8T26M Telescopic Boom With Man Riding Marine Crane

OUCO certifications

OUCO Marine/Offshore Yacht cranes and davit cranes can be designed and manufactured based on technological advancements in materials and construction practices by clients’ requirements.

OUCO Marine/Offshore Yacht crane has the advantages and feathers of low self-weight, easy operation
and friendly maintenance, reliable quality, and reasonable designing. From light to heavy-duty yacht cranes with telescopic booms of extension, we can all provide.

The telescopic series of cranes offer a diverse product line for application in the Luxury Yacht, Oceanographic, Workboat, Oilfield, Coast Guard, or Military industries. These cranes can also be further customized for use in these most demanding of work environments.

All of the cranes in the Telescopic Boom line offer several key features that make them powerful solutions for the marine work environment. The most notable of these features include: Extended boom reach with the dexterity for accurate, safe, and efficient material handling.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Easy maintenance in all situation
  • Self contained unit with integrated hydraulic power pack
  • Fail-safe brakes on all movements
  • Fully enclosed and equipped operator cabin with air-condition
  • The variable speed hoist will automatically adjust to the highest possible speed for the appropriate load
  • Base on many year’s designs and fabrication experience of cranes and other similar equipment
  • Suitable for all kinds of ships and low power consumption and high efficiency
  • Welded and high strength box boom for easy maintenance
  • With Many safety protection devices—hook up limiter and overload limiter, emergency stop button
8T26M Telescopic Boom With Man Riding Marine Crane

GA Drawing -8T26M Telescopic Boom With Man Riding Marine Crane

Max. Working radius
Min. Working radius
Hoisting speed
Hoisting height
Slewing speed
Slewing angle
Luffing time
~ 40s
Luffing angle
Design temperature
Working condition
TRIM ≤2°
HEEL ≤5°
Motor Power
Protect class
Working type


Company Information

OUCO Industry, which was established in February 1984, covers an area of 48,000 square meters, construction area is 35,000 square meters. OUCO headquartered in the crane hometown of Jiangsu Province were represents the most advanced machinery manufacturing level in China.  OUCO has more than 150 employees, 20 were the technical staff.

Among them has five senior titles, 10 mid-level titles, and a total of 50 welders (who has got CCS, ABS, and other main institutions’ certification). It also has professional organization certificated flaw detection staff, the quality system audit staff, inspection personnel, etc.

Our Service

Q: What's the information should I provide when inquiry?

A: More details or drawings, better.

a: Lift capacity
b: span
c: lift height
d: power source or other specials you give us will be more appreciated.
Q: How many operating methods for my selection?

A: Standard operating methods:

a: pendent controller with push buttons.

b: remote control with push buttons

c: cabin(space capsule seat) control with joystick. Choose any type you like.

Q: Can this type work in hazardous environment?

A: Sure! We can customize for you, acid proof or explosion-proof, no problem for that.

Q: Can you provide the serious lifting tools?

A: Sure, we can provide any lift tools such as lift sling belt, lift clamp, grab, etc as your requirement!

Q: How can we install the crane?

A: Our senior engineer can be on your side to do the installation guide service and training.

Q: Safety device

A: Overload limiter, Limit Switch (lifting and traveling), Interlock protection device.

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