track that is closely fitted to the wall to open and close, can move horizontally or vertically. They achieve a watertight seal through the inclined surface of the door frame and door panel.
Sliding water-tight doors are suitable for areas where the door swinging open would obstruct the limited space available, such as narrow passageways or compartments with obstructions.

Hinged and Sliding Water-tight Doors
Hinged Water-tight Door and Sliding Water-tight Door
Watertight Door vs. Weathertight Door - What is the Difference?

The watertight and weathertight door is trendy and stands the most significant role in the marine industry. 

The table shows the difference between the watertight door and the weathertight door:

Watertight Door
Weathertight Door
  • It is designed to stop or prevent the water from entering both sides of the vessel.
  • It is intended to avoid the ingress of water from coming from outside to the ship’s inside
  • This door can be open and closed in upward or sideward motion.
  • This door can be open and closed in an outward motion.
  • It is generally found below deck level.
  • It is commonly located above the waterline of the ship.
What is the Proper Way to Maintaining Watertight Door?

The watertight door must undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure its normal and consistent operations. 

In doing maintenance, it is needed to check first the overall function of the whole system including the:

  • Warning alarms and related devices
  • The hydraulic and electric mechanical power
  • Fluid level indicators
  • Lights
  • Valves
  • Seal

On the other hand, related inspection and maintenance must be based upon the general maintenance system.

  • The watertight door, including the frames and the gasket, should be permanently clean. 
  • Watch out for the possible cracks, corrosion, and other structural damages to a watertight door. 
  • Check the wheels, bearings, and rails for possible damages and defects. 
  • Check the condition of the hydraulic system for possible leakings.
  • Check for the connections of pumps, pipe, hydraulic cylinder, and hand pump.
  • Must lubricate all mechanical parts during maintenance. 
  • Ensure that the watertight door must have instructions and reminders attached to it. 

Insufficiency of proper maintenance and inspection of watertight doors can lead to excessive danger and risk, which probably affects the overall performance of the vessel and the life of every individual.  

What Type of Metals Watertight Door is Made of?

A Watertight door is made up of these primary materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Marine Steel
  • Stainless Steel

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