What are the best maritime exhibitions in Norway?

As a member of the offshore industry, it is essential to participate in the various well-known maritime exhibitions, especially exhibitions in Europe.
These exhibitions bring together the best marine companies and maritime equipment companies. Among which Nor-Shipping is a must-see.

NOR-shipping 2019
NOR-shipping 2019

This is the largest and most influential professional trade exhibition in the global shipbuilding field. Organised by Norges Varemesse and held every year in Oslo, Norway.

Norway's most famous maritime exhibitions
Norway’s most famous maritime exhibitions

I was 25 years old that year, and I was honored to join Nor-Shipping that year as a volunteer for events.

For me, participating in the Norwegian Maritime Show 2019 is not only a precious memory, but also an opportunity for me to start a career in marine engineering.

I remember when I was studying at the University of Oslo, my teachers used to teach me about the sea.

This got me interested in the deep sea. On the advice of my teacher, I decided to take part in the nor-shipping 2019 , do volunteer work to increase my knowledge of the marine and heavy industry.

maritime exhibitions NOR-shipping
maritime exhibitions NOR-shipping

Fortunately, at the Nor-Shipping this year, I got a taste of the lecture by Professor Paul Romer, winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics.

I saw the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) released “Low Carbon Shipping Outlook”.

I also witnessed the “Ship of the Year 2019” award being awarded to “Color Hybrid”, the world’s largest plug-in hybrid boat.

Ship of the Year 2019 Color Hybrid
Color Hybrid – Ship of the Year 2019

In addition, I am delighted to see 35 Chinese companies at the Nor-Shipping 2019. It is said that this session of Nor-Shipping has the largest participation of Chinese companies.

These include large state-owned enterprises such as CSSC Shipping, CSIC, and COSCO  Co., Ltd.

Chinese shipbuilder
Chinese shipbuilder

However, the most attractive to me is the Chinese marine crane supplier-Jiangsu OUCO Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

At the exhibition, OUCO Industry launched the stiff boom marine crane with wave compensation and the folding boom marine crane with a strong sense of technology.

The motion compensation system mounted on the crane consists of three sets of vertically installed hydraulic cylinders.

This design can compensate for the lifting, slewing and luffing motion of the ship, effectively reducing the collision between cargo, ship and personnel caused by the undulating motion of the waves.

After graduating in 2020, I couldn’t wait to return to my home country, and with great anticipation, I joined OUCO Heavy Industry to start my offshore career.

OUCO and me
OUCO and me

Thanks to Nor-Shipping 2019, I had the opportunity to learn and participate in the offshore industry, contribute to the development of the maritime economy.

NOW, OUCO INDUSTRY is an industry-leading manufacturer of marine cranes.

We also held our first Global Marine Festival to give back to OUCO customers around the world.

This is my story, what about you? Join us and make your marine dreams come true!


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