What is the crane simulation sea state test?

As vital deck machinery, marine cranes play a pivotal role in cargo transfer operations. And crane simulation sea state testing is a crucial component of OUCO’s crane production process.

Operating in the sea environment entails a certain level of uncertainty. Unlike land-based lifting operations, cranes at sea experience shaking caused by waves, impacting their efficiency and posing significant safety risks, especially in adverse sea conditions.

marine environmental

To ensure the safety and efficiency of offshore cranes and lifting operations, OUCO considers a range of factors in the marine environment.

We conduct numerical simulations and model tests, including simulated sea state testing on manufactured and assembled cranes at our factory.

During the simulated sea condition test, we replicate marine environmental loads such as wind, currents, and surges to assess the crane’s adaptability and performance in sea operations.

Our engineers carefully operate and test each crane structure, including hoisting, luffing, and slewing movements, to ensure smooth operation.

Multiple load and no-load operations are carried out to thoroughly examine the functionality of each mechanism.

We also evaluated the effectiveness of the emergency brake function by pressing the emergency brake switch several times while the crane was in operation.

marine crane simulation standard

offshore crane sea state test

OUCO adheres to rigorous crane simulation marine working condition standards:

  • Ordinary marine crane with Trim≤2° and Heel≤5°
  • Offshore crane with Trim≥2° and Heel≥5°

These meticulous tests guarantee the reliable performance of our cranes at sea.

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