Cargo Crane

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Cargo cranes are shipboard cranes required for various cargo vessels, geared bulk carriers, feeders, reefers, heavy lift vessels, and some forest product carriers.

As a prime cargo crane manufacturer, OUCO offers special handling attachments like container spreaders, rotators, and grabs for your cargo cranes.

The cargo spotting systems on our cargo cranes allow inexperienced operators to cope with the pendulum effects and centrifugal forces. Additionally, cargo crane electronic aids help to keep cargo units aligned properly despite slewing motion and other external forces.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Cargo Crane Supplier?

OUCO offers cargo cranes with electronic aids, optimized hoisting height, required lifting capacity, and more. We thoroughly inspect every order, making sure that it complies with necessary quality standards.

OUCO cargo cranes for sale combine power and reliability, safely handling your bulk cargo.

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Cargo Crane

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What is a Cargo Crane?

It is a large transshipment  crane used to drop off and pick up shipping containers from cargo vessels at port facilities.

Cargo cranes are supported by a foundation. It can travel the distance of a quay or yard on a railway track.

This cargo crane is a multi-purpose container ship, equipped cargo vessel, conveyor belt, reefer, and capable of lifting vessels.

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What are The Purposes of a Cargo Crane?

It improves a ship’s overall effectiveness and cuts down on time spent in port.

It also aids in maintaining the constant alignment of vessels or other shipment units. It has a specified axis, despite dynamic circumstances.

It allows even inexperienced contractors to deal with simple harmonic impacts and friction force.

What Are The Types of a Cargo Crane?

There are various types of Cargo Crane that is available to sustain the needs of every user, it includes the following:

  1. Autonomous Discharging Cargo Crane

It is safe, smart, and efficient when handling cargo.

  1. General Purpose Cargo Crane

It handles your spares and provisions in a secure and dependable way.

  1. Electric Gantry Crane

It is an efficient, budget-friendly, and eco-friendly crane that is ideal for carrying lift-away hatch covers.

        4. Hose Handling Cargo Crane

It is manufactured to function in hazardous environments and delivers securely and reliably.

5. Port Cargo Crane

It is a perfect crane for small and medium-sized ports and it is designed to hand bulk containers.

What are The Advantages of a Cargo Crane?

It provides convenient and essentially the same process crane authority. It also has an individual lifting and slewing motions.

Cargo cranes can function at full throttle while performing all three movement patterns at the same time.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Reduced operator tiredness
  • Enhanced safety
  • Decreased lower cargo and structural damage of the ship
  • Has a safe working load
  • Increased cargo stability
  • It has various crane designs and special handling components
  • Enables operators to cope with cernuous effects and decentralizing effects
  • It improves productivity
  • It can be delivered in a stepless outreach combination
  • Excellent mounting performance
  • Sturdy design
  • Level-luffing
  • Long outreach at an optimum weight
  • It is weather protected

Accessibility and Placement:

Cargo cranes are readily accessible from specialized distributors, with the shipping company bears responsibility for placement.

It provides an instant operations and maintenance unit that only requires one man to operate.

They are typically placed in between handles, mostly on a framework that can be twisted through 360°.

What Are The Different Lifting Capacities of The Cargo Crane?

This type of crane can carry or lift goods in different capacities like the following:

  • 26T @ 26M Cargo Crane
  • 40T @ 26M Cargo Crane
  • 20T @ 30M Cargo Crane

General Design:

Cargo Cranes are manufactured to sustain the rules of all recognized classification societies. It must contain the following layout:

  • It contains all machinery enclosed in crane housing.
  • The standard cargo crane range covers lifting capabilities from 25 to 100 tones with outreaches of up to 41m.
  • It can be incorporated with the tools that will be used for carrying specific types of cargo.

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By Christina on 2021-11-25
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Huge cargo crane,save a lot of labor.
By Sam on 2021-10-06
Huge cargo crane,save a lot of labor.
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By Dennis on 2021-11-13
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This port crane with high working efficiency to save a lot of time.
By Mario on 2021-10-20
This port crane with high working efficiency to save a lot of time.
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Menerimadereklautteleskopik boom, sangat bagusfungsinya.
By Winston on
Menerimadereklautteleskopik boom, sangat bagusfungsinya.
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