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OUCO certifications

We offer two types of yacht cranes for sale: yacht deck cranes and yacht travel lifts. Yacht deck cranes can have telescopic, stiff, or knuckle boom types.

If you have a fishing, shipping, or marine entertainment business, these yacht marine cranes are for you.

Yacht travel lifts are great for ports or shipyards. They are efficient, fast, and highly mobile, transporting the yacht either for storage or maintenance. If you have a yacht club or work at a port, yacht lift cranes are a necessity.

Still hesitating? We’re here to help.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Yacht Crane Manufacturer?

At OUCO, we supply yacht cranes certified by all major classification societies and offer a wide range of additional accessories.

We have ABS, CCS, DNV (GL), RMRS, NK, Rina, KR, CE, ISO, and SGS certifications for our designs and products.

OUCO’s innovative features include overload protection, hydraulic transmission system, hydraulic operated winch and luffing, operator cabins, and more.

During the design phase, we communicate with our clients to develop plans and programs to ensure that the project proceeds as envisaged.

Yacht Crane

Yacht Crane That Truly Meet Your Needs

Our yacht cranes are more demanding in terms of appearance. OUCO believes that an elegant, clean and stylish appearance is more in line with the needs of users.

Our products are widely used in docks, dinghies, yachts, and yacht clubs. Safe and repeatedly tested, meets ISO, LY2, LY3 and SOLAS requirements.

In addition, OUCO offers individual & customized products. Providing details of the vessel will us help to build the best crane for your yacht.

telescopic luxury yacht marine crane
OUCO Yacht Crane installed on a Batam modern motor yacht

Advantages of OUCO Marine Yacht Crane

  • Lightweight Stainless Steel & Zinc Finishes
  • Smooth & Silent During Operation
  • Elegant Appearance & Custom Colors
  • Various Hydraulic Power Units are Available
  • Multiple Installation Options for Choice
  • Wide Range of Marine Industry Applications
  • Easy to Use and Maintenance
  • Flexible Launch and Retrieve by Remote Control
  • Integration of Lifting, Rotation, Telescoping and Hoisting

Latest Finished Yacht Crane

2t5m yacht crane

OUCO 2t5m yacht tender crane has been certified by CCS and has a working radius of 1.6m-5M. It is the best choice for luxury yachts due to its light weight, easy operation and reliable quality.

Yacht Lifting Crane with Knuckle and Telescopic Boom

OUCO 0.38t3.25m yacht lifting yrane is a customized product for government departments for maritime activities. Working radius range is 1m – 3.25m, lifting speed 0-12m/min, and the lifting height is 15m.

0.98t5m Yacht Crane

OUCO 0.98t5m davit yacht crane, the working radius is 1.1m – 5m, the lifting speed is 0-12m/min, and the lifting height is 15m. It is designed and manufactured to comply with current maritime regulations.

0.5T3.5M Yacht Crane

OUCO 0.35T3.5M hydraulic yacht crane, the working radius is 1.5m – 3.5m, lifting speed 0-15m/min, and the lifting height is 10m. Equipped with overload protection loading.

1.5t4m yacht crane

OUCO 1.5t4m yacht deck crane, the working range is 1.7m-4m, the lifting speed is 0-15m/min, and the lifting height is 20m. We offer certification by the major classification societies upon request.

1t5m Yacht Crane

OUCO 1t5m yacht crane, compact footprint, multifunction with Knuckle & telescopic boom. Suitable for more working conditions, working radius 2m-5m, lifting speed 0-12m/min, lifting height can reach 15m.

KTB marine crane manufacturer process

What is the Purpose of Yacht Crane?

A yacht crane is built for lifting or lowering pleasure yachts out and in of the water. Also can help you complete various launch and recovery operations from the yacht.

We use it for winter storage, repair works, or cleaning. Suitable for the leisure, business and tourism industries.

Yacht crane operation
Lifting a Small Yacht Easily
How Does Yacht Crane Work?

A yacht crane extracts the hoisting cable around different sheaves.

The crane has built-in sheaves, cables, and a cylinder that makes them look smooth.

Moreover, yacht cranes can be hydraulic or electric.

Yacht crane assembling
Production of Yacht Crane at OUCO Factory
What is the Feature of Yacht Crane?

The yacht crane has hydraulic cylinders for luffing and lifting adjustment.

It is built and designed with service in mind and simplicity of use.

It comes with a standard simple control joystick and optional radio remote control.

Plus, the entire yacht crane can be easily lowered to the ground for maintenance and inspection.

Easy to operate, simple appearance
Simple In Appearance
What is the Advantage of Yacht Crane?

A yacht crane can be highly customizable. It can be operated easily by one person.

Meaning, it provides low manpower costs. Moreover, it’s very easy to operate and maintain.

Why Choose OUCO Yacht Crane?

If you are looking for a high-quality yacht crane, OUCO is your best choice. We provide yacht cranes with:

  • superior lift capacity and lesser crane weight
  • engineered with excellency
  • made from high-quality and advanced materials
  • reliable, high-strength, and durable
  • attractive and compact construction that can occupy less space on a yacht
  • simple to install and easy to use
  • competitive price and excellent after-sales support

Customer Reviews

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6 Review(s)
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Compared to other options I looked at, it's more robust
By Kaamil bin Najeeb on 2023-11-25
Compared to other options I looked at, it's more robust in construction. While the price tag is on the higher side, it's not the most expensive out there, so I felt it was a worthwhile investment. Installation took approximately two days, which was within my expectations. However, it did take around three weeks for the product to ship, so keep that in mind if you're on a tight schedule.
star star star star star
I purchased a davit from OUCO to replace a previous one
By Jeff Dothard on 2023-08-06
I purchased a davit from OUCO to replace a previous one that was deteriorating and failing frequently. I have to say, this is indeed a very worthwhile upgrade. We've been using it for two years and it's still working great.
star star star star star
Very good quality and fast shipping! Thanks so much!
By 2022-11-10 on 2022-11-10
After spotting OUCO's product in Singapore, we were impressed by their expertise in manufacturing yacht cranes and their stellar reputation in the industry. Choosing to work with them was a no-brainer for us.
star star star star star
Compré una grúaelmespasado y estoymuysatisfecho
By DilovarAbdulloev on 2021-12-28
Compré una grúaelmespasado y estoymuysatisfecho con la calidad y la orientaciónprofesionalposventa.
star star star star star
I bought the 2t5m crane for my own yachts
By Rehman on 2021-10-13
I bought the 2t5m crane for my own yachts. Very nice and good looking.
star star star star star
Obrigado pela entregarápida do guindaste que comprei.
By Anhar on 2021-09-12
Obrigado pela entregarápida do guindaste que comprei.
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