Marine Crane SWL: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is the safe working load of a marine crane?

  • Safe Working Load (SWL) is the maximum weight that a crane can lift with rated load or other lifting accessories can bear while lifting, hanging or lowering in safe range.


How to determine the safe working load of a marine crane?

  • For a given mass, the crane manufacturer will test the lifting equipment for ratedload, which can exceed the safe working load as required, to determine the exact working load.
Marine Crane at work
Marine Crane at work

What is the lifting equipment?

  • All equipment used to lift or lower a load is defined as lifting equipment, for example:
  • Cranes, hoists
  • Overhead monorail systems
  • Manual chain blocks, pull lift, etc.
  • Mobile lifting platforms used for maintenance construction
  • Vehicle inspection lifts

In addition, some smaller components are also lifting equipment in a broad sense, such as:

  • Winches, spreaders, ropes, chains, slings, etc. used for lifting
  • Unloader, eyebolt
  • Electric hoist
  • Construction workers safety belt
  • Jackups


How to reduce the mass of the boom without affecting the performance of the crane?

  • Apply high-density materials, such as high-strength steel plates
  • Improve the boom structure, using multiple steel plates welded to replace the quadrilateral boom with a polygonal boom


What factors should be considered in the design of crane booms?

  • Geometry of the boom cross section
  • The material of the steel plate used for the boom
  • The angle of the boom cross-section and the length of the sides
  • In the case of telescopic boom cranes, the mass, length and center of gravity of each section of the boom must also be considered
Marine Crane Base
Marine Crane Base

The safe working load of marine cranes?

  • SWL of marine cranes and marine lifting equipment : The load lifted by a complete set of cranes via hooks, excluding the weight of gears, hooks and wire ropes, while ensuring safety.


Safe working load of offshore cranes?

  • SWL of offshore crane: the static rated load that a complete set of cranes can lift safely on the cargo hook, including the weight of gears, hooksand wire ropes.


Does the safe working load of the crane change?

  • In a crane or lifting device designed with a pre-set safety factor as the standard, its safe load is subject to change.
  • After each lifting equipment or lifting device is put into use, with the use of the market will certainly produce wear and tear. This process will have an impact on the pre-set SWL until the lifting equipment or lifting device can no longer withstand the workload for which it was designed.
  • Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy and suitability of the pre-set SWL, components that are prone to wear or failure need to be regularly inspected, repaired or replaced, checked and tested.
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