Marine crane soft starter troubleshooting

Recently, our customer had a soft start failure problem when using our 1.5t8m knuckle telescopic boom marine crane, Next, OUCO will give you a detailed introduction on how to check and repair the soft starter of knuckle and telescopic boom marine crane.

A: Current imbalance of marine crane soft starter

Why does the screen show “current imbalance”? And how to troubleshoot? Keep Reading:

marine crane soft starter  soft starter display

1. Check the lines

soft starter to the motor lines and input lines, check whether there is a virtual connection or loose;

Check the lines of soft starter
Check the lines of soft starter

2.1 Check Motor

remove (dismantle)3 pcs load lines under the soft starter

Check Crane Motor
Check Crane Motor

Turn on the multimeter to beep state; Measure the resistance between each two items, which should be about 0.7

Turn on the multimeter Measure the resistance

give us the 3 groups of measured data; If the measured data are basically consistent, the motor should be no problems.

Check Input voltage

Use the multimeter to measure whether the input voltage is balanced (each voltage of the three phases at the upper of the soft starter).

2.2 Adjust 3 phase line of soft-start output terminal as follows to test motor and input voltage :

Restore the connection of the upper of the soft starter to its original state, which is yellow, green, and red from left to right;

Adjust 3 phase line of soft start
Adjust 3 phase line of soft start

Connect the yellow cable to the No.2 terminal position at the lower of the soft starter;

terminal position connection
terminal position connection

— Connect the green cable to the No.3 terminal position at the lower of the soft starter;

— Connect the red cable to the No.1 terminal position at the lower of the soft starter;

After this, start the power system for operation, measure & observe the data change of the 3-phase current and give us the data feedback; The value of the three-phase current can be changed at will, but the data should basically be the same, and the error can be less than 5%.(it’s normal)

3. Check marine crane soft starter

No connect with the soft starter, fix the cables(upper of the soft starter) to the cable(lower of the soft starter) at the terminal under the soft starter. Then start the crane to test whether the crane can run normally. If yes, can change the new soft starter, then connect it to test again.

Connect the cable directly(without a soft starter) way:
1)- Connect the cables(upper softer starter) to the cables(below soft starter) and fix it at the terminal below the soft starter.  ( yellow-yellow, green – green, red- red  cables)

2) Start the breaker and keep the crane boom up to the highest state, measure the current, we will get the data and compare it

if input voltage imbalance problems may need to use another generator to connect with the crane to test again.

B. Solar height limiter connection

1.5t8m knuckle telescopic boom marine crane is our best-selling product. If you have purchased or would like to purchase this crane, you may encounter such problems in its use. Please read on.

Upper limit alarm
Upper limit alarm

The transmitter has been fixed on the boom when the crane leaves the factory.

The receiver is in the electrical control box, and the customer needs to provide a power line from the 24V+ and 24V- positions of the electrical control box to the red and green lines of the receiver.

the Red is 24v + , green is 24v –  .  correct it to the electric box correctly.

Upper limit alarm reciver Electric control box

Here is a red button, you should push the button down.

push the red button

C.Location and maintenance of the filter

The Oil suction filter is at the inlet of the oil pump (inside the tank)
Oil return filter on top of the oil tank (also inside the oil tank)
Change the oil suction filter needed to drain the oil, and change the oil return filter, do not need to drain the oil.

Oil suction filters are usually replaced monthly.
Oil return filters are usually replaced every 6 months.
Air filters basically do not need to be replaced.

Location and maintenance of filter

The above is the solution to such problems. If you have any other questions, please ask us immediately, and we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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