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OUCO customize the durability offshore cranes which can meet the working sea conditions of vessels, increase the safety and convenience of working on supply vessels and various platforms.

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Offshore Cranes Manufacturer

OUCO takes care to manufacture offshore cranes to fulfill your needs.

An offshore crane is typically fixed to a host structure. When developing an offshore crane, we consider the distances from the crane at which various loads are to be lifted, the maximum weight the crane will lift, and the dynamic lifting conditions.

We manufacture various offshore crane types, such as electrical lattice, hydraulic-driven, platform offshore cranes, cranes on semi-submersible or ship-hulled mounts.

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OUCO Offshore Cranes

8t26m telescopic boom crane(1)

OUCO 8t26m Telescopic Boom Crane, supporting 8t26m and 2t30m lifting points, with a working radius of 4M-30M, and can be installed on the deck of bulk carriers and marine vessels to meet the working needs under various circumstances.

1.5t36.6m telescopic boom crane(1)

OUCO 1.5t36.6m Telescopic boom driven by electro-hydraulic. The crane is equipped with a rolled steel base, bolted or welded to the deck at a height of 1200 mm, with a working radius of 36.6m and a lifting height of 30m, and a lifting speed of 1-10m/min.

5t15m Stiff Boom Offshore Crane

OUCO 5t15m Stiff Boom Offshore Crane can perform tasks such as lifting cargo and offshore construction. The luffing cylinder controls the boom luffing, the Hoisting Speed is 0-15m/min, with a working radius of 3M-15M, and the lifting height can reach 15M.

1.5t36.6m Offshore Crane

OUCO 1.5T36.6M telescopic boom offshore crane is a pedestal offshore crane with multiple lifting points, respectively 25T10M, 20T12M, 15T15M, 1.5T36.6M, with strong outreach capability and explosion-proof function, can be applied to oil platforms.

25t20m heavy duty stiff boom crane

OUCO 25T20M rigid jib crane can be used for cargo handling and replenishment of ships and offshore equipment. Lifting point 25t20m and 20t20m, working radius 6.6M-25.5m, lifting height 30m, lifting speed up to 12m/min.

0.85T31M high-strength Telescopic Crane

OUCO 0.85T31M Telescopic Crane has a lifting point of 10t10m & 0.85t31m, a working radius of 3m-31m, a lifting height of 35m and a lifting speed of 0-12m/min. It runs smoothly and is usually used in wharfs, ports, offshore platforms, etc.

OUCO-8T16M Knuckle AHC Crane

OUCO 8T16M AHC crane, with a working radius of 2.6m-16m, hoisting speed about 23m/min, hoisting height 30m, dead weight of 23.5 tons, RMRS certified, designing TEMP -40℃-35℃.

10t17m Subsea crane on pipelay vessel

OUCO 10t17m subsea cranes are installed on the pipe-laying vessel (both sides), with a working radius of 3-17m, hoisting height 40m, outboard lifting, sea state 4, ABS certified.

OUCO 9T16.31M Telescopic Knuckle Boom Crane

OUCO-9T16.31M-KTB Crane, two cranes are installed on the port and starboard side of the ship. Working radius 3m-16.31m, hoising speed 12m/min, hook travel 40m.

Why Choose OUCO Offshore Cranes?

OUCO is one of the best offshore crane manufacturers in China. We work with many offshore crane companies worldwide, such as DMW and West Marine, to provide reliable offshore cranes.

​​Starting from the selection of the most specialized steel to the careful design of additional features, OUCO has become one of the leading offshore crane suppliers on the market.

offshore cranes manufacture in China
offshore crane wave Simulation Test

Used In Heavy Sea

Our offshore cranes are specifically designed to endure the most challenging conditions of the ocean and perform the toughest jobs with exceptional quality. As a result, we offer these guarantee measures that set us apart from ordinary marine cranes:

  • Wave Simulation Test
  • Sea State Simulation Test
  • Active Heave Compensation
  • Strict IP Rating
  • API Spec 2C Standard

All Factors Are Considered

At OUCO, all factors are considered in every offshore crane we produce. we recommend that you provide us with the following parameters or at least two of them when you consult with us. This will allow us to customize an offshore crane that meets your specific needs and requirements.

  • Beaufort Number
  • Sea State Level
  • Significant Wave Height
  • Minimum Hoisting Speed (m/s)
  • Dynamic Factor
  • Off-lead Angle
Offshore crane lifting parameters

Product Showcase Video

telescopic boom crane process

What Is Offshore Crane?

Offshore Crane is a specialized type of crane designed to operate in harsh marine environments for the purpose of lifting and moving materials, equipment, and personnel during offshore activities.

Typically mounted on a platform or vessel, these cranes are used in deep sea, offshore oil and gas platforms, and similar environments, and feature anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, and heave compensation functions.

OUCO Offshore Crane
OUCO Offshore Crane
Where Are The Areas That Offshore Crane Can Be Applied?

Submersible installation of oil and gas extracting processes involves the employment of fully specialized cranes.

The furling knuckles pole crane equipped with deep-sea machinery is appropriate for this sector.

