Marine A Frame Crane

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OUCO develops and manufactures marine A-frame cranes for vessels, pontoons, and ports. 

Marine A-frame cranes are perfect for lifting large and heavy equipment onto the side or onto the backside of a ship. Also, these cranes are great for launching and recovering equipment from subsea work.

In marine A-frame cranes, the wire rope is guided through the leg of the A-frame. This allows you to place the winch in the middle of the working area on the deck—an arrangement perfect for some ships.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Marine A-Frame Crane Manufacturer?

OUCO is among the best marine A-frame crane manufacturers. We supply reliable, cost-effective, and tailored A-frame cranes for sale. 

Our cranes are built with specialized steel materials like DH36, EH36, and HG70. Also, our competent quality control staff always inspect every order. 

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Marine A Frame Crane

Experienced in Projects

Our A-frame Cranes have found their way to all corners of the globe, installed on research vessels, multi-purpose supply vessels, yachts, fishing boats, and even venturing to the coldest reaches aboard Antarctic research vessels. They hold certification from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) for exceptional low-temperature performance.

You can be confident our A-frames meet the demands of harsh offshore environments. Rigorously tested for durability, they’re built to last.

A frame crane for Antarctic research ship
Control Panel of A-Frame crane

Many Customisation Options

We can provide all your customization needs:

  • Tugger Winch & Lifting Winch
  • Telescopic Boom Structure
  • Designed by mounting method
  • Heave Compensation System
  • Multifunctional Control Panel
  • The requirement of the height limit
  • Outboard & Inboard Angle
  • Rotating Crossbeam
  • Frame-integrated HPU/ Externa HPU
  • IACS Certification Selection

Latest Finished Marine A Frame Crane

frame crane

Marine A Frame Crane provides hoisting function for special operation vessels, such as marine survey vessels, rescue vessels, etc.

Marine A Frame Crane

A Frame Crane is suitable for the recovery and delivery of instruments and testing equipment.

Marine A Frame Crane

A Ship Frame is generally installed at the stern of the deck, which can effectively reduce the impact of the sea breeze on the crane.

Marine A Frame Crane

This L Frame Crane’s Safe working load is 20KN, Outboard maximum load 25KN, Maximum height from deck to lower pulley 4.1m.

Marine A Frame Crane

This Marine A Frame Crane Suitable for small, light lifting requirements, it is a durable material handling component.

Marine A Frame Crane

The outrigger part of the Marine A Frame Crane is mounted on the base and bolted to the deck of the boat.

OUCO Delivers 3.5T A-Frame Crane to Taiwanese Customer!OUCO Delivers 3.5T A-Frame Crane to Taiwanese Customer!


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Winch manufacturer process

How to customize A-Frame?

First, you need to determine the form, you can choose Portable A-Frames or Fixed A-Frames, then tell us the lifting capacity and wiring you need according to the application environment conditions, temperature and sea conditions, usage, resistance to corrosion and explosion-proof requirements, etc. Way. We will design GA drawings and make further adjustments.

In addition, we have numerous options available:

  • Rotating Crossbeam
  • Marine Floodlights
  • Mounting flange
  • Lifting winch
  • Electric outlet
  • Tugger winch
  • Rope path-through
  • Security marine cylinders
  • Wireless remote control desk
  • Walkways and Ladders
  • Sheave Block
  • Monitoring System
  • Wire sheave arrangements
How to maintain the Marine A-Frame Crane?

As you know, the Marine A-Frame Crane was expensive, so doing routine cleaning, troubleshooting, and maintenance checks can save you money on repairs.

In general, to ensure the product is in a safe working condition, many works need to be done, such as checking the beam, rollers, bolts and other components for deformation, dents or cracks. You must choose a professional engineer for inspection or maintenance, or you can also choose us, we can provide you with Online video Instruction or on-the-ground services.

If you are using it for personnel lifting: check every 6 months
For lifting equipment and cargo: check every 12 months
The work intensity is high, the environment is harsh, and the local requirements are strict: check every 3 months

What is A Frame Crane?

A Frame crane is a small gantry crane, which is suitable for factories or workshops, and can complete various handling and processing work.
OUCO is committed to producing safe and stable offshore A Frame Crane, which is suitable for the marine environment and completes scientific research work.

Where is A Frame Crane installed?

A Frame Crane can be mounted aft or shipside.
Installed at the stern: mainly used for instrument hoisting and launching, offshore facility installation, and deep-water towing operations.
Installed on the side: mainly used for deep-sea geological sampling.

How does A Frame Crane work?

The A-frame is composed of two upright and one horizontal rod, which can rotate around its roots, and its shape resembles the frame-shaped structure of the letter A.
The hanger can lift the survey instruments and equipment suspended on it out of the ship or into the ship through hydraulic cylinders or other mechanical devices.

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Specialized heavy lift equipment to my request.
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Second buy, communication was good.
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