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Cargo cranes are shipboard cranes required for various cargo vessels, geared bulk carriers, feeders, reefers, heavy lift vessels, and some forest product carriers.

As a prime cargo crane manufacturer, OUCO offers special handling attachments like container spreaders, rotators, and grabs for your cargo cranes.

The cargo spotting systems on our cargo cranes allow inexperienced operators to cope with the pendulum effects and centrifugal forces. Additionally, cargo crane electronic aids help to keep cargo units aligned properly despite slewing motion and other external forces.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Cargo Crane Supplier?

OUCO offers cargo cranes with electronic aids, optimized hoisting height, required lifting capacity, and more. We thoroughly inspect every order, making sure that it complies with necessary quality standards.

OUCO cargo cranes for sale combine power and reliability, safely handling your bulk cargoes.

We provide quality testing and whole crane shipping services for each cargo crane, which will greatly ease your worries.

Contact us today and receive the quote within 24 hours.

Features of Our Cargo Crane

Our cargo cranes offer unmatched versatility and are designed to move large quantities of cargo quickly. From effortlessly lifting containers to transporting bulk cargo, managing irregular goods, to executing construction tasks in ports and offshore platforms — our cranes are engineered for diverse applications.

Tailor the crane to your specific needs with a radius designed between 10m and 60m. Achieve lifting capacities ranging from 20 tons to 200 tons, ensuring adaptability to a spectrum of work requirements.

Experience smooth operation through stepless control, enabling stable and precise hoisting, luffing, and slewing functions. Our cranes are equipped with a remote monitoring system, comprehensive safety protection devices, and a communication & lighting system for enhanced operational safety.

Besides, each of our cargo cranes can be custom-designed and manufactured according to the unique requirements of our customers.

cargo crane grabbing bulk material (1)
China rail mounted cargo crane (2)

Advantages of Our Cargo Crane

OUCO Cargo Cranes adhere to the ISO9001:2015 standard. These cranes are compatible with both grabs and hooks, ensuring optimal functionality at maximum stretch and load for extended durations.

Our cargo cranes boast precise and swift positioning capabilities, supported by a stable base for enhanced performance. And with a comfortable and thoughtfully designed cab.

Choose from various forms tailored to your needs, including Fixed and rail-mounted mobile types. Especially our tire-mounted options showcase exceptional maneuverability, courtesy of high-strength off-road tires suitable for all terrains.

Quality is ingrained in every component, featuring high-strength materials and corrosion-resistant housings. The anti-collision cylinder and a protective layer of 300μm marine paint ensure longevity and durability.

Latest Finished Cargo Crane

cargo dock crane with a clamshell grab

Fixed type, suitable for small wharves and shores, equipped with a clamshell grab for grabbing dry bulk cargoes.

Cargo Floating Cranes

30 tons to 1000 tons are available, Installed on floating or fixed platforms, API-2C standard, used for lifting overweight cargo.

25t20m heavy duty stiff boom crane

Hydraulic stiff boom, boom length 20M, load capacity of 25T, lifting speed 0~15m/min.

heavy cargo crane

Working radius of 7~37m, lifting speed 0~18m/min, lifting height up to 50m.

marine cargo crane with Operator Cabin

Fixed on ship deck, equipped with a sturdy, anti-corrosion and high-safety cab.

3t40m telescopic boom crane

Hoisting points: 3T40M, 40T6.5M, 10T25M, the boom has a good extension function, the lifting speed is 0~15m/min.

50T37M cargo crane

Gantry cargo crane, working radius of 8m to 37m, corrosion and explosion proof.

1000T ship loader

Cargo ship unloader, fully automated reclaiming and unloading, high unloading efficiency.

port container crane

Standard 20/40 ft container lifting crane, for container transportation and support port operations.

KTB-marine-crane manufacturing process

What is a Cargo Crane?

A cargo crane stands as a robust transshipment device meticulously crafted for the swift loading and unloading of containers, bulk cargoes, and general cargo within port settings, boasting an impressive lifting capacity.

