The most influential maritime trade show in Germany: SMM

The world’s largest maritime exhibition – Hamburg Maritime Trade Show in Germany will be held in September 2022. This reminds me of the last SMM exhibition that OUCO participated in.The great spectacle, the national exhibitors and the cutting-edge information on maritime matters are still unforgettable to me.

SMM Hamburg
SMM Hamburg Maritime Exhibition

In 2018, from September 4th to 7th local time, SMM Hamburg 2018 was grandly held at the Hamburg international trade fair.
With a total area of over 93,000 square metres in 13 halls, more than 2,200 companies and 50,000 professional visitors from all over the world attended this year’s event, making the scale of the Maritime Trade Show a record high.

Hamburg maritime trade show
Hamburg maritime trade show

It is worth noting that the Chinese team consisting of 250 Chinese-related companies is a highlight.

OUCO is also honored to be one of them, showing the world the rapid development of Chinese manufacturing.

Entrance to the Hamburg maritime trade show
Entrance to the Hamburg maritime trade show

This Maritime Trade Show focuses on the digitalization process, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) related initiatives on emission reduction in the shipping industry, including the 2020 sulphur limit order, and the establishment of emission reduction targets for the shipping industry by 2050.

Inside the maritime trade show
Inside the maritime trade show

Due to the epidemic, OUCO did not participate in the 2022 Hamburg Maritime Trade Show in Germany this time. But we have not forgotten our responsibility and responsibility for the ocean. On the occasion of the International Oceans Day, OUCO will hold a special online Global Marine Festival.
We will popularize marine knowledge for you, pay tribute to marine workers and introduce the actions of various countries in marine protection.
OUCO will donate 1‰ of the proceeds to marine conservation organisations, so that we can work together for the survival and development of all mankind, practice green concepts, help marine conservation and jointly promote the sustainable development of the oceans.

2022 Global Marine Festival
OUCO Global Marine Festival Hot Products

Looking forward to your attention and participation!


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