Marine Capstan Winch

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OUCO manufactures marine anchor capstan winches that have the same purpose and functions as a windlass winch.  

However, on capstans, the chain wheel is mounted on a vertical axis, meaning that the rope gets wrapped horizontally. 

Marine capstans are electrically driven and consist of a warping head, a clutch part, a chain wheel, a band brake, a reducer, and an electric motor. 

You can also choose for a local control stand or a remote control panel. Additionally, our products have been approved by all major classification societies.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Marine Capstans Supplier?

OUCO is proud to offer you many different types of marine capstan winches. You can choose from a variety of designs: driven modes and installation ways, you can choose what best suits your needs.

We manufacture marine capstans with a pull force of up to 250kN. Our 40-year experience makes us competitive and qualified for any capstan product.

Marine Capstan Winch

Applications of Marine Capstan

A marine capstan is typically designed with a vertical axis for rope rotation. It’s mainly used in offshore towing operations involving towing ropes, cables, and anchor chains.

If your boat has ample space and does not require a wire reel, we highly recommend choosing OUCO marine capstan. Not only does it save time and effort, but it can also be utilized in various other fields outside of the maritime industry.

OUCO Hydraulic marine capstan winch
OUCO manual marine capstan winch

Choosing the Right Capstan

As a professional Marine Capstan Supplier, we manufacture a wide range of capstans, you can choose from our standard products or custom-made for your boat:

  • Marine Anchor Capstan
  • Marine Mooring Capstan
  • Electric Capstan Winch
  • Hydraulic Capstan
  • Manual Capstan
  • Vertical Capstan
  • Horizontal Capstan
  • Special Custom Capstan

Latest Finished Marine Capstan Winch

electric capstan winch

The OUCO Marine Electric Capstan is electric drive and has higher efficiency and variable speed.

marine capstan winch

With a maximum pull force range of Φ30~250kN and is designed to accommodate chain diameters ranging from 22mm to 102mm.

Capstan Winch

OUCO 30KN Electric-Power Capstan, Chain diameter is 22mm ~ 102mm, Pull force range Φ30~250kN

hydraulic mooring winch

OUCO Electric Capstan Windlass Winch can be controlled by remote control and is available with all major classification societies approvals.

Hydraulic combination anchor winch

The best capstan on a ship, suitable for mooring operations, ship positioning, anchoring operations, etc.

The combination capstan is electrically or hydraulically powered and used for lifting, towing, mooring and anchoring.

Vertical Anchor Capstan

Elevate your mooring operations with our vertical anchor capstans, expertly designed to manage anchor chains, with a safe working load (SWL) ranging from 5KN to 250KN.

OUCO hydraulic mooring capstan

Experience unparalleled durability with our hydraulic mooring winches, engineered to effortlessly retrieve, handle, and secure mooring ropes on deck for reliable and efficient maritime operations.

Electric Anchor Capstan

Customizable for your specific needs, our electric anchor capstans boast load capacities of up to 35 tons. Vertical and horizontal types are available.

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Customer Reviews

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star star star star star
By Edwin Evangelista on
High-capacity, anti-friction bearings designed for long life, low noise and higher output torque.
star star star star star
Utilize High-Efficiency
By Adolfo Soliz on
Utilize High-Efficiency.
star star star star star
Large capstan head for use with 2" rope
By Syed Ali Farhan on
Large capstan head for use with 2" rope
star star star star star
gned for starting torque up to 33,000 lbs
By Monika on
gned for starting torque up to 33,000 lbs
star star star star star
A direct-drive design increases the efficiency of the capstan.
By Osman on
A direct-drive design increases the efficiency of the capstan.
star star star star star
Safe usage and easy operation
By Serdar Gürsoy on
Safe usage and easy operation.
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