Port Crane

OUCO offers both stationary and mobile port cranes. They can be fixed, mounted to a jetty or quay on a pedestal, or on a traveling gantry.

Our port cranes can handle all types of cargo, such as containers, bulk, and general cargo.

With a working radius of up to 56m  and a lifting capacity of up to 200t, OUCO port cranes present a great solution for loading and unloading in ports and terminals. We can design a tailored port crane that will be accessible at any point in the terminal.

Port cranes can be equipped with various tools, depending on your requirements.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Port Crane Manufacturer?

Being one of the most professional port crane manufacturers, OUCO supplies port cranes to businesses all over the world. We can even provide you with references if you would like. Moreover, we collaborate with companies that are leaders in the industry.

OUCO constantly strives to improve, retaining our top place on the market even after 40 years.

Port Crane


What is a Port Crane?

A port crane is a heavy-duty machine. It is equipped with cables and pulleys. This machine is used to lift and lower large objects, containers, cargo, general cargo, etc.

It is excellent in loading and unloading intermodal containers that weigh tons.

How are Port Cranes Powered?

Port cranes are powered by alternating current (AC motor) and direct current (DC motor). Port cranes powered by an AC motor provide higher torque.

Port cranes need various motors to allow for particular crane functions. There are motors for gantry and trolley, hoisting maneuver, and moving the boom.

What are the Types of Port Cranes?

Several types of port cranes are available. Some are the following:

Quay Cranes – Also called ship-to-shore cranes. It is utilized to operate on containers from ship to shore and vice versa. It is placed along the quayside. Where the container ships are efficiently reachable.

Crawler Crane – Easily handle bulk and other cargo. It is located in port facilities. Using this you can reduce operating costs.

Yard Cranes – Located the port’s container yard. It transfers laden containers from the yard to trailers. There are so many types of this crane including Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes (RTG), Rail-Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMG), etc.

Load Manipulator – It offers excellent stability and high lifting capacity. Using this you can experience great advantages such as:

  • Low fuel consumption
  • intelligent machine control
  • High-power, speed, and precision
  • guarantee maximum productivity and performance
  • Outstanding panoramic vision

Chainloader – One of the special cranes used in the discharges of ships. It has great maneuverability and can distribute the load easily. This crane can operate in the most extreme working conditions.

Wheel Loaders – wheel loaders are used to:

  • unload ships
  • transport loads
  • load trucks and freight trains

Aside from the mentioned above types of port cranes, you can also find other types such as Panamax cranes, Super post-Panamax, Post Panamax, Bulk handling cranes, Hammerhead cranes, Floating cranes, Deck cranes, rough terrain cranes, Overhead cranes, Tower cranes, etc.

What are Port Cranes Advantages?
  • Effectively handle bulk cargo, containers, and general cargo
  • Perfect solution for small and medium-sized ports
  • Low investment
  • Deliver high performance in port
  • Offer in wire-luffing or cylinder-luffing crane types
  • Ensures smooth, fast control system
  • Delivers excellent monitoring capabilities
  • Excellent integrated diagnostic functions
Do You Have a Complete Range of Port Cranes?

Yes, totally.

Our team offers a comprehensive range of special port cranes depending on your requirements. It can flexibly handle individual and bulk loads. These port cranes can lift 40 metric tons up to 200 tons. Standard and custom port cranes are here.

Our port crane machines are available in operations such as:

  • handling machines
  • loaders on chains
  • wheel loaders
  • cranes on hydraulic chains
  • hydraulic excavators
  • quay cranes
  • load manipulator, etc.

Customer Reviews

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6 Review(s)
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Crane é muitofácil de operar e instalar por nósmesmos.
By Mathews on 2021-12-10
Crane é muitofácil de operar e instalar por nósmesmos.
star star star star star
The crane is ok. I am very satisfied.
By Roshin on 2021-11-10
The crane is ok. I am very satisfied.
star star star star star
mabilis dumating ang order. lahat ay gumagananangmahusay
By Sridhar on 2021-08-05
mabilis dumating ang order. lahat ay gumagananangmahusay. sinuri. nasiyahansapagbili. Inirerekomenda ko ang nagbebenta.
star star star star star
We bought one set of 25 t port crane for our port, Improved port efficiency
By Amegbor on 2021-06-15
We bought one set of 25 t port crane for our port, Improved port efficiency
star star star star star
Этотгрузовойкраноснованнаконструкцииинженера OUCO.
By Hashem on 2021-04-09
Этотгрузовойкраноснованнаконструкцииинженера OUCO.
star star star star star
We customized the 30T port crane,have been installed it
By Faisal on 2021-03-10
We customized the 30T port crane,have been installed it ,runs stable.
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