2022 OUCO Global Marine Festival successfully organized!

On June 8, 2022, World Oceans Day, the Global Marine Festival organized by OUCO INDUSTRY was held at OUCO headquarters in Wuxi, Jiangsu!

The theme of the event is “World Oceans Day, Tribute to Marine Professionals“.

Enter Our Factory

This is also the first large-scale Online event held by OUCO. We are taking concrete measures to support World Oceans Day and advocate for more marine professionals to join marine conservation initiatives.

During the event, the production workshop environment and the incredible display of hot products attracted many clients to watch online, which also fully demonstrated our strength!

Global Livestream Ongoing


In recent years, with global warming and pollution of the marine environment, Appeals to protect the oceans are growing, and the need to protect marine ecosystems has become urgent!

The reason why we hold the Global Marine Festival on World Oceans Day is to call on maritime professionals to protect the marine environment, and steers marine companies towards more environmentally friendly commercial activities.
The protection of the ocean is the protection of the future of humankind. OUCO promises that 1‰ proceeds of the Global Marine Festival will be used to protect the oceans, through donations to marine conservation groups, to put marine conservation into practice!

Other live streaming venues


In addition to educating people about marine conservation, OUCO also gave a multifaceted presentation of the environment of the plant and several of our marinas.

Finally, the senior management of the company, the finance department, QC department, the process production & manufacture department, Marketing & Sales Department, the Technical and development departments, and the after-sales service department all expressed their congratulations, OUCO’s team style and a range of activities have made our employees proud and happy.

The live stream of the Global Marine Festival was very successful and the response was enthusiastic. We received many messages and feedback from users, which effectively increased the communication and contact between us and customers.

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But, don’t forget, our Global Marine Festival is still going ahead!
The product promotions will run through June 30, 2022. We will bring more discounts to marine industry.
Thank you again to every customer who participated in the marine festival activities.
Looking forward to meeting you at the next Global Marine Festival!

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