1. Crane Designers

Two years college program in Engineering Design and Drafting Technology, or three to four years of apprentice program in a related field.

Proficient in using one or several software applications such as Autoplant, AutoCAD, Smartplant 3D, Microstation, Excel, etc.

Strong understanding of mechanical principles, with the ability to design various types of cranes, including telescopic cranes, folding boom cranes, and straight boom cranes.

Capable of assisting foreign trade sales by providing technical support to customers and answering their technical inquiries.

Proactive in receiving and addressing technical feedback from the workshop, ensuring timely resolution of technical issues.

2. Riveter

Proficient in riveting techniques to produce metal products according to specifications and requirements.

Knowledge of reading and interpreting engineering drawings, as well as familiarity with commonly used metal materials and heat treatment processes.

Ability to work with raw materials and handle general structural parts, correcting large or complex deformations, and creating expanded drawings of basic shapes.

Skilled in using maintenance shears, gas cutting, electric welding machines, and other relevant equipment.

Demonstrates an independent and self-driven work approach, capable of working efficiently and effectively without constant supervision.

3. Purchase Manager

Familiarity with commonly used parts and materials in machinery, as well as product processing technology and process flow.

Up-to-date knowledge of market price fluctuations in related industries and the ability to analyze market trends.

Communication Skills, Capable of effectively communicating with customer representatives, equipment and product suppliers, and technical experts to gather necessary technical information.

Demonstrates a track record of rich experience in procurement and supply chain management. Willingness to work abroad or undertake short-term business trips as required.

4. Groove Workers

Proficient in processing and assembling grooves of specific geometric shapes in welded parts, adhering to design or process requirements while ensuring weldability.

Skilled in gas cutting and capable of performing ultrasonic inspections to remove oxide slag from machined profiles.

Able to process various types of grooves as needed, including K-shaped groove, V-shaped groove, U-shaped groove, and other relevant profiles using machining methods.

5. Welders

Possesses a valid welding certification and is proficient in gas welding techniques and flaw detection methods.

Demonstrates experience in welding high-strength plates and conducting UT flaw detection on welds.

Capable of efficiently performing technical inspections, modifications, repairs, and renovations of crane structural components.

Possesses a certain level of mechanical knowledge and aptitude, enabling precise control of precision and attention to detail in welding tasks.

6. Assembly Worker

Possesses good physical health and the ability to handle and move heavy objects, with the completion of a related training certificate.

Proficient in operating mechanical equipment and using tools to assemble mechanical equipment parts, components, or finished products.

Able to carry out assembly tasks, component assembly, and general assembly of crane parts following technical requirements, including adjustments and inspections.

Capable of commissioning systems and equipment and generating comprehensive test reports.

7. CNC Cutting Machine Operator

Holds post-secondary training or certification in CNC machining or related fields, showcasing specialized knowledge in CNC operations.

Exhibits great physical stamina to handle machine operations efficiently and has basic math skills for accurate measurements.

Demonstrates proficiency in cutting materials using CNC machines, with the ability to operate machines independently. Possesses a strong sense of responsibility and a dedicated work ethic in handling CNC cutting operations.

Brings hands-on experience in operating various types of cutting machines, including familiarity with different cutting processes, tools, and materials. Has the ability to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise during the CNC cutting process, ensuring smooth and precise operations.

8. International Sales

Possesses higher education or relevant work experience in business, marketing, or a related field, demonstrating a strong foundation in sales and marketing principles.

Able to engage with customers and engineers to identify their needs and provide the best solutions and services, while also overseeing the manufacturing process and taking responsibility for shipping and after-sales support.

Skilled in developing and maintaining customer relationships through various platforms, ensuring effective communication and customer satisfaction. Proactively builds and nurtures business relationships to achieve business goals, effectively strategizing and executing sales initiatives.

Proficient in using office programs such as Microsoft Windows/MS Office. Fluent in 1-2 foreign languages, e.g. English, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, etc., with an advantage for international sales. Possession of a driver’s license is an added advantage.

9. Miller

With relevant education and training, possess welding certification from a recognized authority, such as the ABS, CCS, AWS, or others, and demonstrate knowledge of safety regulations.

Exhibit great physical stamina and proficiency in operating a drilling machine. Prove track record of successful welding projects and a solid understanding of various welding techniques, including flaw detection welding and gas-shielded welding.

Capable of interpreting and understanding technical drawings, understanding the structural aspects of heavy equipment, and discerning specific welding requirements for different materials and parts. Strong communication and teamwork skills.

10. Hydraulic Systems Engineer

Possesses a college degree or above in a relevant field and has accumulated 1-3 years of work experience in hydraulic systems and related fields. Proficient in hydraulic principles, with the ability to design hydraulic systems and create technical drawings to ensure optimal performance of equipment.

Proficient in using computer software like Solidworks to facilitate hydraulic system design and drafting. Assisting mechanical engineers in the design and enhancement of products, ensuring seamless integration of hydraulic components.

Providing essential technical support to sales and production teams, offering valuable insights and solutions.

Demonstrates a strong work ethic, performing tasks conscientiously and responsibly. Exhibits a collaborative spirit, actively engaging in teamwork to achieve collective goals.

11. Grab Bucket Engineer

Hold a college degree or above in a relevant field, with 1-3 years of work experience in grab engineering. Proficient in using computer software, especially Solidworks, to facilitate grab design and drafting.

Possess a comprehensive understanding of grab applications, mechanical principles, and hydraulic principles. Ability to design various types of grabs and create detailed technical drawings for documentation and archiving.

Provide essential technical support to sales and production teams, offering expertise in grab engineering.

Exhibit a strong work ethic, demonstrating conscientious and responsible behavior in handling engineering tasks. Embrace a collaborative spirit, actively engaging in teamwork to achieve shared goals.

12. CNC Lathe Operator

Demonstrate the ability to complete assigned production tasks promptly and efficiently.

Strictly adhere to machine tool operating regulations and the machine tool manual while operating the CNC lathe.

Ensure precise workpiece processing in accordance with process documents and drawings.

Take responsibility for the daily maintenance of machine tools, ensuring their optimal condition.

Prior experience and proficiency in operating CNC machine tools, particularly with the Siemens system, is preferred.

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