Electric Mobile Crane

OUCO certifications

Telescopic Electric Mobile Crane for warehouse use, compact design, battery powered and requires no hydraulic cylinders. Equipped with an efficient battery system, we can use it for longer on a single charge.

It is green and environmentally friendly, and meets the requirements of relevant departments for low-carbon emissions.

The mobile design of Electric Mobile Crane is more flexible and suitable for various working conditions, and it is easy to operate and can be completed by one person. It is the best solution for your warehouse handling and logistics transportation.

Product Description

1. Running smoothly, can run for a long time, greatly improving work efficiency.

2. Rates of speed can be changed, adapt to different working conditions.

3. 270 degrees continually rotary, widely applicable.

4. Both electro and manual to control, avoid the influence of insufficient power.

5. Operate conveniently, the console is fully functional.

6. Safety and reliability, dedicated to confined space.

Item Full electric slewing crane
Hoisting type Electric-type
Max boom length for every section(mm) 1070 1710 1960 2210 2410
Max loading capacity for every   section(kg) 450 210 185 145 120
Max height from hook to the ground for every section(mm) 1960 2420 2560 2710 2840
Max distance from hook to end for   every section(mm) 700 1160 1350 1570 1730
Height from hook to the ground when the boom   is horizontal(mm) 1340 1340 1340 1340 1340
Distance from hook to end when the boom is horizontal(mm) 665 1305 1555 1805 2005
Max slewing angle 270°
Max working radius(mm) 2410
Min working radius (mm) 1070
Battery(V/Ah) 12/80*2
Charger(V/A) 24/15
Dimension:length* width *height(mm) 1310*1010*1910
Diameter of wheels(PU)(mm) Ф180/Ф250
Net weight(kg) 1204KG
Specification of the pump station 24V/2.2kw
Specification of driving wheel 0.7kw
Dimension of the driving wheel (mm) 250*80

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We Pay 100% Attention to the Packing Before Shipment
We Pay 100% Attention to the Packing Before Shipment

Customer Reviews

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3 Review(s)
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A wonderful product
By Sahil on 2022-06-20
A wonderful product, electric mobile crane is safer and simpler to operate.
star star star star
I bought for my warehouse and it is now in use.
By Lance Perry on 2022-04-16
I bought for my warehouse and it is now in use.
star star star star star
A great experience
By Gayle Cosimini on 2022-03-27
I've never used an electric crane, thanks to Natalie for all my worries.
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