  • Wind Turbine Farm

Offshore projects, including erecting wind turbines or establishing oil platforms, demand extreme detail and protection.

These ships can maneuver themselves to their implementation area and self-support on the subsurface using four retractable anchors.

  • Offshore Oil And Gas Production

Offshore cranes are often used for oil and gas producers operating installation, maintenance, and delivery.

The functional capacities, dimensions, and also construction methods of the cranes vary depending on the specific qualifications profiled.

All essential crane equipment is accessible via a platform, which offers the proper precaution throughout crane servicing.

Applications for offshore platforms
Applications for offshore platforms
What Are The Types Of An Offshore Crane?
  • Offshore Heavy Lift Crane

The heavy-lift crane is specifically intended for wind energy development, and also for oil and gas, and also decommissioned industries.

This HLC’s primary feature is its modest structure.

The HLC 295000’s platform radius is only 17 meters, requiring little decking area.

Although its compact infrastructure, it holds power, capable of lifting up to 5,000 tons at a range of over 30 m.

This balance of compactness, immense power, and lightweight is unmatched.

  • Luffing Crane

The rams luffing crane’s lightweight and portable structure, along with a massive amount capability of up to 100 tons, makes it great machinery.

Luffing crane makes it a great component of machinery for remotely piloted sites or floating containers.

The ram luffing crane RL is accessible to both electro-hydraulic and diesel-hydraulic engines and is classified for use in hazardous regions.

  • Board Offshore Cranes

The Board offshore crane is a standard skew compression crane equipped with cables luffing system. 

It is accessible in electro-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic types.

  • Offshore Pedestal Cranes

A pedestal-mounted crane is used for offloading supply ships, offshore assembly, pipe transfers, deck management, and subsea activities.

Moreover, Pedestal Mounted Cranes feature all operators within the crane cabin, maximizing deck area.

A pedestal-mounted crane has a lattice or box beam boom with various hoisting tackle for controlling the surge and lower sections.

  • Mast Type Crane

Consumers who choose non-metallic slewing bearing will benefit from the standard slewing bearing concept.

A wide choice of sizes, editions, and credentials for exponential sectors expands the crane’s deployment range (MTC).

The crane is preferred in the oil and gas distillation industry.

  • Compact Board Offshore Crane

It’s a great alternative for areas with a limited operational range and deck area.

The crane has also been operated on continuous systems, jack-ups, and tension-legged infrastructure.

This framework is augmented by crane substitution.

The edition is available in three different structure capacities.

The luffing knuckle boom crane was specifically designed to be used in the oil and gas sectors.

Supplying and servicing tasks and also pipe management is all possible solutions.

The knuckle boom’s distinctive shape enhances the operating range and boosts the crane’s mobility.

  • Crane Around The Leg

Due to the crane’s unique structure as a crane around the leg, it enables space-saving arrangements on the ships regardless of the crane’s capacity.

The parallel jib enables the crane to be parked across any of the ship’s forwards legs.

The crane is positioned in this manner to avoid obstructing the available deck space for loading the ship.

How Often Should An Offshore Crane Be Inspected?

Cranes that are utilized for “regular” or “massive” duty ought to have regular inspections.

For the safety of offshore cranes, they should be inspected every 12 months.

Those cranes in “extreme operation” are obliged to undergo quarterly inspections.

A crane that is inactive for over a month but less than six months must undergo all required inspections prior to operation.

Additionally, any offshore crane should be inspected after any major repair or after any incident involving the crane.

Why Should I Need OffShore Crane?

This crane is more suitable for your offshore operations than traditional cranes, it has a greater lifting capacity than would be possible with general marine cranes.

It can control your operational costs and effectively reduce your security risks.

Additionally, they are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the offshore environment, such as strong winds and waves, making them a reliable and safe choice for offshore operations.

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We learned about OUCO and their products at the exhibition
By Lungile Kruger on 2024-02-28
We learned about OUCO and their products at the exhibition. The small crane model left a lasting impression, and it was a perfect fit for our projects. We wasted no time in collaborating with them, and our first project together was a success. So far, everything's been smooth sailing.
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Машинаотличная, внешнийвидоченьчистый и красивый
By Ivon Winkler on 2023-12-04
Машинаотличная, внешнийвидоченьчистый и красивый, и имлегкопользоваться. Я доволен продуктом, который купил в OUCO.
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I want to extend my gratitude to Nancy for her recent call.
By Ajay Natt on 2023-07-16
I want to extend my gratitude to Nancy for her recent call. She truly embodies the brand's values and expertise. Nancy addressed all my questions and concerns with enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, helping me find the perfect solution that fit our needs and budget.
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It takes some time to design the proposal of this crane
By Matoso on 2022-11-02
It takes some time to design the proposal of this crane,but meet my requirements,it's very perfect.
star star star star
La grueest très bien conçue, répond aux exigences
By Hassan on 2022-09-14
La grueest très bien conçue, répond aux exigences de travail des conditions de mer et présente un facteur de sécuritéélevé.
star star star star star
The second one that I buy, ultra fast shipping!
By Subhan on 2021-08-13
This is my second purchase, and I have to say, the shipping was incredibly fast!
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