OUCO Outlook: Offshore Wind Power and Wind Turbine Crane

As a non-polluting and renewable energy source, offshore wind power has gradually replaced thermal power as the most potential energy form.

Development of Offshore Wind Power

After the 1973 oil crisis, the United States began to develop wind energy resources.

In 1991, Denmark built the world’s first offshore wind farm Vindeby.

In July 2010, China built its first offshore wind farm, the Shanghai Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Power Demonstration Project, which is also the first offshore wind farm in the world outside of Europe.

Shanghai Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm
Shanghai Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm

What are the differences between offshore and onshore wind power?

Wind power is the fastest growing green energy technology in the world.

However, it’s not that easy to fast-track the era of offshore wind power. Check out this table to find out how it differs from onshore wind power:

Onshore wind power Offshore wind power
Wind Resource 250 Million kW 750 Million kW
Difficulty Of Repair Easy Difficult
Wind Energy Quality Strong wind shear, the transmission system is easily damaged low wind shear, Higher average wind speed
Electricity Generation 2000 Hours Per Year 3000 Hours Per Year
Single-machine Installed Capacity Small Capacity Large Capacity
Electricity Load Distance Far Close
Service Life 20 Years 25 Years
Construction Cost Low High
Occupy Land Occupies a large amount of land Does not occupy land
Construction Technology Proven Technology Immature Technology


As you can see, compared to onshore wind power, offshore wind power has the advantages of smooth wind, high utilization rate of turbines, no land occupation and no disturbance to the public.

Abundant offshore wind energy resources
Abundant offshore wind energy resources

Due to the abundant wind resources offshore, the future trend will definitely be dominated by offshore wind power.

Offshore wind turbines installation equipment

As we all know, rough seas make the installation of wind turbines always difficult.

As an important carrier for offshore wind turbines installation, wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV) has become one of the indispensable basic equipment for marine special operations.

wind turbine installation vessel
wind turbine installation vessel

UK-based marine consultancy Clarkson Research expects the global offshore wind market to generate demand for more than 6,500 turbines to be lifted between early 2022 and the end of 2025. The demand for wind turbine cranes can be imagined.

Globally, around 2,000 of these wind turbines will be installed in the sea 40 km offshore. A large number of Wind turbine cranes will be needed in the future.

The offshore wind turbine installation platform is equipped with a pile driving crane with a lifting capacity of 600 tons and a crawler crane with a lifting capacity of 200 tons.

Through the cooperation of the pile driving crane and the crawler crane, the nacelle and blade assembly of the complete set of wind turbine can be completed on the deck.

The offshore wind turbine installation platform is a specialized and sophisticated self-lifting wind turbine installation platform. The overall lifting and installation of the wind turbine can be realized, which greatly improves the installation efficiency of a single turbine.

At the same time, a high-precision DGPS positioning system and other special equipment were introduced to the site construction.

Solved the problems of ship positioning, ensure the turbine tower is vertical, impeller assembly replacement, etc.

The hoisting operation of offshore wind turbines is greatly affected by the natural environment, and stability is an important factor determining success or failure. Before hoisting operations, it is necessary to accurately calculate the amplitude of the surging waves.

Wind turbine crane is widely used
The wind turbine crane is widely used

With the continuous optimization of China’s energy structure, the task of  “dual carbon” goals has been gradually implemented.

Offshore wind power will surely become an important area in China to develop the blue economy and build a maritime power.

OUCO Outlook

OUCO is preparing to develop cranes for offshore wind turbine construction and maintenance.

“Time waits for no man”, OUCO is actively responding to the call of the times, offshore wind power is towards large-scale, large-capacity and deep sea. We will respond to future trends.

OUCO Will actively layout new industries and businesses, focusing on entering the field of new energy offshore wind power, and optimizing the development of the offshore wind turbine lifting industry.


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