Happy world ocean day 2022 in Indonesia!

Happy world ocean day 2022, less than 20 days until World Oceans Day, today, ouco will introduce you the connection between Indonesia and Oceans!

Indonesia is one of the world’s richest countries in biological resources, not only a wide variety of plants, forest coverage. Moreover, Indonesia has a vast sea area and a tropical climate suitable for the growth of all kinds of Marine fish, so the fishing resources are very rich.

Diving Paradise Komodo
Diving Paradise Komodo

As the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia has a vast water area of more than five million square kilometers, including 2.7 million square kilometers of territorial sea fishing zone and 3.1 million square kilometers of exclusive economic zone.

Indonesia and Ocean
Indonesia and Ocean

There are as many as 7,000 kinds of Marine fish species. According to incomplete statistics, the annual fishing volume of Indonesian government exceeds 8 million tons per year, and the developed Marine fishery output accounts for a large proportion of the total fishery output. These data also reflect the importance of active protection of Marine ecological environment for fish resources from another aspect.

Holiday destination Bali
Holiday destination – Bali

Indonesians are also deeply aware that protecting the Marine environment plays a key role in the development of fish stocks. It is thus clear that the key to enhanced Marine protection and improved fisheries lies in greater sustainability and transparency practices, as well as stronger cross-border cooperation among ridery states.

Indonesia is also working to establish an integrated coastal management system that includes early warning systems for disasters and Marine pollution, the Jakarta Post reported on June 8 last year.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that countries around the world have made a lot of positive and effective measures to protect the Marine ecological environment. All hope that the next generation can also enjoy the rich life brought by Marine resources.

happy world ocean day 2022 to Indonesia
Indonesian workers clean trash off the coast of Jakarta

Happy world ocean day 2022 to those who work in the marine industry, the 14th World Oceans Day . be themed “Protecting the Harmony between Man and Nature in Marine Ecosystems”.

As a company with decades of experience in the Marine industry, OUCO has been adhering to the design concept of green Marine products, and firmly believes in following the Marine standards and protecting the beautiful ocean.

Happy world ocean day 2022 to our customers around the world! Protect the Marine environment, Tribute to maritime professionals, we are moving. We invite you to join us in the OUCO Global Marine Festival on June 8th this year!

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