1. Crane designer:

Two years college program in Engineering Design and Drafting Technology, or three to four years of apprentice program in a related field.
Ability to use one or several softwares: Autoplant, AutoCAD, Smartplant 3D, Microstation, Excel, etc.
Familiar with mechanical principles, he can design various types of cranes, including telescopic cranes, folding boom cranes, and straight boom cranes
Able to assist foreign trade sales, provide technical support to customers and answer technical questions.
You can improve the technical problems feedback from the workshop in time

2. Riveter:

Riveters should make corresponding metal products according to requirements.
Knowledge of drawing, knowledge of commonly used metal materials and heat treatment; raw materials and general structural parts that can correct large or complex deformations, and can make expanded drawings of basic shapes.
Calculate the unfolded material length; can use maintenance shears, gas cutting, electric welding machines, and other equipment
Independent and practice-oriented way of working.

3. Groove worker:

Workers can process and assemble grooves of a certain geometric shape in the welded parts to be welded according to the design or process requirements. At the same time, weldability is guaranteed.
Under normal circumstances, the profile that can be machined by machining methods requires mastery of gas cutting and can be ultrasonically inspected, remove the oxide slag, and can be processed for the following grooves according to needs: K-shaped groove, V-Shaped groove, U-shaped groove, etc.

4. Purchase manager:

Familiar with commonly used parts and materials of machinery, product processing technology, process flow.
Be aware of market price fluctuations in related industries and has the ability to analyze the market.
Communicate with customer representatives, equipment and product suppliers, technical experts to obtain required technical information.
Excellent oral and written communication skills, rich experience.
May be working abroad or short-term business trip.

5. Welder:

Holds valid welding certification, capable of gas welding and flaw detection.
Experienced in welding high-strength plate, UT flaw detection, and multi-pass weld.
Can efficiently complete technical inspections, modifications, repairs and renovations of crane structural parts.
Have certain mechanical knowledge and ability, have good control of precision and details.

6. Assembly worker:

Good health, can move heavy objects, completion of a related training certificate.
Be able to operate mechanical equipment or use tools to assemble mechanical equipment parts, components, or finished products.
Carry out assembly, component assembly, and general assembly of parts according to the technical requirements of mechanical equipment, and adjustment, inspection, etc.
Commissioning of systems and equipment, create test report.

7. The Operator of CNC Cutting Machine:

Proficient in cutting materials with CNC machines, a strong sense of responsibility, be able to operate machines independently

8. Sales:

Develop and follow up customers via OUCO platforms.
Communicate with customers and engineers to provide the best solution and service to them, follow up the manufacturing process from the workshop, and be responsible for shipping and after-sales.
Higher education or related work experience in business, marketing or a related field.
Proactive and able to build good business relationships, effectively develop strategies and achieve business goals.
Proficient in office programs such as Microsoft Windows/MS Office, driver license and multiple languages are better.

9. Miller:

Familiar with a drilling machine, understand drawings, be able to operate flaw detection welding, gas shielded welding, etc.

10. Hydraulic engineer:

Job Requirements:
Familiar with hydraulic principle, design hydraulic system, draw, and file technical drawings
Assist mechanical engineers to design and improve products
Provide technical support for sales and production
College degree or above
Proficiency in using computer software such as Solidworks
One year of relevant work experience
Work conscientiously and responsibly, have a teamwork spirit

11. Grab bucket engineer:

Job Requirements:
Familiar with the application of grabs, mechanical principles, hydraulic principles, etc., design various forms of grabs, draw and archive technical drawings
Provide technical support for sales and production
College degree or above
Proficiency in using computer software such as Solidworks
One year of relevant work experience
Work conscientiously and responsibly, have a teamwork spirit

12. CNC Lathe Master:

Job Responsibilities:
Complete the production tasks assigned to the product or process on time
Use the machine tool strictly in accordance with the requirements of the machine tool operating regulations and the machine tool manual
Process the workpiece in strict accordance with the process documents and drawings
Responsible for the daily maintenance of machine tools
Skilled operation of CNC machine tools is preferred
Proficiency in operating Siemens system is preferred

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