What is a stiff boom marine crane?

The stiff boom marine crane is a kind of cargo loading and unloading equipment commonly used on ships. As a type of marine deck crane. It can also be called boat crane lift.It has many advantages such as simple operation mode, good braking performance, safety and reliability, and has extremely high loading and unloading efficiency. Suitable for the majority of cargo. Next, OUCO will give you a detailed introduction to the stiff boom marine crane.

The stiff boom  marine deck crane is composed of three mechanisms: hoisting, slewing and luffing.

This is also the three major functions of the boat crane lift.

① The slewing mechanism composed of the slewing hydraulic system, the straight-arm marine crane can achieve 360-degree full rotation through the slewing support device, and the slewing speed is controlled by the slewing reducer to reach 0.5-1.5r/min.

② The luffing mechanism composed of luffing cylinder and luffing hydraulic system can reach 0°-75°. Of course, if you need it, OUCO can customize a larger amplitude luffing device for you.

③ In addition, it is a hoisting mechanism composed of a hoisting hydraulic winch, a hoisting wire rope and a pulley.

The power of the jib crane comes from the hydraulic system,

OUCO specializes in producing various types of stiff boom marine cranes in all sizes, such as: 1.3t9.1m stiff boom crane, 1.5t4m stiff boom crane, 1t5m stiff boom crane, supporting marine, ship deck, port and so on.

Straight boom marine crane

Straight boom marine crane

For stiff boom marine cranes, pay attention to the sea surface conditions and keep the Tirm of the hull ≤ 2° and Heel ≤ 5°.

The price of the stiff boom marine is not too high, the use of the crane is smooth and the structure is simple. The crane is not prone to operating problems, which also makes it easy to maintain.

However, you should also note that, unlike knuckle-boom cranes and telescopic cranes, stiff boom marine cranes cannot be telescopic and knuckle, which also makes it take up more space, and the characteristics of the stiff boom also cause it to have fewer lifting points.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the stiff boom marine crane introduced to you by OUCO Industry. If you are interested, please visit our product page to learn more!

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