OUCO 0.5T5M Small Knuckle Boom Crane Shipped To Taiwan!

At the end of July, the 0.5T5M Small Knuckle Boom Crane manufactured by OUCO has been packaged and ready to be sent to Taiwan. Since this small crane is required to provide CCS certification according to customer requirements, the lead time is longer than normal cranes. Now, we briefly talk about the CCS certification process.

First of all, the project team of the OUCO 0.5T5M telescopic small knuckle boom crane needs to collect a lot of information, including the 0.5T5M production drawings, electrical schematic diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, etc.

Then, we will sort out the production instructions of each component and contact each supplier to provide relevant information, which is a long process. While this process always takes too much of our time, this ensures the best possible product quality and helps us to achieve CCS certification quickly.

After that, we will submit all the information to the local CCS agency and make an appointment with CCS for on-site testing.

We carried the following tests:

  • 0.5T5M no-load test:
  • 0.5T5M safe working load test;
  • 0.5T5M overload test (5M load 0.625T, 125%):
  • 0.5T5M overload test (2M load 2.5T, 125%):

If you want to put your product into service quickly, we can send the crane immediately and when CCS has completed the certificate, we will send the certificate again.

Alternatively, you can wait for the product to be shipped with the certificate.

For large cranes, we generally choose the delivery method of the whole container. Therefore, it is no need to pack in a wooden case or machine wrap film. Since the equipment will inevitably encounter wind and rain after transportation, it is easy to rust after we wrapped the packaging film.

Packed in Wooden Box

But for small cranes, especially an ultra-small crane such as this 0.5T5M small knuckle boom crane, the customer may want to send the product by LCL.

So be sure to communicate with us a series of questions, such as whether you need to pack wooden boxes? What is the height of the wooden box? Can LCL after the box is punched?

How to packing small cranes?
Hauled by Truck

For example, we do not pack this small cranes in wooden case, but set iron brackets on the bottom for easy loading and unloading.

This is all we have to tell you about the certification and delivery of this small knuckle boom crane. If you are interested in this product, you can contact us for details.


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