Crane lifting structure:The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Crane lifting structure is a necessary working mechanism for lifting machinery, hoisting structure driven by the power system to drive the hook to a certain speed to raise and lower the goods, but also the goods can stay at a certain height of position.

Lifting structure will affect the crane’s safe working load (SWL), therefore, for better  understanding of the crane lifting structure is necessary, so, as a professional marine crane manufacturer, OUCO will take you a detailed understanding of the lifting structure of various issues.

 lifting structure of telescopic crane boom
lifting structure of telescopic crane boom

What is the composition of the lifting structure of a crane?

The lifting structure of a crane consists of a hoisting winch, a pick-up device, wire rope, guide pulley, pulley set and safety protection device.

hoisting winch reeving diagram
hoisting winch reeving diagram

What parameters are required for the design of the crane lifting structure?

Lifting capacity, lifting height, lifting speed, working level, crane conditions of use and other special requirements.

What are the pick-up devices?

Pick-up devices include hooks, grab buckets, crane electromagnetic chuck, container spreaders.

OUCO standard container spreaders
OUCO standard container spreaders

What is the structure of the lifting hydraulic winch?

Engine, reducer, reel, brake, valve block, end support, hydraulic motor, rope presser, rope discharger.

lifting hydraulic winch
lifting hydraulic winch

How to distinguish the winch?

Winch according to the use of different ways to distinguish: manual winches, electric winches, pneumatic winches, hydraulic winches.

Distinguished according to the form of reel: single reel and and double reel.

According to the distribution of the form of distinction: Parallel wire reels and front and Reel with Front&Rear Double Drag.

What is a marine winch?

Marine winch is a deck equipment installed on the ship, is also an essential equipment for ships, it can be used for anchoring, mooring, towing, lifting cargo and pulling cable, etc.

What do I need to consider when choosing a crane wire rope?

Is the load, diameter, length suitable for my crane?

The safety of the lifting structure.

Whether the use of the crane can ensure the efficiency.

Whether it affects the service life of the crane and winch.

Avoiding wire rope tangle.

How to maintain the winch wire rope?

Reduce the change of wire rope winding direction, to avoid repeated bending of wire rope.

Control the wire rope traction direction, make it fit the sheave groove, reduce the friction on the groove wall.

Use lower hardness pulley and reel, reduce the wear and tear of the wire rope.

Do maintenance and lubrication measures for the wire rope, reduce the friction when the wire rope operation.

grab bucket pulley
grab bucket pulley

How to maintain the crane wire rope?

Work under the temperature specified in the wire rope, for the special working environment, you can use the wire rope with steel core and special alloy wire rope.

Avoid irregular winding, reduce the wire rope extrusion, deformation, vibration and corrosion in the lifting operation.

Check from time to time whether the wire rope fixed and connection is normal.

Wire rope regularly add lubricant.

Keep clean, clean gravel and dust.

container spreader wire rope
container spreader wire rope

What is wire rope reel?

The reel is used to wind the wire rope, it can control the winding and releasing of the wire rope, the reel is also divided into slotted reel and non-slotted reel.

The winch reel equipped by OUCO for the crane is a slotted reel, slotted reel can better control the winding of the wire rope, so that it is neatly arranged to avoid friction and winding.

Wire rope reel used by OUCO
Wire rope reel used by OUCO

What is a crane hook?

A crane hook is a widely used pick-up device that is part of a crane, pulley system or other lifting system and is used to connect and secure the cargo to facilitate movement and lifting.

Hooks can be divided into single hooks and double hooks, generally using high-quality carbon steel manufacturing, in addition there are some special hooks such as Eye Hooks or Clevis Hooks.

Single hooks are used on cranes to lift small to medium weight loads, while double hooks are used to lift higher weight loads.

normal marine crane hook
normal marine crane hook

What is the material of the hook?

The hooks of cranes are generally made of high quality carbon steel, alloy steel or special materials for hooks DG20Mn, DG34CrMo.

What is guide pulley?

Guide pulley is used to guide the direction of the wire rope or nylon rope during movement. Guide pulley with pulley structure, in the crane lifting operation, the guide pulley will also play a role in saving energy.

What is a pulley set?

Pulley set is composed of several fixed pulleys and dynamic pulleys, which can achieve the effect of saving force and changing the direction of force during operation.

What is the safety protection device of the lifting structure?

The safety protection device of the hoisting structure is used to limit the length of the wire rope, it can ensure that the wire rope is kept in the safe and suitable length, we can load the upper and lower limiters, generally installed on the reel of wire rope.


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