Marine A Frame Crane

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OUCO develops and manufactures marine A-frame cranes for vessels, pontoons, and ports. 

Marine A-frame cranes are perfect for lifting large and heavy equipment onto the side or onto the backside of a ship. Also, these cranes are great for launching and recovering equipment from subsea work.

In marine A-frame cranes, the wire rope is guided through the leg of the A-frame. This allows you to place the winch in the middle of the working area on the deck—an arrangement perfect for some ships.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Marine A-Frame Crane Manufacturer?

OUCO is among the best marine A-frame crane manufacturers. We supply reliable, cost-effective, and tailored A-frame cranes for sale. 

Our cranes are built with specialized steel materials like DH36, EH36, and HG70. Also, our competent quality control staff always inspect every order. 

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Marine A Frame Crane

Latest Finished Marine A Frame Crane

frame crane

Marine A Frame Crane provides hoisting function for special operation vessels, such as marine survey vessels, rescue vessels, etc.

Marine A Frame Crane

A Frame Crane is suitable for the recovery and delivery of instruments and testing equipment.

Marine A Frame Crane

A Ship Frame is generally installed at the stern of the deck, which can effectively reduce the impact of the sea breeze on the crane.

Marine A Frame Crane

This L Frame Crane’s Safe working load is 20KN, Outboard maximum load 25KN, Maximum height from deck to lower pulley 4.1m.

Marine A Frame Crane

This Marine A Frame Crane Suitable for small, light lifting requirements, it is a durable material handling component.

Marine A Frame Crane

The outrigger part of the Marine A Frame Crane is mounted on the base and bolted to the deck of the boat.

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Improves the safety
By Jasmine Brown on
Improves the safety.
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Specialized heavy lift equipment to my request
By John Miller on
Specialized heavy lift equipment to my request.
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Looks nice
By Scott Daniel on
Looks nice.
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Functioning well
By Cortney on
Functioning well.
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Second buy, communication was good
By Mark Williams on
Second buy, communication was good.
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Painting looks beautiful.
By Kevin Wright on
Painting looks beautiful.
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