What is the crane simulation sea state test?

Crane simulation sea state test is an essential part of OUCO’s production of cranes. As an important deck machinery, marine crane plays an important role in the process of cargo transfer.

There is a certain degree of uncertainty in the sea environment.

Unlike the lifting operations on land, due to sea state, cranes during the ocean operations will shake because of the wave.

It will affect the efficiency of the crane, there are also great safety risks when operating in adverse sea conditions.

marine crane simulation standard
marine crane simulation standard

Consider the range of factors in the marine environment that can affect offshore cranes and lifting operations.

As well as to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations, numerical simulations and model tests, OUCO conducts simulated sea state test on manufactured and assembled cranes at the factory.

marine environmental
marine environmental

The simulated sea condition test can simulate the impact of the ship by the wind, currents and surges and other marine environmental loads.

This is to test the crane’s sea operation situation and adaptability to sea conditions.

We will test the crane on the base of the simulated marine environment to ensure the sea state level required by customers.

During this process, our engineers will also operate and test each structure of the crane.

They will carry out hoisting, luffing and slewing movements for more than 3 times to observe whether the operation is normal.

In this step, we will carry out load operation and no-load operation respectively to check the working condition of each mechanism.

offshore crane sea state test
offshore crane sea state test

On the base of the simulated marine environment, the crane is kept in working condition and the emergency brake switch is pressed and operated 2 times. This step is to test whether the brake is effective.

OUCO crane simulation marine working condition standard: ordinary marine crane: Trim≤2° Heel≤5°, offshore crane: Trim≥2° Heel≥5°

The above is OUCO introduced to you about the relevant knowledge of the crane simulation sea state test.

This tests ensure the reliable operation of the crane at sea. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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