When positioned on ship decks, cargo cranes typically assume fixed structures, installed by a foundation and placed between holds. They find primary application on multi-purpose cargo vessels, container ships, bulk carriers, and more.

On terra firma, onshore cargo cranes manifest in three key types: fixed, rail, and tire. These cranes find their stride in ports, terminals, and yards, significantly amplifying cargo transportation efficiency.

marine cargo crane
Marine Cargo Cranes
What are The Purposes of a Cargo Crane?

A cargo crane serves as a linchpin in optimizing a ship’s efficiency, significantly curtailing turnaround time in ports and playing a pivotal role in the intricate world of port logistics.

Primarily designed for the lifting of heavy general cargo. Through the integration of various attachments, it can execute a diverse range of lifting operations, thereby enhancing its utility.

For instance, when equipped with a spreader, cargo cranes adeptly manage the loading and stacking of containers.

In addition, with the help of grab buckets, they excel in the transfer of dry bulk cargoes like grain, scrap, and various other bulk materials.

What Are The Types of a Cargo Crane?

Various types of Cargo Cranes are available to sustain the needs of every user, it includes the following:

1. Autonomous Discharging Cargo Crane

It is safe, smart, and efficient when handling cargo.

2. General Purpose Cargo Crane

It handles your spares and provisions securely and dependably.

3. Electric Gantry Crane

It is an efficient, budget-friendly, and eco-friendly crane that is ideal for carrying lift-away hatch covers.

4. Hose Handling Cargo Crane

It is manufactured to function in hazardous environments and delivers securely and reliably.

5. Port Cargo Crane

It is a perfect crane for small and medium-sized ports and it is designed to handle bulk containers.

What are The Advantages of a Cargo Crane?

A cargo crane shares the same ease of operation and intuitive functionality as a standard marine crane. Its user-friendly design allows even inexperienced contractors to navigate simple harmonic impacts and friction forces effortlessly, with the operation and maintenance requiring only a single operator.

What distinguishes cargo cranes is their capability to accommodate multiple load modes, catering to diverse needs and ensuring optimal efficiency. Notably, they provide individual lifting and slewing motions, enabling precision in cargo handling.

Additionally, these cranes contribute to the constant alignment of vessels or shipment units through a specified axis, even amidst dynamic circumstances.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Reduced operator tiredness
  • Enhanced safety
  • Decreased lower cargo and structural damage of the ship
  • Has a safe working load
  • Increased cargo stability
  • It has various crane designs and special handling components
  • Enables operators to cope with serious effects and decentralizing effects
  • It improves productivity
  • It can be delivered in a stepless outreach combination
  • Excellent mounting performance
  • Sturdy design
  • Level-luffing
  • Long outreach at an optimum weight
  • It is weather-protected
What Are The Different Lifting Capacities of The Cargo Crane?

This type of crane can carry or lift goods in different capacities like the following:

  • 26T @ 26M Cargo Crane
  • 40T @ 26M Cargo Crane
  • 20T @ 30M Cargo Crane

General Design:

Cargo Cranes are manufactured to sustain the rules of all recognized classification societies. It must contain the following layout:

  • It contains all machinery enclosed in crane housing.
  • The standard cargo crane range covers lifting capabilities from 25 to 100 tones with outreaches of up to 41m.
  • It can be incorporated with the tools that will be used for carrying specific types of cargo.

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La grue de chargement Ouco témoigne de leur expertise
By Dan on 2023-10-08
La grue de chargement Ouco témoigne de leur expertise, en fournissant une solution sûre et efficace pour les besoins de manutention de notre navire.
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Thanks ouco team,
By Carlos Thramer on 2023-05-23
Thanks ouco team, your crane is not just a piece of equipment; it's a comprehensive solution that has streamlined our cargo handling processes and significantly contributed to the overall efficiency of our operations. Highly recommended.
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By Christina on 2023-03-25
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Huge cargo crane,save a lot of labor.
By Sam on 2022-03-06
Huge cargo crane,save a lot of labor.
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By Dennis on 2022-02-15
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